Orwell Calling

In case you haven’t heard the latest anti-Obama “scandal” trying to make its way out of the right-wing cesspool and into the mainstream media, here it is: back when he was a state senator, Barack Obama attended a Chicago play about Saul Alinsky, and afterwards appeared on a panel discussion about the work.

This was Andrew Breitbart’s last scoop, the final devastating piece of information that was going to take down President Obama. It’s the scoop that convinced his tin-foil hat followers that Breitbart was taken out by Obama’s thugs. Because of a ’90s-era play about someone most Americans have never heard of.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha …

So let’s get this straight: the people waltzing around in George Washington wigs and knee britches hollering about how they’re “losing their freedom” and decrying “government involvement in our lives” are trying to attack the President over a play he attended back in the 1990s. So beware, future political leaders of America: be careful what plays and movies you see because “freedom” loving conservatives actually view this information as a legitimate target to attack you with. And why stop at theater? Next it will books, magazines and blogs. You read Catcher In The Rye? We know what THAT means! Only Atlas Shrugged and the Bible are acceptable reading matter!

Stop me if this all sounds a tad too hypocritical to be believed. And yet, this is what the folks blogging over at Breitbart’s ironically-named “Big Government” site are chewing over today. Oh, the utter lack of self-awareness. It’s just … sad.

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken in that touring production of “South Pacific” which played TPAC last month. And I’m sure “Lysistrata Jones” which we saw in New York last year has officially labeled me a Feminazi. If Mitt Romney gets elected in November will the fact that we saw The Book Of Mormon work for or against us?

Just trying to get a handle on the brave new world these conservatives envision for America. Oh, the unbearable hypocrisy of your modern conservative patriots!

I have to wonder if we aren’t seeing the last gasp of movement conservatism. With a second radio station dumping Rush Limbaugh today and over a dozen sponsors already saying “see ya,” it seems spewing hateful crazy crap is no longer cool. Who knew? Right wing bloggers are left picking apart such irrelevant information as what plays the future president attended? What panels he spoke on? And they say we’re the ones taking political correctness to extremes?

Okie dokie.


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18 responses to “Orwell Calling

  1. Randy

    Saw someone labeled an “Alinskyite” the other day for being a Chicago Pol. Maybe that’s kinda like post mortem baptism for ole Saul.

    BTW SB…We waxed psychic the other day about the idea that the GOP is throwing the election. Being mentally impaired I continued to ponder a possible strategic reason for such action and I think there may be a tangential connection. to your “end of movement conservatism” thought. Maybe the more “realistic” establishment conservatives would like to see the Tea Party, et al swept away permanently in a sorta watershed election so they could be back about actually trying to implement conservative ideology in a more “mainstream” fashion. (I take no risks in wearing my tin foil hat today. There’s a clear blue sky.)

    • Hmm. … well, I think the Tea Party are useful idiots to the conservative cause. I don’t know about throwing the election but it’s true that mouth-breathers like the Teanuts are essential in midterm years but a huge albatross in general election years. So yes, the party apparatchiks might have coddled their nutty fringe in 2010 but are cutting them loose now, but that’s to WIN the presidential election, not throw it.

      I really don’t see any reason to throw the election. Maybe the Republican Party is really a giant, festering elephant corpse.

  2. ThresherK

    Didn’t those LibertyHose sorts hate the FBI’s authority to look at peoples’ library and video store records?

    At least Blockluster went out of business. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Lil’ Breitbarts aren’t combing through some “records” “proving” that Obama rented “The Cradle Will Rock” while RealAmericans(TM) were watching “Red Dawn”.

  3. OK, I learned how to be a good community organizer by learning about Saul Alinsky…here at the Highlander Center in East Tn, the place where Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Miles Horton practiced and taught their program of organizing by using NON-Violence. In his first book, Alinsky talked about the fact that in order for any group to come together and fight a common enemy, they have to WANT the goal and be willing to Fight as one for it. These losers, including Gingrich did not even know why Alinsky was famous…(organizing the workers in the Stockyards of Chicago in the 30s and 40s)…I am proud to have learned about this organizer and his successes. It helped me in my work in isolated communities in the mountains of Eastern KY in the 60s.

  4. John Weiss

    SB, call ’em what they are (or perhaps wish they were): Tea baggers.

  5. DB

    I guess it was Glenn Beck who turned Saul Alinksy into the right-wing demon he is today?

    Frankly, I keep up pretty well and have since the late 60’s/early 70’s. I had never heard of the guy until he became a scourge to right-wingers. It’s kind of embarassing.

    • Frankly, I keep up pretty well and have since the late 60′s/early 70′s. I had never heard of the guy until he became a scourge to right-wingers. It’s kind of embarassing.

      Me too. Shoot, I just caught up on who Noam Chomsky is.

    • Nah, James, it was the ‘brilliant Newt’ who brought the name Saul Alinsky to the forefront…and recently.
      And last night one of the 3 stooges, I think Newt again, LIED about what the President said about high gas prices, actually lied…ALL the MSNBC commentators with one voice said…”He lied” and immediately re-played that part of the Press Conference. But the ignorant who ONLY WATCH FOX or listen to the Addict on the Radio had no clue.
      We MUST NOT allow this twisted hatred of our President to be ignored!

    • Min

      My union used to have Saul Alinsky’s name as the password to its site, which is how I became acquainted with him. I had no idea who he was, though, until I googled him.

  6. Loud applause for the best rant ever! I wish I could write that well. You just put everything I’ve been mulling around in my head about this whole political mess into one blast. Thank you. I don’t feel alone any more.

  7. I think one reason Saul got so much press from Beck, et al was because H.R. Clinton wrote a thesis on him while an undergrad.
    If your just catching up on Noam don’t forget Frances Fox Piven and David Cloward are also favorite targets of the teanuts. One of my favorite parlor games when in enemy territory is to bring up the assasination of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by the FBI and suggest they read “Power Anywhere Where There’s People” A Speech By Fred Hampton. Warning: You won’t get a Christmas Card next year.

    • H.R. Clinton wrote a thesis on him while an undergrad.

      Oh that’s right! I’d forgotten that. Yeah all the righties were just so convinced that she was gonna be the nominee and they were primed and ready with a sewer pipe’s load of sludge ready to hit the media with. And then they got … Obama. They didn’t see that coming!

      • james stone

        guess the right had forgotten that they had appropriated most of the racists into their party in the 60s.

  8. One more thing. If all you commenters haven’t already seen it I highly recommend “Capitalism Hits the Fan” by Economist Richard Wolff. Pretty sure it’s available on Youtube if not a stand alone on his website. Excellent analysis of the exploitation of workers/consumers in the U.S. from the 70’s onward culminating in the “Meltdown.” He’s got some more current lectures too. Anyway, FYI.

  9. I don’t take lightly anything that comes out of the right-wingers. Everyone thought the Swiftboat attack on John Kerry was a mere nut job and should be ignored. Look what happened.

  10. james stone

    it’s so much easier to know thine enemy if you choose not to know a damn thing about them, eh wingnuts?

  11. Randy

    Error: Misidentified RICHARD Cloward as David above.

  12. I think that is is a tragedy that Andy B. died, alone. He should have died along with his troops. What a useless festering pile of shit the reichwing has become.