Good News Friday

Your weekly progress report!

• A lesbian couple ousted from a Phoenix restaurant because they hugged and shared a quick kiss have been offered an apology and free drinks.

• The Obama Administration says it wants to end taxpayer subsidies to the oil and gas industry, which considering the gross profits these companies rake in just makes too much sense for Republicans to go along with it. But it’s a start.

• Advertisers ditch Rush Limbaugh in the wake of his comments about Sandra Fluke.

• A major South Sudanese militia group with ties to the Khartoum government has signed an amnesty deal.

• Same sex marriage is now officially legal in Maryland.

• The U.S. Senate killed the Blunt Amendment which would have allowed any employer to deny their employees contraception coverage for any reason.

• Another CEO stands up for gay rights and gives the “Million” (ahem, more like a couple thousand) Moms the middle finger.

• California joins list of states making it legal to sell artisan foods made at home.

• 62% of Americans believe climate change is real, an increase of 7% from last year thanks to, ya know, shit we can all see happening around us with our own eyes.

• North Korea agrees to suspend uranium enrichment and nuclear missile tests. Another win for the Obama Administration.

• The Chinese government has drafted a “grains law” that would ban GMO grains like corn, rice and wheat.

• Two U.S. utilities announced they will shutter 10 aging coal-fired plants, a move that is a major win for environmentalists.

• The International Energy Agency will include renewables in its mid-term report for the firset time, citing the sector’s increasing competitiveness. Renewables were the fastest growing energy sector, according to the IEA.

• Hawaii’s free electric car charging network has launched.

• The Southern Poverty Law Center scores a rare victory against private prisons in Mississippi.

• Union workers win a second reprieve for the Republic Windows factory. An employee-owned co-op is being considered to prevent a third shut-down.

• Mitsubishi ships its first electric vehicles to Baltimore. It’s the “i” and it looks like a sweet ride:

• Yes you can be too wingnutty, even for Georgia Republicans. The Georgia legislature is fighting back against the Sovereign Citizen movement.

• Three dozen legal scholars and attorneys have called for the repeal of Maryland’s death penalty in a letter to the state’s General Assembly. Among those signing on are a former governor and two former state attorneys general.

• NPR’s new ethics handbook actually allows reporters to side with the truth, instead of the “he said, she said, we’ll have to leave it there” style of journalism we’ve all come to despair.

Best news of all is that we survived a hellacious hailstorm this afternoon.


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10 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Yesterday was a busy day what with the weather and such but this is alot of good news, even for a Saturday morning. BTW I know the readers of this here blog have nothing better to do so if you’re bored there are some pretty funny comments after that TPM Soveriegn piece.

    • Ah that was good for a laugh. I’ve run across these people on occasion, they are truly sad. They heard something on the AM radio or saw it on YouTube so IT’S TRUE! I mean, I have my gullible moments, someone sends me a picture and tells me it’s X and then I realize too late it’s Y but it’s not usually something important.

      I had a friend years and years ago tell me that he found out that the income tax is illegal and that books have been written by “experts” about how you can just not pay taxes and make x, y, z arguments in court and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. I remember thinking, hmm, sounds like a crock of shit to me, but he was interested in delving into it some more. I wasn’t very political back then and didn’t really think any more about it. This was way way back in the 80s. I’ve since learned that he’s now a major Tea Party type. Figures.

      So, yeah, don’t pay your taxes and see how well that works for you. Idiots.

  2. Meredith

    Thanks, SB, I always look forward to this post. There’s always way too much bad news during the rest of the week.

  3. Min

    I truly believe that the Southern Poverty Law Center is doing God’s work in the world.

  4. John Weiss

    SB, I used to live in North Texas. My dear and I were relaxing one afternoon a few years ago, when it suddenly sounded like a troupe of baboons on the roof with ball bats. It was hail, of course. Hail the size of oranges! Insurance paid for it, but later informed us that they no longer offered insurance for roofs. Bastards!

  5. Re NPR’s new ethics handbooks…… CNN is so frustrating… they always have the pros and cons. I know it’s giving equal time to both sides, still……. it’s annoying. By the way, people have already noticed this. I thought I was the only one.

  6. Randy said:

    ‘Not friday but George Will throws in the towel”

    Damn you for building up my hopes and then dashing them into the abyss!

    I was praying that you meant he had “quit” this mortal coil or, as a consolation prize, that he had finally realized that his bloviating piehole is of more use as in intake port than an exhaust port. But, no, bloviating continues.


    “If either is nominated, conservatives should vote for him.”

    re: Sansscrotum/Mittunswillard

    was as far as I SKIMMED his rant.

    Neither of those scumbags would get my vote if they were running against the Pol Pot/Hitler/Mao/Mithridates ticket. But if I was a hyena scavenging corpses after a plane crash and my choice was to eat one of those wretched bastard’s aemoral remains, I’d have to go with teh Mitt’s, I think his “temple” is less polluted by the sacramental lime jell-o mold than Li’l Rick’s is from all of that JESUS cracker he’s ingested.

    • Sorry for being ambiguous and causing you distress DC. I’ll try to be a little more cautious with my pronouncements.