Good News Friday

Aagh it’s Friday the 13th! We need an extra helping of good news today, methinks, but I’ve been busy with other stuff this week. Sorry.

• Everyone was about to crap their pants over North Korea’s missile test this morning, but the rocket fizzled like a wet Roman candle.

• Iowa Republican State Senator Mark Chelgren was forced to withdraw his budget bill amendment that would have required moms receiving child support to submit to drug tests every six months after Democratic senators openly laughed at him before calling the idea “anti-woman” and a tool for “vindictive spouses.”

• George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Finally.

• Mayor of Newark, N.J. Cory Booker was hospitalized for smoke inhalation after rescuing a woman from a house fire. The good news part of this story being, the mayor pulled a woman out of a burning house! Holy cow! The woman is in stable condition.

• Missouri’s Rep. Mike Colonna has resigned from ALEC, citing the corporate group’s “extremist agenda” and noting,

If ALEC is too extreme for Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Kraft, Wendy’s, Intuit and the Gates Foundation, it’s too extreme for me and the people of Missouri.

• Connecticut becomes the 17th state to repeal the death penatly.

• Science solves a conundrum from history: why some Civil War soldiers glowed in the dark. I don’t know if this qualifies as “good news” but it sure is interesting.

• Beer makes men smarter. No word on what it does for women, besides make us fat.

• Right before selling his company, the CEO of tech company OMGPOP hired back the workers he previously was forced to lay off so they could share in the financial benefits.

• Russia has announced plans for a 650,000-acre national park that includes breeding ground for the rare Amur leopard, giving the big cats some species-saving protection.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville’s new Cumberland Park opens on the downtown Riverfront this weekend. It’s phase one of our riverfront’s redevelopment.

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  1. This is one good selection for Friday the 13th, SB…Loved the tidbit about wanting to drug test new mothers…these fools around the country are tightening the nooses around their own hate filled necks!
    Our boys in Nashville came up with a new one against women this week, but it was so ludicrous, I forgot it!
    The one about Civil War soldiers glowing in the dark would be totally understandable if this was today and if they had been anywhere the Clinch or Emory Rivers in Roane County…which is right down stream from the leaking mercury from Oak Ridge, or the residue left from the TVA ash spill!
    And I want to know…about that ‘beer makes ‘men’ smarter…WHICH men and HOW MANY beers???!!
    love it, SB….real chuckles for the weekend!