Mitt Romney’s Money Shot

Apparently this just happened. I’m going to guess Photoshop was involved but it is true you can’t spell “Romney” without “m-o-n-e-y.”

BTW, if this wasn’t Photoshopped, it deserves an American Moran Gold Medal Award.

(h/t, Dangerous Minds)


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15 responses to “Mitt Romney’s Money Shot

  1. Yutsano

    It’s not Shopped. You can tell by the contours of the letters matching the kids exactly.

  2. dr. luba

    I suspect the first two many have gotten out of order. Mom seems to be wearing an “R” on her shirt. So R-O-M-N-E-Y becomes R-M-O-N-E-Y.

  3. Min

    That’s hilarious.

  4. ThresherK

    And don’t forget, “R money” = “Our money”.

  5. ThresherK

    Don’t forget, “R money” = “Our money”.

    (Unless that homonym was intended upthread.)

  6. ThresherK

    Yeah, you can blotz one of those, Ms. Overlord. Don’t know how it doubled.

  7. marksu

    sadly photoshopped

    but still fun

  8. Bobby

    Yeah, photoshopped D:
    It did spell ROMNEY, but I still love this. Made a rap about it too:

    – R-money in da crib
    – Rockin ballots gettin big
    – cashin checks like its my name
    – makin money gettin fame

    – From New Hampshire to Florida
    – Nevada is my game
    – Lookin for a brighter future
    – but with me it’ll stay the same

    – Ron Pauls goin down
    – New Gingrich is outta town
    – When R-Money has his way
    – The Obama Administration is here to stay

    – R-Money in da crib
    – rockin ballots gettin big
    – cashin checks like its my name
    – makin money gettin fame

    – R-Money in da crib
    – rockin ballots gettin big
    – jobless claims are through the roof
    – Still stackin gold just like my tooth

    – Voter fraud?
    – I’m the overlawd
    – Takin all them votes
    – Throw em around like a thunderstorm

    – The kids know when I’m in da hood
    – With me our future don’t look too good
    – R-Money is gonna be fillin up dem forums
    – Spray money out my pockets like your mom does Santorum

    – Yeah, yeah you know I steal
    – Come November, youll know it’s gon’ be real
    – Got that paper and goldman sachs
    – Look out America, Obama’s back

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    Thanks to Southern Beale for this great catch.

  10. I got the images and inspected them closely in Photoshop. They’re too low resolution to determine if they were photoshopped to swap the letters or not. The creases appear to very closely match, but at that level of grain, that’s all it’s correct to say.

    That doesn’t mean they weren’t photoshopped, they could have been. However, if they were, then there’s an original shot out there somewhere that hasn’t been discovered or posted. That’s got a really low probability, because I’m sure there are people looking for it actively.

  11. Romney has five kids!?! Somebody should explain to him what is causing that.