In honor of President’s Day, a video clip of our best never-gonna-be president, the satirical Bob Roberts. (Okay, the film was about a Senate campaign, but I seem to recall Roberts being presented as presidential material). Anyway, enjoy this clip from Tim Robbins’ 1992 film and just remind yourself that 20 years ago, this was cutting-edge satire. Today these things Roberts spouts are standard conservative talking points:

Two years ago I stumbled across the film, which I’d long since forgotten, and posted the Bob Roberts trailer and some old reviews. It goes without saying that Tim Robbins was extraordinarily prescient when he wrote and directed it. As I wrote at the time, I remembered seeing the film in the theater and thinking, “Nah, too over the top! Too out there! Revolutionary War costumes? Hilarious!” And hello modern-day Tea Party.

This year marks the film’s 20th anniversary. I would hope it would be re-released on DVD with a little bit of hoo-hah, though I don’t know if there are any plans to do so. But there should be. It really shows how extreme the modern day Republican Party has become.


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4 responses to “Complain

  1. I watched this movie about 17 years ago. The occassion was dinner with my then girlfriend, her galpal and a date that she had for the night. The other lady was conservative but reasonable, her date (about twice, IIRC) was a complete dick who got the movie because he thought it was gonna be an affirmation of everything he believed about politics. He was completely flummoxed that Bob Roberts was a Machiavellian asshole who did not have the truth in him. He did not get that the movie was a parody. I imagine he’s the MA state chairman for the SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front at this point in time.

    I had not heard anything about the movie, prior to seeing it. At the point where Tim Robbins sang that absolutely horrible country song (which I think he and his brother co-wrote) I knew the movie was a Poe.

  2. ThresherK

    “Vote first. Ask questions later.”

    I will now hold my breath awaiting the next right-wing satirist worthy of carrying Robbins’ jockstrap.

  3. PWL

    Christ Almighty! this sounds EXACTLY like the kind of crazy crap that’s going on right now…almost to the letter. Life REALLY imitating art.

    I remember when the movie first came out.Didn’t see it then…to busy with other things. But I oughtta look it up now, to see what we’re in for….

  4. Luba

    Yep, the movie seemed over the top at the time. Now it seems prescient.

    Oddly, YouTube is giving me Mitt Romney pop-up ads. Appropriate, but I can’t imagine Romney’s campaign would want to pay for this association.