Stacy Campfield: Lazy Liar

Ah the perennial question: is Stacy Campfield stupid, or lying? Here’s his take on the Trayvon Martin case:

I am sorry but people wearing pulled up hoodies do apear ominous and I don’t care what color the person is. If I saw a person in A pulled up hoodie (expecially in the summer in Florida) I would fear the person was trying to concele their identity for some nefarious reason. Seldom a good thing.

Spelling errors are all his, BTW. So we can mark a check in the “stupid” column. But then, we have a glaring factual error to consider: Trayvon Martin was shot on February 26. That is not summer, it’s winter. Also, it was raining. If Stacy Campfield is going to be afraid of people — regardless of their color! — wearing hoodies in the winter in the rain, then he’s gonna need an extra-large box of Depends. And please, let’s take away his firearms because anyone so easily scared is a danger to the rest of us who are just trying to keep our damn heads dry.

Of course, we’re often forced to choose between stupid or lying where people like Stacy Campfield are concerned. And let’s not overlook the third choice: lazy. That he would so easily write that bit about people wearing hoodies in the Florida summer is puzzling. Why would he even do that? Has he so deeply internalized the “Trayvon deserved to die because black people are scary” meme that he’s subconsciously changed the facts of the case? I’m thinking yes, that’s exactly what happened. Usually when doing ideological gymnastics to defend the indefensible, there’s an attempt to at least be somewhat factual. Campfield made no such effort. He just went there: people wearing hoodies in the summer are suspicious and scary and if you get shot and killed, well, that’s sad but understandable.

It wasn’t summer. It was winter. And it was raining. And anyone wearing a hoodie in the rain in winter — regardless of what color the person is — shouldn’t have to worry that Stacy Campfield is gonna crap his pants and pull out a gun.

Little slips like this are very revealing. This tells us that Campfield doesn’t believe people in hoodies are threatening. He’s just reflexively bought the Fox News spin, without even bothering to consider the facts. He’s too lazy to put in the effort for that: if Hannity says it, it must be right! That’s the worst sort of laziness. It’s a rigid adherence to a Fox News worldview and facts be damned.

I can’t believe this man is in the state senate. This is the absolute wrong person to be anywhere near the reins of power.


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8 responses to “Stacy Campfield: Lazy Liar

  1. People ‘of any color’ wearing hoodies in the rain scare Campfield? I’m sorry but idiot politicians wearing full face masks on game day at Neyland Stadium scare the crap outta me.

  2. I can’t believe this.

    This kind of attitude is starting to scare me. I’m a minority, brown, and even if I’m female, I can be shot wearing a hoodie on a rainy night.

  3. SB, this one is definitely a winner…BUT the funniest story about Campey this week was the fact that the Committee of the GNC that selects their Delegates has rejected Stacey being a Newt Delegate, especially that he switched from the Newt to the Sanctimonious BEFORE their TN Primary! He ‘says’ it’s ok, that he will get to go anyway, as a delegate…but it’s pretty sad when your own Party is so friggin’ tired of his lies, antics, arrogance that they do NOT want him there! But his lies have moved from just more ‘bull’ to really being dangerous…his versions of how people do or do not get AIDS, his push for his warped catholic version of no birth control, hatred of doctors/women and LEGAL abortion advice/procedures…just sick, more than just juvenile lies and ignorance. I am so embarassed he is from our neck of the woods.

  4. rnashrock

    you are so right on target, ms beale!!
    very, very well said…..

  5. james stone

    wait! are you telling me that florida is not south of the equator?
    /wingtard map

  6. Min

    He’s a moron. Worse, he’s a moron on the Senate Education Committee. I weep for the children of Tennessee.

  7. vibinc

    How will poor Stacy be able to even make it through the GOP convention?

    Surely kissing the ring of all those hooded Sith Lords will put him into some kind of a tizzy!