Dave Weigel Called It

I just about choked on my morning coffee seeing that Politifact dude talking about their “Lie Of The Year.” The winner? The liberal claim that Paul Ryan’s plan would kill Medicare. Seriously.

Here’s what the Politifact dude didn’t say. Their “Lie of the Year” was a meaningless online poll. Back on December 7 Slate’s Dave Weigel wrote:

So if the “Ryan plan ends Medicare” line is named “the lie of the year,” you know why. Wasn’t this a plotline on Glee?

Oh wow. Paul Ryan freeped the poll. Amazing. And the news media ate it up! Apparently Politifact’s “Lie Of The Year” is as meaningless as one of those stupid online polls everyone always runs because, well, it is a meaningless online poll. Yet this “lie of the year” nonsense has gone out on all of the wire services. Wow, this is the best propaganda money can buy and it’s all completely free!

Time for another blogger ethics panel, perhaps? C’mon, “liberal” media. Stop hurting America. Do your fucking jobs.

(h/t, Digby ….)

(Details on why the Lie Of The Year was actually true, from Steve Benen ….)


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3 responses to “Dave Weigel Called It

  1. AMEN, SB…and when they half way try to write a story with truth in it, they end up with including all the ‘progressive whining and bitchin’ along with tid bits of truth. Rarely do we see or hear real counters of the print media. And if Wolf Blitzer keeps on promoting Ron Paul, (the racist dog) as moving up in the polls, I am going to dog him on line and in every social blog!

    • Yeah I remember that whole thing about Rachel Maddow …. and last week they cited something Jon Stewart said as “Pants Of Fire,” too. Jon STEWART! He does a comedy show! I mean, come ON!