It’s The Sarah Palin Smoker-Sculpture

Apparently this sculpture/barbecue smoker debuted in Memphis last year, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Why a sculpture/barbecue smoker? I’m going to guess it had something to do with the Memphis In May barbecue festival, but my Memphis friends will have to confirm that.

When it’s in barbecue mode, according to the article, Palin’s head appears to be “steaming with anger”:

J. Taylor Wallace’s work is currently on display outside Chicago’s Bridgeport Art Center. Not surprisingly, the irony has been completely lost on the perpetually aggrieved Tea Party cult. No, they are not amused, and they have directed their inchoate, homophobic rage at the artist.

From the article:

“I’ve gotten some really lovely emails, like, ‘You suck, and you’ll be the next one to burn,'” says Wallace. Here are a few choice selections from the artist’s inbox:

It is a matter of time till you are the pig, was it fun for you pig.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame by insulting someone. Looks more like a morph of H Clinton and R Maddow, anyway.

I noticed your work of art in the Chicago Tribune this morning. I am sure you are elated with the exposure you have received. Unfortunately, you obviously needed to accomplish this by using Sarah Palin (an easy target) as your inspiration. I hope the feminist groups in the United States take note of your efforts to humiliate a woman of intelligence, courage and leadership. The role model that these groups have promoted over the years to have the opportunity to become President or Vice President of our nation has been ridiculed by your “work of art”. I work in the art field, totally enjoy creativity, am not a feminist, and am totally not impressed by your work. I feel sorry for the people of Bridgeport and visitors that will be exposed to your art.

“Amid the hate speech, I have also been called ‘gay’ in what is I presume an attempt to insult me by a particular demographic of individuals,” Wallace says. This vehement opposition to the flavor-imparting Palin dome upset him, at first. “The point is to have a conversation…. For people to get so angry over a piece of artwork is surprising to me.”

Really? You’re surprised by this? I’m not. The lunatic fringe don’t want to have a conversation. That’s the absolute last thing they want to do. Indeed, they want to shut down the conversation. That’s the whole point, after all. That’s why their leaders talk over everyone else on shows like Meet The Press, that’s why they staged the summer Town Brawls, shouting down even the members of Congress hosting these events. That is why they are always being whipped into a frenzy, and that is why they are perpetually “steaming in anger.” The absolute last thing these people want is a conversation, because when we have a conversation reason wins. And they are the opposite of reason.

I’ve always said that art, music, comedy and literature are our best weapons against this lunatic fringe. You can’t shout down art.


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24 responses to “It’s The Sarah Palin Smoker-Sculpture

  1. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    Art you can cook a pig in. That’s art I can believe in!

  2. Jim

    I thought it was pretty funny. Memphis in May does indeed host the world’s best barbeque contest (I may be a bit biased in claiming it is the best).

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  4. wenchacha

    He forgot the lipstick.

  5. Randy

    Smoked Pit Bull. Mmmmmm. (j/kj/k)

  6. greennotGreen

    It must be hard on the blood pressure to be permanently aggrieved, huh, Tea Party? I don’t even see this piece as disrespectful. I’ll bet if he did one of Hillary Clinton, she’d be happy to pose with it…especially if there were a beer or some dancing involved!

  7. ThresherK

    Still trying to wrap my head around the person who calls Palin “an easy target” while defending her as “a woman of intelligence, courage and leadership”.

    Pick. One. Whine.

    And stick with it.

  8. “I hope the feminist groups in the United States take note of your efforts to humiliate a woman of intelligence, courage and leadership.”

    I’m sure that some of them have taken note of the fact that St. Sarah is being lampooned, but they’re scratching their heads trying to figure out who the other woman might be.

  9. Dennis

    Kinda funny you feel this is somehow an effective weapon, Southern Beale, since Sarah Palin has hardly been known for being someone who goes off on tirades or blows her top. That’s more along the lines of something you’d hear from a Hollywood celebrity or Stephen King railing against the evils of capitalism.

    My guess is this is somehow a means for libs to forget the embarrassment of knowing they once hailed John Edwards as the next JFK because he really cared about the human condition.

    Art as a means of forgetting….yeah, on second thought, maybe I do see why you think this is cool.

    • Sarah Palin has hardly been known for being someone who goes off on tirades or blows her top.


      How’s that alternate reality Kool-Aid tasting, hon?


    • deep



      • Oh come on. We all know that the Palinistas live in a reality-free zone. Any “facts” are just evidence of liberal bias! I’ve learned to ignore them since I’ve realized most of them just want to waste our time, per Herr Rove’s directive.

      • Dennis

        Give me a couple for instances, Southern Beale.

        Not asking you to go chasing rabbits just for the exercise, but name a couple cases where she really flipped her lid like this “art” as you call it, depicts her.

      • Google it, I’m not your fucking research assistant.

      • Dennis

        Did that already, SB.

        You know, never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.

        So Google doesn’t have any video of what you’re asserting, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe you have a scoop here or something. But why, with your own blog and all, would you be holding back on us?

      • Oh my God. You want a video showing Sarah Palin with ACTUAL steam coming out of her ears. You’re an idiot. Buh-bye.

      • Jim

        I think Dennis was looking for a video showing Sarah screaming as if she had “flipped her lid.” I don’t think he expects actual steam to be coming out of her head. Correct me if I misinterpreted your request Dennis.

      • Yeah ya know I told Dennis to take a hike because it’s a waste of time trying to address such obviously manufactured stupidity. Dennis pretended to not understand how art expresses an idea, he pretended that art is a literal not metaphorical medium. He was, indeed, the very embodiment of the troll who demands LINKS PLZ.

        There are plenty examples of Tea Party hate all over YouTube and the internet, and Sarah Palin stoked that rage at her 2008 campaign events. For an example, just re-watch her sarcastic and spiteful RNC convention speech. Or any other public speech. How about her 2010 “oh woops they were just surveyors marks” ad targeting Congressional districts. Hers is a mean, angry message for an angry constituency. As I said before, the Tea Party is merely incoherent rage at being wrong about everything since forever and therefore culturally insignificant.

        Arguing with people like Dennis and Jim is arguing with signposts. Don’t have the time or the patience.

  10. chautauqua

    Actually, he sort of got the glasses wrong, but I’m in overall agreement with the sentiment.

  11. Funny Dennis doesn’t get it, though. The entire Tea Party is nothing but a steaming mass of incoherent rage at having been wrong about everything since forever, and having obtained political power without getting the cultural power they really crave. It’s sad, really.

    This is how America sees your “movement,” Dennis. This is something you should be really worried about. This is why Republican candidates will pander to you in a primary and run away — far, far away — for a general election.

  12. Bill T.

    Hilarious! It looks like her mouth is big enough to fit a whole turkey, or a goose, or a pit bull with lip stick (Never smelled burnt lip stick.) Can you see Russia from there?