Women Are Not An Interest Group

… we are half of this country and yes, we are perfectly capable of making our own healthcare decisions. Thank you, President Obama.


Last night a homemade bomb was detonated at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, WI. Nope, no war on women here.


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8 responses to “Women Are Not An Interest Group

  1. YES, Ma’am! And the ONLY place other than here that this was shown was on Rachel Maddow’s show on Friday…and we do know why, don’t we, girls??
    Another article on FB claims that in some states the vote is “shifting” to the President because of women!
    We need to keep it up, and we need to prove who is really STUPID about women being able to make our own decisions, medical and otherwise!

  2. Who in YHWH’s NAME (we can’t actually, like, pronounce HIS NAME or hellfire will rain down ‘pon our hoods–oh, wait, we’re NOT teh jews, it’s okay to say, “GOD”, GODDAMNIT!) died and made that Kenyacommislamuifascist lizardian in charge. GODDAMNED activist presidents!!

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  4. Min

    He’s a keeper.

  5. heaven help us if Mitt Romney wins ( and Paul Ryan as VP )…. This won’t be a country worth dying for, anymore. … where dog eat dog, and only the fittest survives. These two will change the country .

    • ….dog eat dog, and only the fittest survives….

      Don’t you find it ironic that none of these people claims they believe in evolution, too?!

      • It is ironic, and also, I believe if Jesus were alive today, he wouldn’t vote for them, either. And I’m sure, if it was Jesus running for office, he would be kicked out and accused as a Socialist. ~o^

      • Well, Jesus was executed by the powerful 2,000 years ago for being a revolutionary and troublemaker whose message empowered the poor. Really don’t see that much has changed in the ensuing centuries, do you?