TNGOP’s Hunger Games

Get A Job, Kid

Ah, the party of moral values! Gotta love these good, Christian folk. Proving once again that Tennessee Republicans are not compassionate conservatives but rather conservative with their compassion, I bring you the aptly-named Kevin Kookogey, chair of the Williamson County Republican Party, coming out against the school breakfast program:

“This is not a complicated issue,” he said. “It is not the role of government to feed people. Government exists to protect and defend our God-given rights. Government fails when it usurps these bounds. One only need look at the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted by the Department of Education since its formation in 1980 with no improvement in student achievement. … Our founders understood this, which is why they expressly determined that education should be the province of states, local government, and families.”

Got that? It’s your God-given right to starve! And have your kids starve! No soup for you! That gnawing in your stomach is freedom!

This is positively Dickensian. Some 3,840 children qualify for the program. Guess they just need to show some more personal responsibility, right?

Oh, but it gets better:

Mindy McAlindon, first vice chair with the Williamson County Republican Party, agrees with Kookogey.

“It’s not the government’s job to feed students. It’s our job to provide for ourselves,” the Franklin home-school mom said. “The government is deciding where our money goes. And we should be deciding where our money goes.”

Do you people even know what “the government” is? It’s people, you morons. It’s you and the people you elect to represent you locally, in the state capitol, and in Washington, D.C. It’s not some building up on a hill somewhere, some inanimate thing. You decide where your money goes by electing representatives to “the government.” So go find some folks who agree with you that children should starve, that it serves the country to have thousands of kids start out in life on the wrong foot because they were too hungry to succeed in school. Go elect people who believe personal responsibility trumps social responsibility. If you’ve been unable to do that it means you’re in the minority and your crackpot ideas are not mainstream. Majority rules. Suck it up.

Ah, but this is life inside the gated community. Williamson County is one of the wealthiest counties in the entire country, and remains the wealthiest in Tennessee. If everything is good for you and your friends, why worry about anyone else? Of course, even in the land of plenty, there is poverty:

According to the most recent census data, poverty is on the rise in Williamson County.

More than 5 percent of school-aged children in the county school district and almost 15 percent of the students in the Franklin Special School District were living in poverty in 2010.

Clearly these people are just lazy, getting fat sucking on the taxpayer teat. Which begs the question: if welfare benefits are so generous, why is there any poverty at all? Oh well, don’t worry your pretty little minds about the hungry children in your community — or for that matter, the 14 million of them all across America.

Maybe the TNGOP would like to put all these hungry kids in Titans Stadium and watch them fight to the death over a loaf of bread? I wouldn’t put it past them.


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11 responses to “TNGOP’s Hunger Games

  1. Min

    What ever happened to the inalienable right to life? Which, I’m sure we all will agree, required the occasional consumption of a sausage and biscuit.

  2. Randy

    Is it worth the waiting for?
    If we live ’til eighty four
    All we ever get is gru…el!
    Ev’ry day we say our prayer —
    Will they change the bill of fare?
    Still we get the same old gru…el!
    There is not a cust, not a crumb can we find,
    Can we beg, can we borrow, or catch,
    But there’s nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
    When we all close our eyes and imag…ine

    Food, glorious food!

  3. Interrobang

    ‘Scuse me for asking, ’cause I’m just a dum furriner an’ alll, but doesn’t one of those documents the wingnuts are so fond of quoting, written by *THE FOUNDING FATHERS* and all, have some text in it about “government by the people and for the people”? Seems to me that they must be kind of overlooking that part somehow…

  4. Andy Axel

    At least hungry children were fed in the world of Dickens.

  5. John Weiss

    SB, don’t waste your time yelling at morons.

    They’re morons after all.

    Health and good wishes to your and yours,


  6. ThresherK

    In case the TNGOP wants to remember what we’re trying to prevent this time:

    “So we’d ask the guy that was ladling out the soup into the buckets-everybody had to bring their own bucket to get the soup-he’d dip the greasy, watery stuff off the top. So we’d ask him to please dip down to get some meat and potatoes from the bottom of the kettle. But he wouldn’t do it.”

    –Peggy Terry, as reported by Studs Terkel

    (h/t <a href=""John Updike, who I guess would not be fooled by the TNGOP’s shit.)

  7. I regret that I have been mostly offline for the last three weeks (Time Warner is unable to find my HOUSE) and thus have not been able to offer a hearty “Fuck YOU” to nearly as many assholes as need one.

  8. Duffy

    I just read ‘The Hunger Games’ and I was hoping the obvious connection between the plot of the novel and the GOP Master Plan would be made in this piece. Alas, it was not, so here it is. In THG a tiny but all-powerful and rich minority rules over everyone else. This is what Republicans have been striving for since Richard Nixon: suck all the political and economic power from the middle class directly to the rich until the poor and middle class can no longer fight back, and get it done before the majority figures out conservative politics is bankrupt of compassion and good ideas. Their time has just about run out. After the stunning defeats they are sure to suffer in the 2012 elections they might actually start to disappear.

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