Gun-Toting Tennessee Tourist Arrested At 9/11 Memorial


Having seen Graves’ mother-in-law quoted in Murdoch’s Post about the need for Second Amendment reciprocity, and knowing the House of Representatives already passed such a bill earlier this year, and knowing said bill will die in the Senate, I’m starting to suspect this case is one of those ginned up by groups like the ACLJ or Alliance Defense Fund, conservative, right-wing Christian versions of the ACLU.

The point being: take it to the courts, where hopefully some wackadoodle Bush appointeee with a law degree from Regent University or Patrick Henry State or whatever will start the ball rolling. Let the games begin.


Dear Tennesseans: please stop embarrassing us and stay home. Just because wingnuts in our state legislature have made it acceptable to carry your gun everywhere in the state, that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has taken leave of its senses:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A tourist from Tennessee was arrested after she brought a loaded handgun to the National September 11 Memorial in her handbag, and she could face a possible prison term, authorities said on Thursday.

Meredith Graves, 39, was trying to visit the New York City memorial on December 22 but was arrested when she told security officers that she had a gun, apparently thinking she could check it for safekeeping, authorities said.


Graves told officers at the memorial that she had a permit to carry the concealed .32-caliber handgun in Tennessee, but such permits are not valid in New York, police said.

She was arraigned this week on a charge of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said.

If convicted, Graves could face a sentence of 3-1/2 to 15 years in prison. She was released on $2,000 bail, the district attorney’s office said, adding that she was being represented by attorneys with the Legal Aid Society, which did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

I’m sure the NRA will be representing her now that this has hit the newswires.

Seriously, I thought CCW holders were all so thoroughly well-versed in the law? I mean, how stupid do you have to be to think you can carry a weapon across state lines?

Hope she gets the book thrown at her for being so incredibly stupid.


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15 responses to “Gun-Toting Tennessee Tourist Arrested At 9/11 Memorial

  1. Southern Beale:

    Perhaps you missed this:

    Mikeb302000 has the piece about the young lady’s gun up on his blog, as well. I expect that the usual gunzloonz chorus will be weighing in over there shortly.

    I just wonder what the reaction would be if some african-american kid, taking his lunch hour from the shipping room or grocery store, was stopped, searched and found to have a box cutter in his pocket, at the same memorial.

    • I saw that on Twitter back when it happened, but I didn’t post about it.

      I should think knowing the fucking law would be a prerequisite to having a carry permit but you know … CONSTITUTION …. argle bargle …. PATRIOTISM …. garble margle … FOUNDING FATHERS ….etc etc

      • PurpleGirl

        In NYS anyone who has a gun permit — rifle or hand gun — is expected by law to keep up-to-date with the guns laws. Telling the cops/courts that you didn’t know you the current law is not a defense for a gun violation. Ignorance does not bar you from being prosecuted for a gun law violation. Back when I owned a rifle I checked the gun laws on a regular basis for changes.

  2. Nuts. I forgot the hypothetical kid’s name: Jamal Hussein O’Brien.

  3. Randy

    Meet your new 2nd Amendment Cause célèbre. I predict an “Occupy The 9/11 Memorial with Your Weapon” rally any day now.

  4. Well, gang, I am all over this subject! Campfield and Ramsey’s claims of ‘protecting responsible and respectable gun owners’ doesn’t apply here…as it has not in any of the shootings a week here, and especially not by Law enforcement who shoot to kill even if threatened by only a knife. And when guns are confiscated during a crime, the police do not destroy them…they re-circulate them by auction or re-sale, putting the weapons back out on our streets. And yes, SB, the NRA lobby will be all over this one. Count on it!

  5. nothere

    In addition to not knowing the gun laws, how can anyone forget that they are carrying a loaded pistol?

    • That’s the scariest part about all of these Teanuts walking around armed and “forgetting.” Dude if you FORGET you’ve got a loaded gun then you should not be allowed to have one.

  6. 50,000 gun laws on the books in the United States, and you seriously expect us to know them all! I respect your opinion, even when it’s wrong in this case!
    This woman could go into 20 other States and have no problems, be legal. But in NY she is arrested and could spend 3.5 years in a jail cell, and you are OK with that?
    I never go into NY, NJ or Maryland because of their gun laws that do not recognize my God given right to protect myself and my family!
    I am sending 100 dollars to her legal defense fund. What are you doing other than calling her stupid?

    • 50,000 gun laws on the books in the United States, and you seriously expect us to know them all!

      Yeah I forgot, the 2nd and 10th amendments are about the extent of your side’s mental capabilities. That’s why you need guns to make you feel strong. Boo-rah, big man.

  7. ” never go into NY, NJ or Maryland because of their gun laws that do not recognize my God given right to protect myself and my family!
    I am sending 100 dollars to her legal defense fund. What are you doing other than calling her stupid?”

    Umm, considering that “God given right” is a major FAIL–well, we’ll be calling you stupid, as well, also, too.

    BTW, asshole, thanks for not coming to NY.

  8. southerner

    Both the unfortunate citizen arrested and Southern Beale are misinformed. It is legal for Tennessee CCW license holders to carry in several states with reciprocity laws. I would have to check (which is what the lady arrested should have done before leaving Tennessee), but I don’t believe NY, and especially New York City recognize Tennessee permits.

    • I am not misinformed and the arrest was perfectly legal. New York’s gun laws are far more strict than Tennessee’s, as are those in New York City. CHECK before you leave, idiots. And if you’re too scared to travel outside the state without your security blanket, then stay the fuck home.

      Any gun-toting yahoo who is too fucking stupid to CHECK THE DAMN LAWS before carrying their weapon across state lines needs to have their permit revoked and their guns taken away. You idiots yammer on about STATES RIGHTS STATES RIGHT TENTH AMENDMENT ARGLE BARGLE but as soon as a state or locality passes a law you don’t like you whine like stuck pigs. Get over yourselves.

      I honestly do not get what world you people live in where you have to be armed to the teeth just to walk outside the door.