Republicans Worship An Evil God


A conservative explains why right-wingers have no compassion.

This kind of blanket, armchair psychoanalysis annoys me, but the article is worth a read.


Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, Republican (of course), at a prayer breakfast two weeks ago, tells us God wants teachers to be underpaid:

“It’s a Biblical principle. If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach.”

WTF? Where in the Bible is that? Perhaps that’s some 11th commandment, Thou Shalt Not Pay Teachers What They Are Worth. Forget about all the talent driven away from the teaching profession because people simply can’t afford it. Especially those raising kids of their own.


I think I’ve given up trying to understand the Republican mind. This morning on Face The Nation, Rick Santorum officially came out against amniocentesis, saying its only purpose is to convince women to abort. So really, this is where we are: your modern pro-life position is to be against contraception which prevents unwanted pregnancy, against amniocentesis, against using tax money to feed hungry children because that limits “freedom,” and against paying teachers a decent salary.

This is how warped and twisted the pro-life position has become. And it was entirely predictable. I’ve said it before, but conservative politics has been on a collision course with its religion for years, a trajectory that really accelerated during the free-wheeling Bush years. Now the two have collided in some really obvious ways, and religious conservatives are forced to admit that either their politics is wrong or their religion is. No shocker which one they’ve picked.


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7 responses to “Republicans Worship An Evil God

  1. Well, the hatred of women is getting so bad now, you just gotta wonder
    1) Where are the mothers of these lunatics?
    2) How St. Santorum’s wife can stand being near him or his daughters either? Are they brainwashed or did his sugar-daddy with the aspirin theory tell them all to keep quiet?
    Seriously, I believe these cretins were NOT born but fell off a turnip truck and were raised by rabid wolves.

    • Craig In MO

      Do some googling on Mrs. Santorum’s – shall we say – questionable past, and you might be even more surprised. I’m very curious what prompts the type of radical reversal that some people, such as Mrs Santorum, make. I’m sure some might say they heard “the call of the Lord”, but that’s an ephemerous answer that doesn’t really answer the question. It makes me think of smokers who quit and then become rabidly anti-smoking – raising a different kind of stink everywhere they can. Are people really this myopic? I wish for better in mankind, but I’m afraid I may continue to be disappointed….

      • I think they heard the call of KA-CHING.

        The problem with the smoking analogy is, as a former smoker, I really could give a crap if someone is smoking in a place where I don’t have to smell it. My problem begins when a smoker’s habit wafts into my breathing space.

        Really, if the Santorums of the world don’t like birth control, DON’T USE IT. And if they don’t like abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE. No one is forcing them to. But if you’re gonna light up at the next table in the restaurant, you ARE forcing me to smoke.

  2. ThresherK

    Aren’t called to teach?

    The right’s been whining about overpaid teachers for so long, it makes me ask why didn’t they just start 30 years ago sending their obviously smarter young ‘uns to become teachers, with a healthy dose of wingnut welfare to live on in the meantime? There’d be so many of them they’d dominate it all by now. Either all the Randians would have felt guilty taking those enormous salaries (sic) and only working 180 days a year (sic). Or that authoritarian streak makes them much more interested in controlling teachers (by infecting school boards), nitpicking at every detail while avoiding the need to do the work.

    PS The Teachers’ Tournament is on Jeopardy! Wondering why they’re competing for actual money; maybe the TV studio should just cut out the middleman and award them filler paper, toilet tissue, composition books and ballpoint pens.

  3. Saw “Face the Nation” too this morning. I really, REALLY hope Santorum gets the nomination. I believe him to be sincere. I know it’s wishful thinking but perhaps with an Evangelical candidate on the Right we could have a sort of political Armageddon and decide once and for all whether the U.S. is going to be a theocracy or a democracy. I say wishful thinking because prior to checking your blog I was reading about the bigotry and conflict between Scottish Presbyterians and English Anglicans in the 17th century. It will never end. We’re screwed.

  4. Min

    It doesn’t have anything to do with teachers, really. They’re just a convenient whipping boy. It has everything to do with unions and with the Republican need to tear down anything that’s an obstacle to their feudal way of looking at the world. Unions and public education, when they work the way they’re supposed to work, contribute to equality and opportunity for lots of people of whom the Republicans apparently don’t approve…women, brown people, poor people, disabled people. Therefore they must go, until all that is left is a profit-driven society where the oligarchy selects a few to whom they will offer opportunity and autonomy.

    It’s not only appalling, it is treasonous to the ideals that built America.

  5. Ken

    Here’s my interpretation of right-wing ‘thought’; “I got mine, f@ck you”.