Focused Like A Laser On Lady Parts


I mentioned this in comments but I think it’s worth an update: this thing is called the Life Defense Act. I mean, just … consider that for a moment, please. How does publishing the names of doctors who have performed abortions “defend life”? Except by putting a target on their back? Or, no I’m sorry, maybe those are “surveyor’s marks.” You’ve kind of tipped your hand there, Rep. Hill.

Jesus. You people just need to be hauled off to the fucking loony bin.


Remember when the Tennessee Republicans promised to be “focused like a laser” on jobs? Ha ha ha ha ha:

TN bill mandates publication of abortion data

Doctors who perform abortions in Tennessee could see their names listed online, and women who undergo the procedures could be unintentionally identified under a bill pending in the state legislature.


The Life Defense Act contains two parts. The first would require doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital near where they perform abortions, while the second would require the Department of Health to release more information on abortions, including the name of the doctor who performed the procedure and demographics about the women who receive them.

The measure’s sponsor, Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, said at an initial hearing on the bill earlier this month that the reporting requirement writes into law a form that the Department of Health already asks providers to fill out whenever they perform an abortion.

“The Department of Health already collects all of the data, but they don’t publish it,” he said. “All we’re asking is that the data they already collect be made public.”

Let’s see. Well, considering how abortion providers are hunted down like stray dogs by the loons in the fetus-fetish cult, I’m going to call this a supremely bad — even dangerous — idea. And considering publishing people’s private medical records is a violation of federal law, it’s probably also unconstitutional. But we all know what this is: just another blatant intimidation tactic by Republican men whose only purpose in life seems to be denying women access to a 100% legal procedure. So, fuck you Rep. Matthew Hill.

Seems like only yesterday we were debating whether the public should have access to lists of gun-carry permit holders. Ever since the Memphis Commercial Appeal published a list of Tennessee’s concealed carry permit holders, the gun loons have been quivering in their britches that someone might wanna steal their guns (this is a perpetual fear among gun loons for some inexplicable reason. Isn’t that why you people have guns in the first place? To protect your stuff?). I can’t remember if House Bill 53 made it all the way through the sausage grinder and became law — I think it ultimately died — but I do remember this being a huge debate in this state, regardless of the outcome. One key part of that law was to make it a crime for a newspaper to do what the Commerical Appeal did. Because … Freedom!

So that’s just so typical: Tennessee Republicans so up in arms about the public knowing who has a gun permit (and yes, there were some convicted felons on that list and people who legally should not have had guns. Woopsies!) But they want to publish the names of abortion providers for some inexplicable reason, when Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in his own church. That is a very real thing that happened, whereas people harassing gun permit holders is some fantasy the perpetually aggrieved conservative right manufactured.

You know, every day it’s some new thing, some new wingnutty indignity that Republicans are throwing at women — at all of us. Some new way of saying, “Hey we think you’re too stupid to know …” (fill in the blank: what a fetus is, what being pregnant means, what happens when you get an abortion, how babies are made, etc. etc. etc.). Some way of saying, “I’m gonna drag this state back to the 19th century if it’s the last thing I do.”

This BS is getting really, really fucking OLD. Every day some new awful thing, I mean, I can’t even muster the outrage any more. It’s just: yeah, Tennesssee Republicans are assholes. Every one of them, even the ones who are supposed to be nice, they just follow along in lockstep behind the chief hater in charge.

Really, what is the deal with these white, middle-aged men in the legislature? You guys just got vaginas on the brain or something? Is that all you people can do is sit around and dream up ways to harass women?

Speaking of harassing women, yesterday Tennessee Republican State Rep. David Hawk was jailed for domestic abuse. I’m not going to say that Rep. Hawk (allegedly!) beat his wife because he’s a Republican but it does seem like Tennessee Republicans are focused like a laser on harassing women, so there’s a certain symmetry to this news. If you spend your days dreaming up ways to hassle women, no one is gonna be shocked that you’re doing it in your private life, too. Just like no one was shocked that Curry Todd was busted stinking drunk with a loaded gun in his car: if you spend your days dreaming up ways drunks in bars can get guns, of course you’re going to be doing that thing in your private life too.

I guess none of us should be surprised. Republicans’ guiding ideology is that government can’t do anything like create jobs, so naturally when a Republican gets political power jobs are the absolute last thing they’re going to focus on. Somehow those things take care of themselves, free market fairy dust and all that. No, the only reason Republicans have for attaining political power is to try to roll back the left’s cultural advances. This is fighting a losing battle because some bells just won’t be unrung, but they’re going to try anyway.

The only question is, how much longer are people going to keep sending the same people into elected office, expecting different results?


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17 responses to “Focused Like A Laser On Lady Parts

  1. Randy

    +1. Let’s just mandate they wear a target on their back.

    For the record Dr. Tiller was not only shot in the face while handing out church bulletins but he had survived a previous shooting and worked in a fortress like facility to provide A LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.

    “In the U.S., violence directed towards abortion providers has killed at least eight people, including four doctors, two clinic employees, a security guard, and a clinic escort.
    According to statistics gathered by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), an organization of abortion providers, since 1977 in the United States and Canada, there have been 17 attempted murders, 383 death threats, 153 incidents of assault or battery, and 3 kidnappings committed against abortion providers.”
    Anti-abortion violence

    • Thanks for that link. I’ve seen videos of airport-type scanners at abortion clinics. Only in America do you need to be checked in this manner to enter a health clinic.

