Bristol Palin Needs Attention

The Little Shop Of Political Horrors that is the Palin family is demanding a regular feeding. This time it’s Bristol Palin who has opened her mouth to allow some stupid to fall out. Bristol would like to know where her apology from President Obama is, you know, like the one Sandra Fluke got. Cuz, y’know, people were mean to Bristol Palin so, everybody gets a presidential apology when that happens, right?

What is it with these perpetually aggrieved Palins? Okay, look honey: when you give testimony before members of the House of Representatives over a piece of national health policy and you get called a slut and whore as a result, then maybe you’ll get your apology. So far, all you’ve done is showcase your surgically altered features on Dancing With The Stars and get knocked up after too many wine coolers when you were in high school.

The fact that she fails to understand this gigantic distinction is yet more proof that the Grifters Of Wasilla are woefully clueless about the difference between public policy and public relations, celebrity and citizenship.

Bristol, honey, just STFU.


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9 responses to “Bristol Palin Needs Attention

  1. Tell you what, Mini-ME TOOOOOO!, you get shot by some jackass for carrying Skittles and iced tea in the rain while wearing a hoodie, I’m sure he’ll say something.*

    *Not intended to be a factual offer.

  2. R. Manhammer

    Seriously, are the Palins not aware that they are over?

  3. Randy

    You’re just jealous because you didn’t get picked for DWTS. BTW…has there ever been a greater waste of good alcohol than a wine cooler?

  4. ThresherK

    I’m glad nobody’s made a joke about asking for a sex tape (a la Limbaugh from Fluke) because there’s a chance the Palins may take that literally.

  5. OH, y’all, to me this brings back such memories…working for our President in our OFA office in 2008…when the hundreds of retired professional women would rush in to buy every yard sign, every bumper sticker and declare…”there is no way that I, we, will allow that twit to get anywhere close to the White House and that red phone”. And then she would drag her poor kids out so the public could see what she would stoop to…use and politically push her children out to try and convince us she was a ‘mother’.

  6. The Palin’s are what happens when the Snopeses move north to Alaska.

    Rugged self-reliance in Wassilla? Not so much (

    • “I’ll give the federal government credit: they sure give us a ton of money. For every $1 we give them in taxes for highways, they give us back $5.76.”

      Shorter: “Ha ha ha SUCKAZ!”

      What assholes.