State Of Hate

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says hate crimes in the state took an alarming 51% jump in 2011 over the year before. The AP reports:

Hate crimes recorded in 2011 include 71 cases of vandalism, 60 cases of intimidation and 52 cases of simple assault.

Amazingly, no one seems to know why! I would be guessing, but I think a steady stream of hate rhetoric from people in authority blaming everyone from gays to Muslims to immigrants to the President of the United States for what ails us has played its part.

The left has its share of scare tactics but they are nothing like the steady drumbeat of alarm coming from the right. I guess it’s effective, scaring people into the voting booth and frightening them into the John Birch Society. Personally, I don’t get it.

There’s a Teanut who lives down the street from us who has actually put surveillance cameras around his house. Now, who knows, maybe there’s a good reason for this, maybe he’s got a stalker problem. But I’m going to guess he’s just had the crap scared out of him by talk radio and people like Ron Ramsey claiming Islam is a cult and state legislators pushing United Nations conspiracy theories. I guess when that black helicopter lands in our front yards, he’ll be the first one to know.


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  1. John Weiss

    Chin up, Beal. You could always move to Oregon where the crazies aren’t nearly as crazy as the ones on you patch. Oh, maybe that’s wrong: they are perhaps as crazy but they’re old here and as a result have much less energy. That would be SW Oregon.

  2. Timp

    Maybe we can blame rich people for this too

    • If they’re racist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigots why yes I think we can.

    • Tim,

      Any thoughts on the House’s rejection of the Bowles-Simpson plan earlier this month which you advocated? The one put forward by Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper and voted against by GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn? Are you still making $1,000 campaign donations to Blackburn despite the fact that she refused to support the one piece of legislation you put so much energy and time into seeing passed? The issue you hoped would sweep the nation with the same fervor as the Occupy movement?

      Any thoughts to our last conversation on this issue, when I pointed out that access to birth control is a real issue for millions of women that Republicans were attacking, whereas no one in the Republican Party really truly cares about the budget deficit, unless it's something they can use as a political weapon against Democrats?

      Any thoughts?

  3. deep

    Just wait till they repeal hate crime laws…

  4. Jim

    We have a neighbor that has video cameras outside his house. They caught a break in on tape which allowed the police to arrest a couple of guys that had been hitting the neighborhood quite regularly.

    • deep

      What? The neighbor didn’t take the law into his own hands and perforate the perpetrators’ bodies with buckshot?

      • Jim

        The house being robbed was the one across the street from the house with the cameras. His cameras managed to catch images of the guys as they came back to their car. I don’t know if he owns any guns himself and I am not sure what the objection to using viedo cameras to provide security for your property is. I would think you would prefer people to use cameras over guns in trying to prevent crime in the neighborhood.

        Outside of that, the City of Memphis has established a Real Time Crime Center that is based on using fixed and mobile video cameras to watch different parts of the city from a central monitoring station. It seems the police think video surveillance is a good idea.

      • The objection is that it’s a little paranoiac, but then paranoia is the Teanuts’ stock in trade. You can do whatever you want on your property but I’m well within my rights to laugh at you about it.

      • deep

        Yeah, I was also just joking about the constant argument from the NRA saying that the police are useless and you must own a gun to protect yourself.

      • Jim

        Well laugh away I guess. I would rather read about how a criminal was caught on video and arrested. Who knows – maybe you will end up asking this guy if his cameras caught anything after your house is broken into.

      • Yeah not likely, he lives 2 blocks away.

  5. I wonder if the folks gathering these statistics accounted for past crimes that, although identical, were convictions under older definitions of laws instead of the newer label: “hate crimes?”

  6. And sadly, SB, this fanaticism goes back to at least 2007, even before our wonderful 1/2 Black President was elected. Here in Knoxville in 2008 we had the church shooting at the TVUUC (Unitarian Church), killing 2 and wounding several…when the nut case’s home was searched, the cops found lots of ‘hate rhetoric books authored by examples of homophobic nitwits like Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck. And the Shooter later made statements that was exactly WHY he burst in shooting strangers that day. TVUUC invites all people to worship there, including GAYS, people of color…and this fool just couldn’t take it! Since then a lesbian’ couple’s home was burned to the ground, the Koran was found with bullet holes in front of a Mosque, and we have lost at least 10 gay teens to suicide here. And of course with Obama’s election, racist incidents happen on a DAILY basis here in Tennessee. It is for sure, the State of Hate!

    • Oh how could I forget that UU shooting in Knoxville. Wow. That needs to be remembered every year, gosh it wasn’t even that long ago, too. Next time some wingnut idiot wants to pass “guns in church” I hope members of that UU come forward.

      • HCP holders are already permitted to carry in church, provided the church is not posted against carry.

      • Oh, I have many friends who will never forget. Our County Commissioner and her two daughters were close to those who were shot, and one friend helped tackle the SOB to prevent more killings.
        I think it is already to carry loaded guns to church in KY, as one preacher celebrated that fact there last year by having a ‘guns in church celebration at his church.
        Two of my family were/are victims of gun violence. Thank god that ‘guns in vehicles in employment parking lots’ DIED…until the gun nuts receive their NRA bonuses and bring it up again next year.

  7. OH, and to get a crime labeled a ‘hate crime’, the FBI has to investigate it to label it as such. The Trayvon still has not been so labeled, even with all the public statements by Zimmerman previous to his murdering a young black teen. But maybe as the FBI is still involved there, they will come to that conclusion.

    • You know what else is a “hate crime”? Church burnings. When our Presbyterian church burned to the ground the TBI automatically dispatched investigators to see if it was a hate crime. It wasn’t.

      The right loves to deny that racism exists, that black churches haven’t been torched as a means of intimidating African Americans. But they love to say Christians are oppressed, as evidence of the hand-wringing over Dan Savage’s comments show. And policemen love how when a criminal shoots and kills an officer, the death penalty is automatically applied. It’s not a hate crime, but it’s the same principal: that such a thing is an attack on the state’s authority. Hate crimes are individual attacks designed to intimidate an entire ethnic or religious or similar identifiable group. Such a thing really sticks in the craw of conservatives and I don’t know why. Maybe because they aren’t victimized as much? Because their group identity is always the one in power? I dunno.