Ding Dong

Karen Handel has resigned.

And in her resignation letter, she doubles-down on her ludicrous claim that defunding Planned Parenthood wasn’t political but rather in keeping with a new, board-approved grant criteria. This has already been shown to be a lie, based on the dozens of organizations receiving Komen funds who are under investigation for one reason or another.

She has basically thrown the organization under the bus: not a good way to make a public exit from an organization dependent on having a good public image.

So now there’s a hilarious Twitter hashtag, #Karenhandelsnextjob. Some days I love the internets.


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4 responses to “Ding Dong

  1. Randy

    Fox News contract in 5, 4, 3, 2,…..

  2. ThresherK

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer hack.

    Any truth to the rumor that her next job is volunteering under an alias at PP for the sole purpose of putting pinholes in condoms?