Half Time In America

Wow. By far the best Super Bowl ad of the evening, and the game’s not even over yet. Predictably, the right-wingers on Twitter are already sputtering in outrage. Clint Eastwood is inspirational:


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17 responses to “Half Time In America

  1. Another great Chrysler Super Bowl ad. I liked Eminem last year, too. I live in a very red country. The sputtering sounds like hot grease in a pan!

  2. Elton in Baltimore

    Yes. And there wouldn’t have been a half time if the Repuglicans had their way.

  3. Wow, good for Eastwood, pointing out that the U.S. can still, you know, make things!

  4. John Weiss

    For what it’s worth, I worked in the TV ad bid’ness for many years. I’ve seen better, but they are few.

  5. deep

    Wait, I haven’t heard it. What problem do they have with this commercial? I would have thought they would like it?

    • What problem do they have with this commercial?

      It’s basically saying that something good happened while there was a black man in the White House, which is terrible. It means they were wrong.

      It’s also basically saying that betting on U.S. car manufacturers was a good call.

      Just remember: right-wing nut jobs need America to fail (and by association, Obama to fail). Anything showing America NOT failing — killing bin Laden, GM returning to profitability, unemployment numbers getting stronger — either isn’t actually happening or is due to something a Republican did.

      • deep

        soooo… they hate America now.

        Ok, I got that written down.

      • They hated America when they cheered Chicago not getting the Olympics.

        They hated America when they bitterly complained about Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

        They hate America when they hammer the domestic auto industry, including the Chevy Volt.

        They have hated America since Obama was inaugurated, and any good thing which would prove them wrong is another blow to their “Obama is a failure” meme. They truly are reprehensible people.

        But remember: liberals are the “blame America first” crowd.

  6. Randy

    I’m like deep, have missed this(saw comm., missed uproar) but let me guess…”halftime” means the middle of BHO’s 2 terms so it was an implied endorsement. Otherwise anything that challenges “American Exceptionalism” gets their drawers in a wad. Off to check if I’m good enough for Jeopardy.

  7. Randy

    Well maybe I can get some lovely parting gifts…


    Shilling for an automaker that is propped up by OUR tax dollars to pay off the socialist union goons and their leader in the Oval Office?”

    (From something called “Radio Patriot” which I had never heard of but had Google hits-long list of conservative twitter responses of all the usual suspects)

  8. Wasn’t going to watch this until I saw that it drove the Righties up a tree.
    Go Team America!

  9. themadkansan

    …I just wish they hadn’t ‘shopped out all the pro-union signs in that footage of Madison that they used…


  10. I’m laughing at all the “But Eastwood is a Republican” comments I’m seeing everywhere. Well, he was mayor of that notorious Liberal stronghold…Carmel, California.

  11. Damn. I meant “Republican stronghold”.

  12. The firefighters from Petaluma are have been my photo subjects over the years… let me know if you are interested in seeing any images of these deserving guys in action…