Your Liberal Media, Gannett Edition

My local Gannett fishwrap, this morning:

This was The Tennessean’s print edition of this story. Not only do they perpetuate the fringe Teanut myth that President Obama is a Muslim, they also call Mitt Romney’s religion a cult. Equal opportunity offenders, now that’s what I call fair and balanced!

This is why religion has no place in politics.


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21 responses to “Your Liberal Media, Gannett Edition

  1. Joe

    This is an area that absolutely astounds me about the Tea Party and their delusion about President Obama allegedly being secretly a Muslim. For all their supposed zeal for the Constitution, they completely toss out the document’s very plain language. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but how do you ignore, “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”? Do we believe the Constitution or don’t we? Argh!

    • The Founding Fathers were CHRISTIANS! And they didn’t MEAN it when they wrote that stuff! And … SHUT UP, that’s why!

    • chrome agnomen

      that last is a rhetorical question, right? the constitution can be regarded like the bible in regards the right; something to be cherry-picked for the applicable opinion of the day.

  2. Rome Again

    Shared on my wall. I’m pissed. This company sends me my paycheck and now I’m feeling a major dilemma coming on. I like my route, but do I like it enough to continue after this BS?

  3. denali

    I am embarrassed to be from the state of Tennessee

  4. Joe

    I see elsewhere you asked about the Catholic viewpoint on this question. Here’s a blog that I subscribe to that takes Santorum and others to task on their misunderstanding of the Catholic view on pluralism and keeping Church & State separate. Not surprisingly, Santorum ignores the clear historical reality that in 1960, JFK and other Catholics were viewed as suspiciously as Muslims are today, as having divided allegiances, ready to take orders from somewhere else contrary to our nation’s independence. Santorum and the most conservative bishops believe that Catholic politicians should, in fact, take their orders from Rome & the Catholic hierarchy. And as an Irish Catholic, Kennedy was potentially seen as having yet another divided loyalty, i.e. to Ireland. This writer, a Franciscan brother, lays out the fallacy of Santorum’s viewpoint.

  5. There’s a quote from Santorum today to the effect that JFK’s speech makes him want to throw up. So much for separation of church and state.

  6. I’m in Arizona. I appreciate the good people of Tennessee working hard to make my state look good by being more ridiculous than we are. Thank you, Volunteers!

  7. Mike G

    Sanatorium makes me want to throw up.

  8. hard to believe a newspaper and i guess news would be the operative word here would display such a headline..its like they are reporting what people think based on no facts but whatever

    • Ann Reuter

      I agree. And the Lebanon Democrat has recently lowered itself to the same inflammatory rhetoric. Thinking of canceling.

  9. deep

    It’s Roger Williams vs John Winthrop all over again.

    Nothing has changed in the past 400 years.

  10. I have a long rant at my place ( about the run-in I had with a SKKKortalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front member last night.

    Mack suggests that I ignore assholes like the one I had a blowout with last evening. That’s fine with them, refusal by others to engage means they win. It’s not that they have any facts to back up their nonsensical rhetoric; it’s that they wear down, shout down or condescend to anyone who tries to have an argument. When you lack anything in your toolbox, other than rage and hatred for others, to work with, well, bullying or mocking is all that’s left.

    I got facts out the ass to give these people–they aren’t interested in them. They have their talking points and that’s what they use, exclusively.

    • I tried to comment on your post but Blogger wouldn’t let me, kept saying it didn’t recognize the Capcha I had typed in though it was correct. I’ve been having problems with blogger doing that on several blogs, so it’s not you it’s Blogger.

      Anyway, what I tried to say over at your place:

      Sounds like he’d had a few too many shots of courage. When some loudmouth at a bar starts bragging about all the awesome shit he’s done, my bullshit meter goes off. Usually what we have is someone who feels so unhappy with themselves and their own life that they compensate by acting out the way your boozed up friend did.

  11. Min

    The Tennessean printed an apology on the editorial page today.

    • NO SHIT!!! I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

      Updating …. I looked on their website, didn’t see an apology but did see a Letter To The Editor from a woman in Goodlettsville saying that headline was offensive and misleading.

  12. Southern Beale:

    I wouldn’t dispute your take. It is at least the third time I’ve been at the bar when he was bloviating about the superiority of his and his fellow whiteboy network’s accomplishments.

    He’s the sort of guy that has made a very good living at what he does and is supporting three kids after separating from his kids. A lot of people like him think that they’re better than other people for doing what they’re SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. His carping about how his genius daughter couldn’t get financial aid because he makes too much money and she’s white was a typical self-reliant GOP line.

    I have a very good friend who is fairly well to do and spends boatloads of money to deal with his two kids emotional/physical ailments (both of them are in their 30’s) . He has a much different take on life than the bonehead I was dealing with last night–especially on politics.

    I just had a conversation with my letter carrier who is also a pretty conservative guy. He just shook his head and said, “Where the hell are those people coming from with that shit? Guy, that sees the world that way, him I CAN talk to.