Andrew Breitbart Has Died?

And of course the tinfoil-hat brigade reacts in typical fashion.

Apparently liberals are really ineffective at things like governing, policy-making, national security, and taking out terrorists… but we’re terrifically efficient at bumping off nationally-known conservative figures.


This is bizarre, because Mr. Beale and I were just talking about Andrew Breitbart this morning. One is not supposed to speak ill of the dead, and as I did not know he had passed I will confess: my comments were not complementary. What’s even weirder is that what prompted our conversation was two bizarre dreams I had last night: one involved James O’Keefe and Breitbart (probably prompted by this story). In the other I was on a speeding boat and people were jumping out.

Make of that what you will.

I do not have anything nice to say about Andrew Breitbart. Let’s just leave it at that. A part of me wonders if this isn’t some bizarre hoax, and it’s a fair question considering Breitbart’s legacy of punking the media with his doctored videos designed to ruin reputations. Though the Twitter machine tells me the New York Times has confirmed his passing with the Los Angeles coroner’s office. So there ya go.

I will say this: I’m surprised he was only 43 years old. He looked a helluva lot older. He’d get into some big time arguments with liberals I follow on Twitter and usually these “conversations” would disintegrate into toxic bullying of the “LIAR!” “No YOU’RE the LIAR!” sort. The kind of stuff straight off a schoolyard playground. Children, all of us.

Sometimes I think we all need to chill out before we stroke out. None of this stuff is that important, people. I know we think it is, but it’s not. We all get whipped into a frenzy because that idiot said this and they’re doing that but fer crying out loud, the Republic has stood for over 200 years and it’s not going to crumble because Obama wants to give everyone healthcare or Paul Ryan wants to eliminate Medicare. Nothing is undoable down the road. Just because you don’t get your way on something now doesn’t mean you’ll never get your way.

Just .. you know, plod along. Keep working, keep your eyes on the prize, don’t give up, but don’t get so wrapped up that you forget the bigger picture: because last I checked, Breitbart had a couple of small children. And now there are some kids who have to grow up without their dad. That part is sad.


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22 responses to “Andrew Breitbart Has Died?

  1. i still haven’t gotten past davy jones. they’ll have to mourn breitbart without me.

  2. If you can’t say something good…

    Breitbart is dead, GOOD!

    I’ve not mourned the passing of sundry reichwing assholes including Falwell, Lee Atwater, Ronnie Rayguns, Nixon, etc.,. Breitbart is just one more waste of space that will no longer be doing so. Too bad it wasn’t him AND O’Kreep.

  3. merman

    I’m not a religious person, but I’ve heard “God’ll get you for that!” all my life.

  4. Randy

    Hate is lethal.

  5. Min

    I will confess that when I walked into work this morning and my secretary told me that Breitbart was dead, I responded by asking, “Did God finally strike him dead for being a lying sack of sh*t?” I kinda feel bad about that now.

  6. ThresherK

    Let’s remember him for the class act he was, and therefore in the wake of his passing, not rashly throw around words like “prick”, “villain”, or “duplicitous bastard”, let alone “a special pile of human excrement”.

  7. Aunt Snow

    a voice of sanity. Thanks, Southern Beale.

  8. Breitbart was just a malicious, evil clown. Now Limbaugh?

    I remember when he had his big health scare, last year or so? 2010? Of course the genii at Googol knew he was still alive. But you could still googol rush limbaugh dead and there was a continuous feed of new blog posts evolving every few seconds. It was the first time I had ever seen Googol changing instantaneously before my very eyes without so much as a refresh. I followed several lynx. Most of them were black people’s blogs I never would have otherwise found. They were all hoping and praying. Getting ready to dance on his grave. Cheney too. Waiting for that fucker to croak. Not ashamed in the least.

    • Don’t think I’m cold-hearted. I wish death upon no man. It’s just that it was my fervent prayer that Cheney be exiled from the U.S. until his demise.

