So Glad We Voted For The “Reasonable” Republican

Look what happens when you vote Republican, Tennessee:

Statement from Gov. Bill Haslam; April 10, 2012:

Governor: Legislation to Become Law Without My Signature

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today issued the following statement on HB 368/SB 893:

“I have reviewed the final language of HB 368/SB 893 and assessed the legislation’s impact. I have also evaluated the concerns that have been raised by the bill. I do not believe that this legislation changes the scientific standards that are taught in our schools or the curriculum that is used by our teachers. However, I also don’t believe that it accomplishes anything that isn’t already acceptable in our schools.

“The bill received strong bipartisan support, passing the House and Senate by a three-to-one margin, but good legislation should bring clarity and not confusion. My concern is that this bill has not met this objective. For that reason, I will not sign the bill but will allow it to become law without my signature.”

Got that, Tennessee? You didn’t vote for the crazy Ron Ramsey or the crazier, twitchy Zach Wamp. Nope, you voted for the “grown-up.” The non-crazy Republican. The Reasonable One. And guess what you got! You got the same crazy-assed, half-baked crap as if they’d thawed one of those cavemen they’re always finding up in the tundra and stuck him in the governor’s chair. I ask you: what is the difference? Gov. Haslam has a big sad over the crazy stuff the legislature is doing but who cares when it’s still the law!

Way to go! Now we’re going to be churning out a bunch of idiot kids who think Adam and Eve dined on Bronto Burgers and took their pet dinosaur for a stroll through the primordial forest. But what the world needs are not religious nuts, it needs scientists and engineers. Good going, Governor Goofball. So you didn’t sign the bill, what, you lost your veto pen?

I have friends who are leaving this state. Friends with kids. People who do not think this is a good place to raise their children. It’s really hard to argue with them when the governor doesn’t have the balls to tell the extremists in his own party to cut the crap. And if I can’t convince my friends that this is a place you want to live, how are we going to convince major employers to set up shop here?

Nope, Governor Goofball blames the media. How dare they write about the strange things happening in the legislature!


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17 responses to “So Glad We Voted For The “Reasonable” Republican

  1. Mike G

    Congratulations Tennessee, cementing your image as a quasi-Third World source of superstitious, dumbass cheap labor to be avoided by anyone who doesn’t want their kids to grow up proudly ignorant.

    Did the bill specify *which* creation story? I’m sure the redneck population will be so protective of the teaching of Hindu reincarnation, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster story where He created the universe “after drinking heavily.”

    • Yes we’re so proud. As for “which” Creation story, no. I think it’s that “Intelligent Design” crap … you know, “the hand of the Creator” stuff. Oh but also you’re allowed to teach that climate change is “disputed.”

  2. As a “crazy” conservative, I did vote for Ramsey in the primary, only because my buddy, Joe Kirkpatrick, withdrewq before I could cast a vote. I voted 3rd party in the general election because Haslam is a liberal – and this is the proof. He won’t sign this bill into law because it conflicts with his beliefs, but he won’t veto it, because he knows he won’t stand a chance of re-election with such an openly liberal stance.

    • Teaching crackpot “science” like climate change denialism and Intelligent Design is liberal? Okie dokie. And pass me what you’re smoking.

      Honestly I have no patience for people who are so fucking brain dead that anything they don’t like is “liberal.” Read a goddamn newspaper that’s not WorldNet Daily for once.

      • Show me some proof that climate change is man-made, and I’ll review and reconsider. However, on the factual side of the coin, there was a report out just yesterday that the GWPF states there has been no global warming for at least the past 15 years.

        PS – nice try, but I do not read World Net Daily. Thanks for the advice though, should probably start.

      • Umm, that is just hilarious. The Global Warming Policy Foundation is a UK climate denialist’s group that opposes any action on climate change. SHOCKED that they are claiming no global warming in 15 years! However did they come to that conclusion! Especially since Nigel Lawson gets his money from British coal companies and their “scientists” have ties to Exxon. Oh yeah, and other scientists claimed the the GWPC misrepresented their work and have asked that the organization stop using their names. You’ve been DUPED. It’s a PR campaign paid for by Big Oil eager to get their hands on all that energy trapped beneath the permafrost. If only a little more of it would melt … bonanza! IDIOTS!

        People who aren’t scientists shouldn’t attempt to do science or pretend to understand extremely complicated scientific information. Sorry if that sounds elitist but really the average person’s capacity to understand really complicated stuff is hampering our policy making because they are so willingly being led to incorrect conclusions by those with a political and economic agenda.

        Please. I don’t have time for your bullshit but if you’re really interested, try reading some of this stuff. Follow the links.

        There is no question, none, that climate change is real and it’s man-made. The debate among educated, intelligent people is over. The only question is exactly how it’s happening. Also, news flash: it’s already too late. We can’t stop it, we can just try to mitigate its effects.

      • Craig M

        You nailed it, with stunning accuracy! First, the conservatives worked their usual word mojo as hard as they could to redefine the word ‘liberal’ to something equivalent to an expletive or racial slur, and succeeding in that they now use the term to describe anything that varies from their exceedingly narrow worldview. If there is anything that defines the current conservative Republican movement, it is the constant distortion and misrepresentation of not just the facts, but our very language itself in order to further their agenda. It’s astonishingly ironic that these same people used to describe those that disagreed with them as radicals – when one can only describe both their message and their methods as precisely that – radical. I used to approach politics with an “agree to disagree” mentality, but I find myself so repulsed by the current conservative movement that I can no longer view things so naively.

  3. themadkansan

    …where are they moving? beginning to think about joining them…

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  5. jimvoorhies

    NPR had a program last night that talked about the parallels between the Scopes trial and this legislation. Amazing and unbelievable.

  6. Randy

    Thought this was an interesting comment over at Huffpo on this topic:


    “You know, there are strong parallels between the agrarian type of thinking that prevailed in this region prior to the Civil War, leading to the disparity between the North and South industrially and economically.

    Once we pass from this CoId Civil War to actual shooting, the same thing is going to happen all over again. The more forward looking, technologically advanced North will prevail again.”

    BTW SB… I have it on good authority that your Leaf came in to being over in Smyrna when some Nissan Scientists were changing lead into gold.

  7. Bernard

    not so strange to see such Republican tripe blasted as “Liberal”. like Bush isn’t and never was a “Republican” or Conservative. lol.

    here in Louisiana we have the same idiocy pushed by our “Indian” Republican Fascists. Creationism by a Gov with a Microbiologist degree!!! Our Constitution even allows discrimination in magnet schools. unless the La state laws forbids “It”, you can keep those “Kinds” of kids out of the “good” moneyed schools. dump them all on the Public broke schools. My senator AG Crowe pushed through this bill to keep gays and less “fit” out of the “good” schools.
    the South is the same. Fear and Ignorance riding high and stealing our money so the Rich can make a fortune off of the Public’s money.

    well done Republicans, Fascism is alright as long the Republicans do it. i lived in Tennessee for 4 plus years, i loved the people, but the ignorance is the same as those down here in Louisiana, Don’t think you’re all alone.

  8. Min

    He’s a doorstop.