What The Hell Is Stacy Campfield Doing?

Can someone explain to me why Stacey Campfield is still going on national radio shows to spout his crap? Having been thoroughly humiliated over the past two weeks, shouldn’t he be hiding in, um, a closet somewhere, licking his wounds?

And yet here he is on the David Pakman Show last week talking about anal and vaginal sex (h/t to commenter ThresherK). It seems he’s brushed up on his HIV/AIDs facts a teensy bit, though he still spreads those same discredited statistics about the lifespan of gay men, and he just barely stops himself from saying “most” gay men don’t have long-term relationships, etc.

So, here’s the thing. Why is he doing this? Is he trying to rehabilitate his image as a homophobic idiot? He’s not doing a very good job. He’s still coming across like a homophobic idiot — only one with an unhealthy obsession with all things gay and gay sex in particular.

Let me say, it is incredibly creepy hearing Stacy Campfield talk about anal and vaginal sex on the radio, pontificating about dominance in the animal kingdom and sodomy and all that. I really don’t want to hear him talking about sex. I don’t want to hear any politician talking about sex in this kind of detail, frankly. Stacey is focused like a laser beam on the nasty, like he’s got some weird kind of fetish — call it a reverse-voyeurism, like he’s got some kind of compulsion to talk about it all the time. It’s super creepy. Not only doth he protest too much, he’s doing it waaaay too graphically.

It’s time for him to stop because my intuition tells me this goes beyond politics, Stacey’s getting some kind of personal satisfaction from this discussion — a satisfaction he can’t get any other way. Really these are things I don’t want to be worried about in my life, Stacey Campfield’s satisfaction.

Stacey, you’re creeping me out. Just, stop. Just because a producer calls and asks you to be on their show doesn’t mean you have to say yes. No one wants to hear you talk about sex all the time. It’s pervy and voyeuristic and conduct unbecoming a state senator.


Just learned an ethics complaint has been filed against Campfield and the Tennessee AG’s office is investigating:

The alleged ethics violation stems from an exchange between Shores and Campfield last spring. Shores challenged Campfield to a debate over homosexuality and the Bible. Campfield agreed to a debate, but he said it could only be over his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would ban discussion of homosexuality in elementary and middle schools. Campfield then requested a $1,000 retainer fee.

“I will happily debate you. I require a $1000.00 [sic] retainer fee and all expenses covered. You can do with the rest all you want,” Campfield wrote in a Facebook message to Shores.

Shores then contacted the Tennessee Attorney General’s office to file an ethics complaint against Campfield since he was requesting a fee to debate a bill that he authored while serving in the Tennessee Senate. Last August, Shores received an email from Victor Domen Jr., senior counsel for the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, informing him that the complaint had been filed and a formal investigation was being launched.

Seriously, is this a cry for help or what? Maybe it’s a cry for a reality show. Hell if I know.


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5 responses to “What The Hell Is Stacy Campfield Doing?

  1. D.

    I suspect something rising to the surface; wait for it.

  2. Hey Stacy-Whas’up- IDIOT.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Increasing Among Post 50s

    “New diagnoses of HIV, for example, doubled among post 50s between 2000 and 2009, and the demographic now accounts for 20 percent of adults accessing HIV treatment in Britain, the article noted.”

    “A cross sectional study showed that more than 80 percent of 50 to 90 year olds are sexually active with cases of many common sexually transmitted infections more than doubling in this age group”

    Off topic but BTW- WHERE WAS HIS PHOTO ID?
    Charlie White,(R) Indiana Election Chief, Found Guilty Of Voter Fraud

    So sick of the LIES!

  3. Min

    Don’t most men talk the loudest about sex when they aren’t getting any?

  4. Honey, I had not heard about this latest…hate. He was NOT humiliated. He feeds on attention. And he is so sexually conflicted it is really a shame. But when he turns all this ‘confusion’ into hatred of gay men, he has got to stop. Some gay folks I know say that he IS gay but is in such public denial. He has gone past any shred of public decency, shreds any iota of intelligent discussion about ANYTHING sexual. Even his warped ‘catholic’ opions are cruel, ignorant and myths. (I know relatives of his who live here in Knoxville and they do NOT want to discuss him.) Someone has got to shut him up, or I think at this point if our Democrats can find a cute little puppy to run against him, we could impeach his doofus arse. He is embarrasing to our community, but his being humiliated…not a chance

  5. dolphin

    I’ve never known ANY gay person who spends as much time thinking about gay-sex as the anti-gay bigots do.