Can We Invade Germany Now?

Nobody could have anticipated this:

A baby rabbit born with no ears was being filmed by a news team when the cameraman stepped on him by mistake on Wednesday. The bunny didn’t suffer, said the distraught director of the zoo in Germany who had hoped to turn the rare rabbit into a media star.


“We are all shocked. During the filming, the cameraman took a step back and trod on the bunny,” Dempewolf said. “He was immediately dead, he didn’t suffer. It was a direct hit. No one could have foreseen this. Everyone here is upset. The cameraman was distraught.”

Unless you want to see a picture of furry adorableness, do not go to the link. Oh, what the hell:

This Adorable Bunny Killed By Paparazzi

Photographers are notorious klutzes. Why was this creature not placed somewhere safe? Oh well, no fear, there are some spares.

Fucking Germans, they love to crush things under their boots. Like Poland. And Greece. And the EU.


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