2012 Is Not 2008

It may be tempting to remember the 2008 Democratic presidential campaign, and the constant refrain of “why can’t Obama seal the deal?” in the political press, and draw some comparisons to Mitt Romney’s inability to “seal the deal” with Republican voters.

But there’s a big difference between then and now. In 2008 there were devout Hillary Clinton supporters and passionate Barack Obama supporters. People really liked these candidates. I remember being torn between the two when primary season came around because I thought both were excellent candidates with different pros and cons in their column.

Nobody, it appears, is really passionate about any of these Republican candidates. From CNN/ORC:

Almost as many Republican voters are “not very satisfied” or “not satisfied at all” with their choices as are just “fairly satisfied,” and only 9% are “very satisfied.” That percentage has been slashed in half since the question was last asked in October, when Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Huntsman and Herman Cain were all in the race. And if you go to the link, they drill down on this even more, asking how disappointed people would be if this or that candidate gets the nomination. None of it looks like good news for Republicans.

And this is the big difference between 2012 and 2008. Much as Republican strategists are taking to the airwaves pointing out that Obama didn’t “seal the deal” until the convention, the reasons he did so are not the same. Being unsure because you have two good candidates to choose from is completely different from having to pick the least revolting candidate from a pack of dogs.


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  1. OH, SB…these losers will say and do anything they think the American people want…to beat our President this time. I had such a remarkable learnig experience last night…Dr. Cynthia Fleming, Professor of African American Studies at UT Knoxville spoke to our Knox County Dem Party District 1. She is a treasure, has written 4 or 5 books on Black Leaders going back to the contributions of Booker T Washington. Her latest, “Yes We Did?” was about the remarkable history of our country that led to the election the first Black President. She writes about the courage, the strength of character so evident in all the leaders she mentions in her books, including our President. I encourage all of you/us to google her, find her books, order them from Amazon. You will learn so much TRUTH!

  2. ThresherK

    What we’re looking at is the classic Benny Hill Double Switch: Every time a GOP voter sniffs the plate of fish handed to him, he instinctively switches it for the next one, because it has to be better–anything has to be better.

    Until he sniffs the second plate of fish.

  3. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    least revolting candidate from a pack of dogs.

    Dogs all over the country are howling at the insult. Most dogs have more sense than to be Republicans in the first place.

  4. Jim

    I have to agree that all of the Republican nominees have big negatives about them. I’ll probably end up voting for the Republican nominee anyway but it won’t make much difference in TN one way or the other as Obama will probably lose this state by at least 10 points. The more important races will be the Congressional and Senatorial races. I haven’t heard much on how the parties expect to fair in the toss up races that may swing the Senate to the Republicans or the House to the Democrats. That is where the real balance of power is going to be decided anyway. The president doesn’t get to do too much without the funding approved by the Congress. Things work best when there is a split between which party controls Congress and which party has the presidency. The president can veto any extreme measure passed and the Congress can simply block any suggested programs from the President that they don’t want.

    • Things work best when there is a split between which party controls Congress and which party has the presidency…

      Republicans always say that but they never vote that way. They vote straight-ticket GOP. If anyone really believed that old tripe about divided government they’d vote that way, but they don’t.

      It’s just more BS fed to us by the Beltway press and political strategists, but I don’t for a second believe anyone buys that or else the so-called “independents” would vote their mouths.

      I wrote about this last summer. Remember how “divided government” was one of McCain’s “closing arguments” in 2008? Because back then the Dems had both houses of congress. So he’s saying what, exactly? Don’t vote for the Republican candidate for Congress or Senate, but do vote for me? To keep the government divided?

      It’s nonsense. I don’t want divided government. As crazy as the Republicans have become, are you kidding me? All we get is crazy crap legislation from them. It’s all guns, God and genitalia. And when Republicans have one house and Democrats the other, everything grinds to a halt.

      I want Democrats in charge of everything. The Democrats have a true big tent, and we have enough conserva-Dems like Joe Manchin and Joe Lieberman to keep our crazy crap in line, and at least we’d get something DONE. As opposed to the least productive Congress ever, which has been the last 2 years.


      • ThresherK

        Things work best when there is a split between which party controls Congress and which party has the presidency

        You missed the part where Republicans (and therefore our Sunday gasbags) narrativized that in 2002.

        Oh, wait.

  5. Randy

    Nothing like the invisible hand of the market.

    INTRADE 2/16/2012
    Barack Obama to be re-elected President in 2012