  9. Yes, the loss of Davy Jones was far sadder.

  10. At Edge of the West, I saw this in comments.
    “A friend of mine quoted Psalm 109, 16–19, in memory of Brietbart. Seems fair.”

    Thom Hartmann read Donne’s No Man is an Island.
    Donne was idealistic, and Hartmann far too kind.

    Valar Morghulis.

    But no one is diminished by this.


  11. Yeah, SB. This goon so enjoyed spreading his lies and distorting the truth about Democrats in general and our President’s policies that help Americans, it is no big loss to the Country or ‘free speech’.
    And after Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting, demeaning, slandrous tirade against the female Georgetown law student who had the guts to confront all those OLD WHITE MEN in Congress…I am actually praying for the hate-filled pile of crap to get run over by a bus after he has a stroke. The bastard has gone too far. And were Ms. Fluke my daughter, I would suggest that she and the other female law students at Georgetown Law School write and file their own lawsuit.

  12. Randy

    Off topic: (Couldn’t resist the segue, it’s pathological)

    Is it any surprise that Sex Tourist Extraordinaire would be soliciting porn films?

  13. I try not to read anything about Limbaugh as I don’t need to examine shit too closely to know it’s shit.

    The best way to get back to GOD’s gift to streetpharmacists would be to have some hottie (one with a very strong gag reflex*) let themselves get picked up and then call the man in. Scum like Limbaugh deserves a taste of what he’s been giving those whom he attacks.

    * Otoh, even Rushblow wouldn’t screw a buzzard, I think.

    • Heck, let’s don’t let the cretin die. Let’s petition ALL of his sponsors, Fox and any organized group who supports his hate and demand he be fired, period. We did it to Glenn Beck.
      Even a few GOPpers are now sick of his drugged performances.

      Oh, and since he was caught smuggling in to Florida his Viagra, I doubt he is able to screw a buzzard, much less his poor little 3rd or 4th wife.

  14. All commenters on HuffPo were sending condolences. I tried to comment that I wasn’t particularly sad at the passing of someone who practiced twisted journalism. However, that didn’t post. The moderators are enforcing PC. If you want to weep, go to the Breitbart Facebook page. I’m only sad that he didn’t live long enough to eat crow and repent his misdeeds.

    • Ta-Nehisi Coates got it right:

      I have heard it said by some fellow liberals that Breitbart was in fact a good person, that his public persona was not the same as his private. This kind of praise is so broadly true of most controversial public figures as to be meaningless. And it is irrelevant. Breitbart may well have been an excellent father and a great friend but that is not why we are talking about him. We are noting his death because of the impact he had on our politics and our conversation. It must be said that that impact was for the worse. Any talk of his private life, is an attempt to change the subject and avoid discomfiting truths.

      It is wholly appropriate to be sorry that Andrew Breitbart died. But in the relevant business, it is right to be sorry for how he lived.

      The Breitbart eulogizing makes me want to be out of the country when Darth Cheney kicks the bucket.

      • In other words, a snake is still a snake.
        Gingrich is still a slug no matter how many times he has “sort of apologized” to the Pope but not to any of the women he destroyed.
        Ron Paul is still a blatant racist no matter how hard he tries to hide that truth.
        St. Santorum is a hater of women, and he is so arrogant that he truly believes he can decide how a female should make her life decisions. (His comment that “contraception” is the worst thing in the world and must be outlawed”) tells everyone WHO HE REALLY IS.
        And poor Mittens…he is for whatever rightwing “relgious” crap his owners tell him to be ‘for’.
        Yep. They are all wolves in Grandma’s bonnet but none have convinced women voters to latch on to their misogyny

      • Min

        Meh. I shouldn’t have to be told that someone is really a good person. I should be able to see it for myself.

        “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works…”

  15. “I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a note voicing my approval.”


  16. Mack:

    Which one, Mark or Shania?

  17. I heard his rants several times, so sorry…. I can’t feel sorry he’s gone. He was nasty personified. Can’t really sympathized .Do you know the Republicans jumped for joy when JFK, Jr. died? And he didn’t even do anything. WTH !