Dear GOP: The Internet Is Not Your Friend

Read and marvel at the latest crock to spew from Rick Santorum’s mouth, this one about old people in the Netherlands:

“In the Netherlands, people wear different bracelets if they are elderly. And the bracelet is: ‘Do not euthanize me.’ Because they have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands but half of the people who are euthanized — ten percent of all deaths in the Netherlands — half of those people are euthanized involuntarily at hospitals because they are older and sick. And so elderly people in the Netherlands don’t go to the hospital. They go to another country, because they are afraid, because of budget purposes, they will not come out of that hospital if they go in there with sickness.”

Euthanasia bracelets? Ten percent of all deaths in the Netherlands are from euthanasia? Fifty percent of all elderly in that country are put to death involuntarily? Do these statistics make sense to anyone? Where the hell does he get this stuff? Predictably, we are the laughing stock of the Netherlands now. Thanks a lot, asshole.

I’ll tell you where he gets it. This is the kind of nonsense that lands in your e-mail box with a huge list of FW: names. Hey, conservatives: think about what you’re doing, okay? Before you unthinkingly hit the “send” key on that fact-free bullshit your cousin’s best friend got from her sister-in-law’s former Bible study teacher, think about what you’re reading. Stop a moment and consider: do you want this coming out of Rick Santorum’s mouth? Because there’s a very good chance that this is where it will end up. And that means people who aren’t brain dead are going to hear it, and someone might actually check the facts, and then the rest of us will point and laugh, and your favorite candidate’s chances for the presidency go down in flames.

From the WaPo:

Nevertheless, the statistics show it is still a relatively uncommon form of death. In 2010, the number of euthanasia cases reported to one of five special commissions was 3,136, according to their annual report. This was a 19 percent increase over 2009, but “this amounts to 2.3 percent of all 136,058 deaths in the Netherlands in 2010,” said Carla Bundy, spokeswoman for the Dutch embassy in Washington.

At the time of the annual report, the commissions had been able to reach conclusions in 2,667 euthanasia notifications reported to the agency and found only nine in which “the physician had not acted in accordance with the due care criteria,” the annual report said. More than 80 percent of the patients were suffering from cancer; almost 80 percent died at home.

A 2005 study by the New England Journal of Medicine found only a minimal number of the cases — 0.4 percent — in which there was an ending of life without explicit request by the patient. The study concluded the rate had actually been cut in half since the euthanasia law was passed.

These statistics were so at odds with Santorum’s claims that we wondered how he could have thought that 50 percent of the elderly were put to death involuntarily (or that 10 percent of all deaths in Holland were from euthanasia.) Spokesmen for Santorum did not respond to a query, but the best we can tell, he is grossly misinterpreting the results of a 1991 survey known as the Remmelink Report, which was influential in crafting the 2001 law.

And those bracelets? The article quotes Dutch officials saying they don’t exist. They can only conclude that Santorum was talking about living wills, which they do have in the Netherlands and which we also have here in the States.

So, where does this shit come from? I’ll tell you: right wing organizations that have the word “family” in their name. Phony Christian groups located in the hinterlands of Louisiana or Kansas or Georgia, who claim to love the 10 Commandments but keep forgetting about that ninth one (look it up if you don’t know). The Patriot Depot, a massive money-making machine spreading misinformation and lies to the gullible. These folks make some shit up and put it in an e-mail or direct mail piece because the more outrageous and salacious, the more likely some poor sucker will shake the change out of their wallet. These groups are the worst sort of grifters, unworthy of the trust their followers have placed in them. But when nobody bothers to call them on it, the lies just spread like a poison gas around the populace. Until they end up in the mouth of a politician like Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum, of course. Then we all get to point and laugh.

So conservatives, think before you send. You never know where this nonsense will end up.


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17 responses to “Dear GOP: The Internet Is Not Your Friend

  1. deep

    Thanks a lot, asshole.

    This bears repeating.

  2. I was talking to several young people last night (after my team once again trounced theirs at Trivia) about politics. Well, I was talking, they were humoring me.

    Two of them were young men with jobs in the Nu-Q-Lar bidneth and the other two were young women of child bearing age. One of them knew who Rick Santorum is, two of them had heard of him, nobody knew what his policies are (in fairness, I doubt that Li’l Rick knows either). None of them have any intention of finding anything out about him or other candidates. It’s too hard.

    They said that they’re too young to worry about it.


    • They said that they’re too young to worry about it.

      To which I would reply, “Thanks a lot, assholes. Because the rest of us have to pay for YOUR laziness.” Yeah well, I don’t want to hear anyone whining when one of those young folks needs an abortion, birth control or a FUCKING JOB.

  3. Randy

    But they failed to mention the good part. Right before an old Dutch person gets their Euthanasia Bracelet they have been to France wearing their Courvoisier Bracelet which also entitles the wearer to attendance at a libertine soiree. I mean c’mon. Tell the whole fckin story!

  4. OH MY GAWD! And the fool is coming to TENNESSEE. Headline in today’s KNS: “Santorum Targets Tennessee”! He should bring along that other sanctimonious ‘preacher’, the idiot Franklin Graham…what a team. I responded that “more women vote in Tennessee and you St. Rick, have insulted and ambarassed ALL OF us. Bring it on.” And his billionaire backer’s sarcastic version of birth control…aspirin between the knees…so friggin’ disgusting. The article claims it has opened ‘campaign offices’ in Knoxville and Johnson City. When I find out where he is in Knoxville, I know a big bunch of pissed off raging grannies that can be out front to march in a NY minute.

  5. chrome agnomen

    let’s not be encouraging sanity on the right. kinda goes against their grain anyway.

  6. ThresherK

    The only medical bracelet American women should concern themselves with as of this month is the now-necessary one reading “No Catholic hospital”.

  7. Betty S. Parrish

    Unfortunately a lot of Americas don’t think about the GOP totally fabricating stuff to entice the dumb ones to vote for them. Dumb Americans believe any and everything they are told, whether by the GOP or fundaminilist preachers. They don’t have enough common sense to understand that you can NOT vote for the same GOP and get different results.

  8. JR

    Many years ago I was in the USN and my ship went to a yard in Pascagoula, MS. My wife and I were from the same small town up nawth, and she was way home sick. She got a job as a reference librarian.

    So one day an older guy from home walks into the library. Wife is way happy to see him. He worked at the pace where wife and I met, a tech job, had a BSEE. Wife ran up and hugged him. After he left, the head librarian called her in and almost fired her, cause she hugged a black negra man in public!

    Wife said, well, he’s a neighbor of my Grandma’s, and we worked together, and he’s from home. Every clause of that sentence made the head librarian more angry. Cause in her world, nigras didn’t live next door to white people unless they were white trash. They sure didn’t work with them, cause all the nigra’s work at the dump.

    Wife’s grandma was big in the Baptist church, on the Democratic Executive Committee… not trash.

    I bet they’re still just like that in MS – I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. They’re all Republicans now, as hateful as they can possibly be.

  9. I wonder how many millionzadollaz Li’l Rick has banked, bilking those soft hearted Nigerians who contact him about parking their money in his bank account.

    • Last night on Rachel Maddow, she interviewed a young Dutch reporter who said his country was appalled at these outright lies Santorum spewed about their country, how they care for their elderly, accusing hospitals there of actually KILLING folks, blah, blah. He said his government is trying to decide whether to file a formal complaint or try to stay out of the insanity that is US politics. St. Rick has insulted everyone in America; now, obviously he has to go overseas to find others to harrass, accuse and lie about.