  2. ThresherK

    How soon before they start going door-to-door and phone pole to phone pole with flyers of pictures of women who’ve had abortions?

    Remember, ladies: If you’re on that list in error, you can always go on TV and to the newspaper and set the record straight!

  3. I know, SB, I am getting fed up with these goons wanting to crawl into our bodies, take pictures, what to see our port videos, help threaten to murder our doctors who are compassionate and want to provide us LEGAL medical services.
    BUT we cannot stop asking WHY, in PUBLIC forums, WHY they have turned against the very GENDER that gave them their sorry lives in the first place. And yes, we should compare the ‘secret gun ownership problem in this ‘well armed militia’ State to wanting to keep OUR medical records safe AND private…a definite VIOLATION of FEDERAL Law, the HIPAA law being one. Why don’t we propose a bill that any ‘gun owner’, gun buyer, gun trader (out the back of his pick up truck or gun seller at all these gun shows) have to prove he is SANE, normal, does not want to kill our wound his ex-wife, won’t leave his loaded ‘pieces’ where his children can shoot each other, and keep a log of every box of ammo he buys in a friggin’ week. These morons are endangering every life they touch with this lunacy of “I can see your body, but you better not touch my gun” NITWITS. Just sayin!

  4. Can y’all even wrap your heads around the idea of calling this thing the “Life Defense Act”? I mean, seriously? What the hell? Defend life by killing doctors?

  5. I don’t even want to think about this, but , if they went ahead and published the names of the doctors , and some lunatic murdered the doctors, would this official be responsible for the murder. I think there’s some law about this. I’m sure that’s the reason why he wants this published. …. to eliminate the doctors by getting them killed.

  6. Doctors who perform abortions in Tennessee could see their names listed online, and women who undergo the procedures could be unintentionally identified under a bill pending in the state legislature.

    Uhhh . . . HIPPA?!?!


  7. I think Stacy’s obsession is with gays. Pretty exclusively.

    • Dear flying…yes, it has always been the ‘imperative for every young male to get laid. And this has always been, for the last 65 years, where Planned Parenthood served such a vital service to young teens AND their parents…teach the FACTS of human sexuality, not only how to have safe sex, but to protect women…and girls from getting pregnant AND what they can do to protect themselves from RAPE. These old creeps are jealous of youth, have to take many pills to still be ‘virile’, and do not to be responsible, nor do they want their sons to be responsible for the results of careless sex and the disrespect for women…and girls. It is these same old dogs who are teaching NO MORALS, no human values, no respect for women. And Gingrich…an egomaniac. Rush is just a right wing windbag who had to smuggle his Viagra into the country on another man’s prescription. But the more hatred of women…and their doctors, will be the price these cowards will pay on Election Day. And Campfield? He has proposed bills against women and their right to privacy also…He has his own SEXUAL problems, believe me!

  8. Randy

    It will get worse before it gets better. Portraying liberals as godless baby killers is the one of the only hopes they have of derailing Obama’s reelection. I am continually devising and discarding strategies to keep from just going batshit crazy trying to make sense of this behavior. One that occured to me a moment ago was to remind myself that these are the people that would put a person one heartbeat from the Presidency who conducted exorcisms of witches. I read a great line over the weekend and regret I don’t have the attribution but it went like this- “These people are not Christians. These are people that tell a story of a far off land with strange laws.”

  9. So as far as gays and unwanted pregnancies, there actually is a connection. Maybe it explains why teh gays are considered unbridalled libertines. Of course, I’m talking about the old double-standard. Newt Gingrich can probably still get it up at his advanced aged. Practice makes perfect. Perversion prolongs potency. Rush, not so much. Both men are basically slaves to their own dicks. (h/t Sub-humans, early 1980s.) Why are the women sluts? Why should the boy pay for the abortion instead of a healthcare provider? Because, if you haven’t hosed a girl, at the very latest, by the age of twenty-five, you are a fag. A fag or a pervert. Never mind what the old, married republicans say. The number one imperative for each and every young male, conservative or otherwise, is to get laid. For each American hero who seduces his female counterpart into submission, there is an equal and opposite female who has also consented to sex. The boy is a hero. The girl is a slut. We’re back in the 17th century folks.

  10. Ariando

    When will there be a public list of deadbeat dads and serial impregnators? Women should be able to check out the irresponsible scofflaws before meeting them in well lit, and well trafficked public places. It’s time to shame the men who brag about multiple baby mamas – their nerds need to be removed (with prejudice). {Strong feelings here}

    • Hey, I have better, much more humiliating ideas of how to disrespect these fools. Add an amendment that in order to pass this piece of crap, any male who wrote it, or supports it or votes for it MUST AGREE to a physical exam, a mental health exam to find out why they hate women. Any one who suffers from ED or takes any of those swell drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra MUST sign a statement that all THIS information be published in all major papers and in all county information sites. This hatred does NOT protect ANY LIVES. THEY should apologize to their mothers publicly, who, I am sure, are totally embarrassed to have given birth to them.