Welcome To Post -Racial America

This Sign's Not Racist, It's Historical!

A white Ohio landlord says she’s “not a bad person” for putting a “Whites Only” sign at her duplex’s swimming pool:

Back in May, witnesses confirmed that a sign reading “Public Swimming Pool, White Only” was posted at the gated entrance of the pool. Hein said she posted it because a Black female, who was visiting her parents at the duplex, used chemicals in her hair that made the water “cloudy.” The family filed a discrimination charge and moved out of the duplex to “avoid subjecting their family to further humiliating treatment,” the commission said in a statement.

I’m calling bullshit on the haircare product excuse but even if it were true, a simple bathing cap would have solved the problem. I’m also calling bullshit on the notion that Jamie Hein doesn’t have a problem with race but she does happen to have a collection of Jim Crow-era memorabilia. That’s a tad too fishy.

So yeah. Jamie Hein, I think you’re a bad person. And doubling-down by appealing the Ohio Civil Rights Commission’s ruling isn’t going to help your cause. It just makes you look pathetic.

Seriously, I can’t believe this is 2011 and people are still pulling this crap.


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8 responses to “Welcome To Post -Racial America

  1. “public swimming pool. white only” both oxymoronic and moronic.

  2. OH, girl, this racism is not new. Here in Knoxville, I have learned that in the last 3 years, one young female was REFUSED service at a donut shop in West Knoxville. And she told a friend that she was “used to this hate” and that it had happened to her before.
    And remember, some doofus had submitted a bill to “allow discrimination in employment” for any reason, especially in Nashville…that was in the last Legislative session.
    Also, we have the Middle TN bigots like Rep. Ketron whose ignorant hatred of Muslims is all over the internet.
    Nope, racism has actually gotten worse after President Obama was elected.

  3. dolphin

    Not only would a swim cap have solved the problem, but limiting the pool by race does NOT solve the problem. It’s over inclusive (not ALL black people use the product in their hair) and under inclusive (not ALL people who utilize hair products with the potential to “cloud the water” are black).

    And seriously, that’d have to be one heck of a hair product for the amount a single person would use on their hair to noticeably cloud an entire swimming pool.

  4. Randy

    Hey SB. You’re reality testing is intact. It’s 2011. People are still pulling this crap.

  5. ThresherK

    Great: A fellow Northerner who proudly claims the cover of disingenuity provided by “Lunchcounter Libertarians”.

    It’s not a “public” pool, but I’m sure the equal housing commission (by whichever gov’t name it has in Ohio) would like to weigh in on the subject. Unless Gov. Kasich has anything better to do.

  6. OK, were this young woman’s parents another ‘color’ than white? As far as I know the anti-discrimination Federal Laws dating from 1963 have not been repealed, especially in the STATE of Ohio. If this ‘landlady’ rented any of her apartments to people of color, she is in violation of Federal Laws. Period.

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