I’m Sure This Will Create Tons Of Jobs

Our Tennessee Republican lawmakers prove once again that they are unable to focus on anything that will actually make a difference to anyone. Now they’re wasting everyone’s time proposing a law that would authorize city and county governments to post the Ten Commandments.

And I have to say, of all the issues facing Tennessee right now, the Republicans have hit on another one that is very last on anyone’s list of priorities. So, way to go, folks. Still clueless about how to actually govern, but you’re great at yanking that chain which is connected directly to the wingnut amygdala.

Here’s my question for the Tennessee Republicans: Which version of the 10 Commandments should we post? The Roman Catholic and Lutheran version? The Protestant version? The Hebrew version? The one that actually contains 12, not 10? They’re all different, you know.

Will we post the one that says “Thou shalt not kill” or the one that says “Thou shalt not commit murder”? Pretty big difference, you know.

What about that whole Sabbath thing? Is it Sunday or Saturday? Since we’re supposed to keep it holy, shouldn’t we have that issue resolved before we start admonishing people about what to do on it?

Do you think it’s the government’s job to decide which version of the 10 Commandments is the “real” one? How would you Southern Baptists like it if President Obama just decided it for you. Would that work? I’m guessing not.

Here’s a handy chart showing some of the major differences among denominations. And this chart doesn’t even address the half of it when it comes to different interpretations of what the commandments actually say. But, for what it’s worth:

Think it doesn’t matter whether coveting your neighbor’s wife is forbidden in number eight or number seven? Wars have been fought over this stuff. Families have been torn apart, great schisms have occurred, the Reformation and revolutions. Do we want to reignite this debate? Does anyone seriously think the Anglican or Roman Catholic church wants to let the Southern Baptists decide which one is the right one?

Seriously, people? Are we really still having this conversation after how many centuries?

Here’s an idea for you religious folks: why don’t you all run off and put your pointy little heads together and figure this shit out. Once the Roman Catholics and the Jews and the Holy Rollers and the Southern Baptists and the Church of Christers and the Anglicans and the Presbyterians decide whose Scripture is the correct one, we can talk about posting it on taxpayer-funded buildings. Until then, STFU. We’ve got more important issues to worry about.


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11 responses to “I’m Sure This Will Create Tons Of Jobs

  1. It’s not true that this doesn’t do anything. It will cause the state and the counties and municipalities that implement such nonsense to spend money (which NONE of them have enough of, as is) to defend the lawsuits that will be brought by rational, sane and intelligent folks who DO know what the 1st Amendment says.

  2. Why aren’t the Pastafarians or Frisbeetarians represented? Have we no religious freedom?

  3. Wendie Price

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Most of our so-called leaders haven’t a clue and are in complete denial. So this is all they can focus on.

  4. Min

    I still say creating monuments to the Ten Commandments is a violation of the second commandment not to make any graven images.

  5. D.

    But…you indicate footnotes. Where are the footnotes?

  6. Randy

    I think you lost your target audience at “Amygdala.”

  7. ThresherK

    Post them, or chisel them in granite?

    Why do I have the feeling this started when somebody’s brother in law bought a quarry?

  8. Maybe some nice person should offer to do all the printing, free of charge, and then–after they get them all installed–let them know that the ink was mixed with bats’ blood, newts’ tiongues and eye of lizard–and a healthy dose of fecal dirt.

  9. I am in Alabama (just moved from New York) and I just discovered your blog from the dashboard and it’s witty and awesome. Looking forward to reading more.