Last U.S. Troops Have Just Left Iraq

This just in: the last U.S. convoy has just crossed the border into Kuwait:

KHABARI CROSSING, Kuwait — The U.S. military says the last American troops have left Iraq as the nearly nine-year war ends.

The final convoy rolled across the border into neighboring Kuwait as day broke on Sunday. Soldiers whooped, bumped fists and embraced each other in a burst of joy and relief.

I know, I know. We leave behind a giant military base “embassy”; Blackwater has just changed its name for a second time in the hopes we’d all lose track of who they really are so they can snatch up some big, fat private security contracts. I know it’s not really “over” — we never leave anywhere, do we? We’re still in Japan and Germany and Korea, for crying out loud. I mean, I guess we don’t have a base in Grenada, do we? So maybe we left one place. Heh.

But technically it’s finally over.


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9 responses to “Last U.S. Troops Have Just Left Iraq

  1. John Weiss

    SB, what would the jobs figure look like if every military base out of the US was closed?

    To say the least, the subject is complicated.

    Better luck for us all.


    • John Weiss

      I’ll add that I like you’re blog. You’d be welcome if you showed up on my front porch.

      • Thanks, I’m not sure what your URL is, so feel free to leave it in comments and I’ll head over there.

        I’m definitely cynical enough to believe that one big reason we weren’t out of Iraq sooner — and we’re still in Afghanistan — is because Washington doesn’t want to add hundreds of thousand of just-retired soldiers to the unemployment rolls.

        And then of course we have the Pentagon as our hometown jobs program — all of those bomber engine parts that need to be manufactured in factories all around the country. It’s why we always say the only thing America exports anymore is war.

      • John Weiss

        SB I meant my *real* front porch! Here in SW Oregon.

  2. A few years ago, those machine gun-toting dung beetles, Blackwater, tried to open up a hideous training camp out in the Otay desert, southeast of San Diego, somewhere near the frontera with Mexico. I was outside of ,my skin with fear and indignation. How could such a plan even be legal in the U.S.A?

    Even if we are the very southernmost tip of Reagan Country, (there is no place republicans love more than California,) public outcry forced the dismissal of this very horrifying development. I can only guess that they plan to train their murdering mercenaries in a more fascist-friendly, cash hungry nation or nations.

    But when you really think about it, what is the difference between American troops and Blackwater, when even Obama’s Pentagon demands a blanket immunity from prosecution for war crimes? Why do we no longer care about justice, the Geneva Conventions, the international rule of law? Rules of engagement? I thought that was all Bush and Dickhead Chainy-Smoker.

    A fucked up world, of which we are the primary upfuckers.

  3. The deathmerchants formerly known as Xe have a murder training camp in the middle atlantic states, IIRC.

  4. Randy

    Apparently there are no bubbles in the death markets.

  5. the u.s. has left a bunch of places. (places that come to mind: somalia, lebanon, saudi arabia, the dominican republic, vietnam)

    it’s not clear to me whether the remaining contractors are really a continuation of the occupation, or the enormous security detail that is necessary to keep up all the development projects that the state dept and USAID have going in iraq in light of how violent and dangerous that place still is. generally when countries get as dangerous as iraq, the u.s. scales down its development projects and evacuates all the non-essential staff from its embassies and consulates. the u.s. won’t do that with iraq because it would be too much of an admission of what a mess we made there, and because it would open the country up to accusation that it abandoned projects that have already cost the u.s. tax payers billions of dollars.

    • You’re getting kind of technical now. It’s time to re-write history to reflect that we truly liberated the Iraqi people! What a beautiful act of selfless altruism and caring. Senseless beauty one might say. What other nation in the world would be so wonderful? As long as it wasn’t the “blood and treasure” of the politicians and defense industry investors. Whoever coined that phrase should more or less be exiled from the U.S.A.for all time, as should Dickhead Cheney.