Marsha Blackburn Gives The Worst Christmas Presents Ever

Seriously, Marsha Blackburn is an idiot. But this takes the cake:

“I will fight until the end so that people can keep their light bulbs and we’ll see what happens in the coming days. In the meantime, I am stocking up and filling my family’s Christmas stockings with light bulbs. Hope my friends in Tennessee are too.

I’m sure Marsha’s family is just thrilled. Light bulbs in my Christmas stocking! Can’t wait!

Moron. Yeah you enjoy those higher electricity bills, honey. And I’ve heard of First World Problems but this is one giant WATB:

Ed Forbes, a meat cutter who lives in Hendersonville, has both kinds of bulbs in his home. He was going to change them all out but then stopped.

“They may be energy efficient, sure, but what I dislike about them when they first come on is they’re very low light,” he said.

Oh whaaah. I have to wait three seconds for that really bright BRIGHT light! Life sucks! Socialism! And …. Obama! Pffft. You realize you come off like a giant, privileged ass, right Mr. Forbes?

Yeah, whine about how you’re inconvenienced by three seconds of dim light to the folks in Kingston, Tennessee who lost their homes to over a billion gallons of coal ash slurry three Christmases ago. Get over your damn selves, people. Some things are more important than your inability to adapt to a different kind of light bulb. You know what happens to creatures who don’t adapt? They die. Oh forget it, Ed Forbes probably doesn’t believe in science, anyway.

I addressed the false “light bulb ban” nonsense last summer, BTW.

Sometimes we Americans come off like a bunch of pampered, spoiled brats. This is one of those times. Hey Marsha Blackburn: try “fighting to the end” for jobs, why don’t you? Jobless claims are up in Tennessee and you’re worried about lightbulbs?


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10 responses to “Marsha Blackburn Gives The Worst Christmas Presents Ever

  1. Perhaps we should be thankful for anything that provides illumination for Mrs. Blackburn. LMAO! HoHoHo.

  2. Great points but I’d disagree with one little detail. Where you said, “Sometimes we Americans come off like a bunch of pampered, spoiled brats.”… I would take out the ‘sometimes’.

  3. Meredith

    I changed out all my light bulbs a while back and was amazed how much my electric bill dropped. These people are just so painfully stupid.

  4. PurpleGirl

    The really stupid part of the whole stupid thing is that the manufacturers have already started to make bulbs to meet the new specifications, so it don’t f**king matter if Marsha Blackburn or Mr. Forbes buys only incandescent bulbs now… they’re still complying with the new industry-supported specifications and regulations.

    I’ve changed to CFLs as I’ve been able to buy bulbs that fit my lamps. The only places I don’t have CFLs now are the closed fixtures (1) and the motion sensor switch (1). And that fixture is also closed. I’d replace some of the CFL bulbs that aren’t very bright but I want them to “die” first. And that’s gonna take a few years it seems.

  5. ThresherK

    Sounds like Blackburn’s getting a lump of coal in her stocking this year.

    Of course, when one has to explain to her that that’s not quite the reward she thinks it is, any rehabilitative effect it may have on her behavior is sorta lost.

  6. dolphin

    We haven’t had an incdescent bulb in our house in ages. We’re actually starting to stitch over to LED bulbs now. That would solve Mr. Forbes problem of wanting instant on full brightness bulbs, and he’d use even less energy than a CFL and they last longer. Still doesn’t yet beat a CFL as too bang for the buck… …yet. in our house all the lights are CFL except for 4 LED bulbs. And all our Christmas lights are LED even.

  7. Min

    A stocking full of light bulbs is the textbook definition of “cheap-ass present”.

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    Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
    See her “blatantly unconstitutional” votes at :

    • Eykis

      Thanks Beale and Mickey,

      Marsha the Moran is my congressvarmint here in Cheatham County and woman makes me want to throw-up…..