Mitt Romney: Fortunate Son

The memory hole has coughed up another Mitt Romney embarassment, this one the ultimate flippy-floppy. Not sure how I missed it when it first surfaced in January but for what it’s worth: in 1966 Mitt Romney was one of 150 conservative students at Stanford University picketing in favor of the Vietnam War draft.

He’s the guy on the far right holding the “Speak Out, Don’t Sit In” sign:

Pro-War, Pro-Draft

Well, I’m sure since young Mitt was such a supporter of the Vietnam War that took so many of his peers he didn’t skirt his patriotic duty, right? Since he’s out there holding a sign and everything supporting the draft? Aw, be serious:

[Romney], meanwhile, never served in south-east Asia because his status as a Mormon missionary exempted him from the draft.

The GOP hopeful spent just one year at Stanford before heading to France for 30 months of missionary work.

He had already met his future wife Ann in 1965 when he was 18 and she was 15. The couple married in 1969 and have five sons and 16 grandchildren.

Isn’t that special. Mitt Romney was happy to join a student counter-protest supporting the Vietnam War and the drafting of his fellow students, but he “served” in France trying to win converts to the Mormon church. Just another Republican chickenhawk, pushing for the little people to get drafted into a war that he refused to join himself.


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8 responses to “Mitt Romney: Fortunate Son

  1. That’s funny, isn’t it? Well, Bill Clinton avoided the draft too, but at least he was anti-Vietnam war.

    • It’s totally consistent for Clinton to have avoided the draft because he objected to the war. Plenty of people did back then. What I find so repulsive are these war hawks who always seem to think wars are for other people to fight.

  2. Flying Junior

    Fortunate? That includes very much more than just being rich. I would rather be my father’s son and have grown up in La Jolla.

    Mitt Romney, aka Butt Chimney, is the biggest lying sack of shit I have ever encountered. I hate him for lying to stupid people about Obama. If Obama is re-elected, that will prove a lot of 20th century christian theology as well as there is a God.

    I hate that lying crapola twenty million times worse than I ever hated GWB or his Nazi mentor Cheney. If he wins, all bets are off. I’m not talking some stupid cliche that young people don’t understand.

    You can’t have an evil person like that in charge of the United States.

    Did I say that I hate Mitt Romney? Well I don’t.

    So, when he was in town, I rode my bike down Dunemere Street. Some totally mellow lady was sitting in a Jeep guarding the two signs that said road closed to all except friends and deliveries. I rode back last Friday. It was deserted. Fairly low-key. I still got the fuck out of there fast. Where I used to smoke weed in my Fairlane 500 right before going to the beach. It’s one-way downhill. Sea Lane is one-way back up from the beach. You used to be able to ride your car half-way down to the beach at Sea Lane and park right on the sand. Sea Lane and Marine Street. Both the best womping spots anywhere in the world since the landslide at Black’s Beach. Mitt’s house is a beautiful Spanish Colonial that I have walked past at least two hundred times. It is situated between Windansea and the La Jolla Cove. That exclusivist loser will never gain the variance to build his eight-thousand square foot, three-story, (just under La Jolla and San Diego’s thirty-foot coastal limit) monstrosity complete with asshole super-basement and elevator car garage. Ever. Some idiot in La Jolla will vote for that piece of toilet paper. But the town will prevent him from building and, incidentally, tearing down and destroying beach access, not to mention visual pollution for two to three years with big cranes and bulldozers, or I am not the Mighty Flying Junior.


  3. I love the truth in all these comments, and I totally agree with Hillary Rosen. The sub-title of this piece should be: (and Fortunate Wife and Fortunate Children…like when asked why none of his sons volunteered for military service…”they chose not to serve”. Compare Ann Romney’s life with mine. She did have children in the ’60s like me BUT she had THE MONEY to pay for “help”, the best medical care as well as VERY wealthly in-laws. I was a Navy wife back in the day, having 3 children while their father served in the Navy as he enlisted for the purpose of gaining medical training. The pay scale back then, for active duty was poverty-pay. In fact, had our family not had access to great, free medical care AND PX access, we would most likely have qualified for ‘welfare’. I did try to work ‘outside the home’, but with only a high school education, what little I earned barely paid a babysitter. Ann Romney is being so arrogant about her ‘stay at home’ status that she is actually turning more women voters off!

  4. Min

    This is embarassing for Romney, but what really pisses me off is how he goes on the campaign trail, declaring to one and all that he is going to repeal this bill and end this tax credit and the like. I realize that it’s just campaign talk, but I keep waiting for someone in the crowd to say, “You do realize that the president doesn’t have the power to pass or repeal laws, don’t you?”

  5. Randy

    Bet he eats foie gras too. “Sacré Bleu!”

  6. Mitt,it rhymes with shit, which is what he is.

    Mittunslither may be more appropriate than Mittunswillard, goin’ forward.

    I’d love to see the plans for Mittmansion to see how big the wine cellar is.