Lifestyles Of The Lazy & Unemployed

If only they’d show more initiative, eh Republicans?

They are proud, but not too proud to stand for hours. They are tired, but not so fatigued that they didn’t start turning out before sunrise to participate in a job fair scheduled to start at 11 a.m. with the promise of 3,300 positions. The work is varied, and it is coveted. By the time the fair ends, an estimated 6,000 people will stand in this line.


(NECN: Melissa Toupin: Worcester, Mass.) – 3,013 people attended a job fair on Tuesday sponsored by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown — about 1,000 more than attended a similar event in October.

Potential job-seekers stood elbow-to-elbow at Worcester State University.

Clementine Viga of Worcester has been looking for a steady job since she graduated from college in 2009 and is finding that she’s competing against people with doctorates.

Some came from as far away as New Hampshire, like Deb Lund, who is looking for a job in the medical field.

And wake up Tennessee, Florence, SC is showing they’re hungry! More than 1,200 job applicants showed up for 530 potential new jobs that don’t even exist yet. Agero hasn’t decided where it’s going to locate its new call center yet, but held the jobs fair so they could give the workforce the once-over:

The job fair will be useful to Agero if it does decide to locate the 529-job center here – Agero officials will have a big pile of resumes it can sift through — but Monday’s event was more about guaging the depth of the local job market than locating actual hires.

OH. Hope those 1,200 eager applicants didn’t have their hopes up. Because c’mon Clarksville, Tennessee! Represent!

Agero is still weighing the charms of Florence against those of Clarksville, Tenn., a city some 133,000 in northern Tennessee between Nashville and Ft. Campbell, Ky. Agero will hold a similiar fair in two weeks in Clarksville. The results of the two fairs will weigh on the company’s decision, which is imminent. Agero officials said Monday they wanted to be picking up phones in a new call center by June.

Dust off those resumes and get those suits dry-cleaned, Clarksville. Agero has come a-courting. Let’s show those 1,200 hungry people in South Carolina what Clarksville’s got.

Republicans really need to stop telling everyone the unemployed are lazy, enjoying a life of luxury off their unemployment benefits. Not with headlines like these in the news every day.


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6 responses to “Lifestyles Of The Lazy & Unemployed

  1. John Weiss

    What do you expect from the “modern” Republican party? Not good sense. Not even a connect with what American workers want: they want to work.

    If the Gods are willing, perhaps the House can be cleaned up.

  2. chrome agnomen

    yeah right, like all those people really wanted to get a job. just following a rumor of free t-bones and a drawing for a granite countertop.
    /wingtard snark

  3. My brother, not a notably “warm’n’fuzzy” kindaguy, once said to me that anyone who thinks mexicans are lazy needs to spend a few hours in a bean field with them. I suspect that the same is true for all of the “unemployed layabouts” that the POG likes to whine about.

  4. Yes, SB, and being included in the group, “the jobless” does so much to destroy a person’s life and self worth. It causes losing one’s home, the ability to provide for family or seek medical care, and children going hungry. And some, the really-long term jobless have resorted to killing their family and/or themselves as the final solution. I am sure there are not many American famlies who have not been touched by this horror…and then to be told they are worthless…just the insult to deny them hope.

  5. Randy

    “My brother, not a notably “warm’n’fuzzy” kindaguy, once said to me that anyone who thinks mexicans are lazy needs to spend a few hours in a bean field with them.”-democommie.
    I have a friend in Birmingham that works in construction/maintenance. Since “The Heart of Dixie” turned to stone they are having a hard time getting work done. Nothing like standing in line at 4 a.m. for day labor to make a man feel glad to be alive.

  6. ThresherK

    To quote Shrub, when a woman with 3 jobs and no HC spoke to him: “Only in America!”