Dispatch From The War On Women

Poor conservatives. They just don’t get it:

The Aggrieved Party Reserves The Right To Do The Reclaiming, Asswipe

This is in regards to the latest attempt to grab some limelight by that bloated sack of cow dung known as Rush Limbaugh. A remark so over the top outrageous that advertisers and even fellow Republicans — men and women — are condemning the comment.

But as the above Tweet from the National Review Online’s news editor shows, not everyone got the memo. They just can’t help themselves, the poor dears.

I think we’ve all seen this movie before. Republicans in Congress do something stupid like try to pass a law oppressing women, minorities, teachers, people on Medicare, etc. National outcry follows, polls show the Republicans hopelessly out of touch with the majority of voters, blah blah. What to do? Why, turn to one of your paid shills to “take one for the team.” Rush says something outrageously offensive on said topic — something guaranteed to raise the ire of the group in question, giving Republican legislators a chance to look reasonable by comparison. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The only way this stupid game stops is if everyone decides they don’t want to play along. I mean really, does anyone take this stuff seriously anymore? Rush Limbaugh is now and always has been a raging asshole, and he always will be a raging asshole. Assholery is Rush’s gimmick. Oh look, Rush said something offensive! Must be Wednesday.

Please. Rush is a useful tool of the right, but not in the way you think. He preaches to his choir and says intolerant, horrible things just for the pleasure of being able to spread his poison. He may get pleasure out of stirring up trouble but he’s just a circus sideshow. The really dangerous ones are the Republicans holding office around the country who pass these offensive laws in the first place. And when Rush says something to get everyone upset he’s just giving them cover. No Republicans, you do not get a pass for your Blunt Amendment votes just because you’re quoted as saying Rush Limbaugh’s comment was “inappropriate.” You know what’s inappropriate? You passing laws that affect my personal, private decisions just because you have a problem with women having sex for pleasure. Oooh. Women like sex, oh the horror the horror! Grow the fuck up, already.

Women are not stupid. We’re not going to miss who the real monster is here. Rush won’t change. Congress will.

And no, Mr. Paranoia, no one wants to blow up your fucking house. You’re SO not the worth the trouble. It was just another grifter in your fan club.


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8 responses to “Dispatch From The War On Women

  1. So true. Those folks in Congress are more dangerous than Rush Limbaugh.Not to mention Santorum… but he’s not going to win, so he doesn’t count.

  2. Randy

    Your point is well taken but it seems to me that now the only way a woman could vote for ANY GOP candidate would be because she hates herself.

    • deep

      Considering Mormon fundies like to teach their girls to hate themselves at a young age, I’m sure there are quite a few who are happy to vote for the GOP.

  3. Min

    I have never understood how such a thing as a female Republican or a gay Republican ever came into existence, because damn.

  4. Randy

    To go back to the thesis of your post, If Rush’s broadcasts can be described as providing cover for more “dignified” GOP legislators what the hell is the strategic thinking behind what appears to me to be a suicidal presidential primary season for the GOP. If I put on my tin foil hat it looks like they’re trying to throw the 2012 election. To what end?

    • If I put on my tin foil hat it looks like they’re trying to throw the 2012 election. To what end?

      A friend of mine swears that the GOP and the Democrats made a deal: The Republicans wouldn’t float anyone serious for the 2012 presidential election and Obama wouldn’t do anything radical like investigate the Bush Administration’s war crimes.

      Honestly, I do think the Republicans have just become completely reactionary. I think this is an honest case of what happens when Tea Party-like extremists take over a political party. This is nothing knew, we all saw this coming. Remember Christy Todd Whitman’s book “It’s My Party Too: The Battle For The Heart Of The GOP”? That book came out waaay back in 2005. Well, fast forward 7 years and we see who won that battle. It wasn’t Whitman-style moderates. Once upon a time she was the future of the Republican Party but she’s been shoved aside, as have almost all of the other middle-grounders.

      Anyone reasonable is staying out of this race, keeping their powder dry until 2016. No one wants to bend and scrape before the crazies and then try to pretend to be reasonable in a general election. No one wants to do the Mittens Dance. They look like fools.

  5. ThresherK

    Yep. There’s a lot of convenient hiding space in the “Oh Noes, I don’t mean that particular thing Rush said” tent.

    Oh, and you cut off the tag from that tweet:

    “Sincerely, Dan (I Need a New Pickup Line) Foster.”

  6. The most important part of your post is your take that Rush is just the sideshow. It’s the conservative theocrats who pass laws for what they deem as “your own good”. Cuz we all know you ‘lil ol gals can’t think for yourself.