Good News Friday

Updated, 4/28/12 ……

• Over the objection of broadcasters, the FCC approved a new rule regarding political advertising that will require television broadcasters to make campaign ad data available online.

• FEC disclosure loophole allowing groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity to shield their donors closes.

• Two Blue Dog Democrats who opposed the healthcare reform law got the boot.

• Burger King announced that all of its pork and egg products will be cage-free by 2017.

• Some 2,000 activist shareholders descended on Wells Fargo’s annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco to protest the bank’s foreclosure practices, high CEO salary, and other policies.

• Our illustrious media is starting to notice that austerity has failed in Europe. Wonder if they’ll notice it will fail here, too?

• Government has filed the first criminal charges related to the BP oil spill. BP engineer Kurt Mix has been charged with destroying evidence after allegedly deleting text messages concerning how much oil was leaking into the Gulf.

• A ban on the death penalty has made California’s November ballot.

• Procter & Gamble is the latest company to resign from ALEC. In case you missed it, Sunday’s New York Times carried a cover story on ALEC, which I think will really be devastating.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Student who dressed as Jesus for school’s “come as your favorite fictional character day” is awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

• Although the bill is expected to face big hurdles in the House, the Violence Against Women Act passed the Senate … with the the “yea” votes of Tennessee’s Republican Senators Alexander and Corker. So, at least there’s that.

• My beloved Nashville Predators have not only moved on to the semifinals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but our team captain, Shea Weber, has joined the fight against homophobia in sports. He’s filmed a PSA supporting You Can Play.

• Newly-retired UT-Knoxville women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

• The one megawatt solar array at the Memphis Agricenter was officially dedicated earlier this month. It’s kind of old news but I thought this video showing the construction was cool:


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16 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. A couple of months ago I was in a pissing contest with some industry shill over at Free Thought Blogs. He was doing the “Wind, solar and geothermal aren’t cost competitive tango” and I was looking for some “sunk cost” information on alternative power. I called the company in Maine because I knew the owner (he was a customer at my employer’s business back in the 70’s) and he had done several large scale projects that I knew about.

    His company is currently building (if the information I got is accurate) a 5 Mw PV unit to serve as a municipal power plant in a small town in Vermont. This is the company link.

  2. Europe doesn’t have any choice though. You’d be crazy to by any of their bonds. Even if they wanted to do a big New Deal spending spree where would they get the money?

  3. Maybe they don’t care if the EU falls.

  4. The point was though it’s not really that they are “trying” austerity. it’s being forced on them by circumstances mainly.

  5. Why would they run out of money? Because they don’t live in the garden of Eden.

    • This is the stupidest conversation ever. Let’s just ramble on about some idiotic hypothetical why don’t we. Reality is, the sharp austerity measures failed. For an alternative, look at Iceland, which also suffered during the banking crisis along with Greece and Spain. They took an alternate approach and has largely recovered. They let their banks go under, instituted progressive taxation and yes, did some strategic budget cutting — but not the wholesale granny-starving that Paul Ryan types are advocating here, and which have set off mass suicides in Greece.

  6. Great article.

    “Iceland also did what other parts of Europe haven’t dared to do – let its banks go under. It took some of the cost itself but forced foreign creditors to take the biggest hit.”

    that’s the key, not cuts or taxes. liquidate the malinvestment ASAP