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Yesterday morning in the middle of writing that Bristol Palin post our phones went dead. Just *bip* and everything goes kaput. Since our internet is via DSL, internet of course went down as well. So I call AT&T and get an automated response thingie and am informed that they’ll get around to fixing our phones sometime in the next three days, which because it’s Friday tells me they’re too cheap-assed to pay the overtime so a service person can come in over the weekend.

And it’s Friday which means the local library is closed so I can’t use their WiFi because TAXES OPPRESS FREEDUMB Y’ALL!

And now I’m getting alerts from AT&T telling me I’ve used 65% of my cell phone data plan. No shit, Sherlocks! My home broadband is kaput because you haven’t got off your asses to fix the phone yet!


I do not know why I pay these assholes at the phone company $50 a month. People, we went through this nine months ago. Another win for private enterprise! Yay! /sarcasm.

Anyway, all of this is to explain why comment moderation has been slow and I’m late on the Good News roundup. But enough of my griping (did I mention we need a new roof after the hail storm two weeks ago? And the dog needs knee surgery? Thank God we don’t have children or they’d probably need braces and therapy.)

Without further ado:

• Pre-existing conditions as a means of denying insurance coverage are officially history.

• Sanford, FL Police Chief Bill Lee has stepped aside “temporarily” in the wake of national outrage over the killing of Trayvon Martin. Lee had been on the job just 10 months; Sanford’s last police chief was ousted amid public outrage over his failure to arrest a Sanford police officer’s son who attacked a homeless man.

In a related story, the two Sanford City Commissioners who voted in support of Lee in a vote of no confidence will face a recall, activists say.

• You sure wouldn’t know it from listening to Republican presidential candidates but the goal of energy independence, which has defied American presidents going back to Nixon, is finally becoming reality under President Obama.

• The Little Rock, Arkanas, airport is being named for Bill & Hillary Clinton.

• After six years, Dem. Rep. Louise Slaughter has finally seen her bill banning insider trading by members of Congress become law. The STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act was finally passed by the Senate yesterday. President Obama has said he will sign it.

• Pro-Life Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas defended Planned Parenthood and the services it provides to low-income women in an interview on Thursday. Looks like the GOPs War On Women isn’t working as they had hoped.

• A physicist has invented a fabric which transmits electricity from body heat, i.e. the heat from your hand can keep your cell phone charged. Even better: the guy’s daughter suggested it!

• A San Diego judge has denied James O’Keefe’s attempt to weasel out of full discovery in a lawsuit former ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera has filed against the conservative activist. O’Keefe has been ordered to release unedited recordings of his August 2009 visit with Vera, which media outlets were sent the videos, and if the deceased Andrew Breitbart paid for them.

And in related news, grab the popcorn: the mini-Breitbarts are eating their own.

• A new species of scorpion has been discovered in California’s Death Valley.

• Arizona’s horrid minimum wage bill has been withdrawn. The ballot measure would have ended the state’s current policy of indexing the minimum wage to inflation.

• A Republican attempt to block reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act appears to be headed down in flames.

• Scientists have found the cure for baldness.

• FedEx has agreed to pay $3 million to settle discrimination claims involving 21,635 job seekers in 15 states. The U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs said it found evidence of “discrimination in hiring on the basis of sex, race and national origin.” FedEx has also agreed to correct discriminatory hiring practices.

• New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has voted down an attempt to roll back the state’s recent marriage equality legislation.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday Saturday

  1. What an awesome lineup! I’m impressed at your handling of adversity. I must admit that when I read about the electricity from fabric one, my first thought was “Imagine the possibilities of corduroy!”

  2. So sorry, SB about all your phone/net problems…you have found some great good news this week. If only our loons in the TN Legislature could look around at other right wing, hate-filled State governments, those who have backed down from total and illegal RULE over women! Apparently we have NO females in our Nashville band of ignorant males who write more ‘bills’ to punish us because WE are women!
    But with Stacey, Ketron, Dunn, etc, leading the pack of yapping dogs, I have no hope.

  3. “And in related news, grab the popcorn: the mini-Breitbarts are eating their own.

    • A new species of scorpion has been discovered in California’s Death Valley.”

    Reading that quickly, I thought, at first, that the two were related{;>)

    Fuck O’kreep; let’s home he gets torched by his ex-colleague.