Things That Make You Go WTF?


Flip and FLOP….


Mitt Romney now says he supports the right of gay couples to adopt children.

This after stating unequivocally that he does not support marriage equality or even civil unions.

Note: back in February he bragged about trying to allow Massachusetts adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples.

Holy flip-flop, Batman! In what universe is it okay to let gays adopt kids but not get married? How exactly is that supposed to work, Mittens? So a couple is supposed to just make do with some bizarro gray area of legal guardianship for their kids? I can see all sorts of problems with that scenario, things related to emergency care, travel overseas, and also: what about custody when a gay couple breaks up? No one ever talks about one of the main arguments for gay marriage which is, frankly, gay divorce. If you think a property settlement when you’re not married in the eyes of the law is a mess, just wait until you throw a couple kids into the mix. Or, I know: let’s ask Florida.

I mean, really. WTF?

You know what I think? I think someone’s views are “evolving,” in the sense that someone looked at some poll numbers and stuck his finger in the air and figured out which way the wind is blowing. And now he looks like a giant dumfuck because what he’s really advocating is some strange legal limbo for the children of gay couples.

I think what he’d really like to do is go back and say, “well, maybe civil unions … ” or something — anything — to cover his ass now that he looks like an intolerant bigot, especially after that whole bullying his gay classmate at prep school incident came out. Which he doesn’t remember but he’s really sorry for anyway.

Jesus, Mittens. Just learn to shut your gob if you don’t know what you’re talking about.


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5 responses to “Things That Make You Go WTF?

  1. Mittens is a proven liar, but someone needs to expose the private and secret crimes against women and children in the Mormon sect. They HATE gays, spent millions to write Prop 8 in CA. And polygamists are super rich in their hidden communities in UTAH, and so all-powerful that one way they hurt their children…when boys reach the age of puberty many of them are carted off to downtown Salt Lake City and abandoned, just like garbage…most are NOT gay, but the Leaders of these SECTS consider them to be threats to their ‘love life’, jealous that some of the young girls would be attracted to someone their own age, and males who don’t rape them.
    The leaders are too rich and too powerful in Utah to even be charged with any of their crimes…Mittens knows all these horrors of living in his ‘religion’. He is a slug, and a liar.

    • Well, Warren Jeffs was sentenced to 10 years in prison, so at least some of these polygamist cult leaders have been hauled off to jail. I think the “Morg” (LDS church in Salt Lake) is as embarrassed by these breakaway polygamist groups as anyone, they give them a bad name and bring up really bad historical associations.

      The thing about LDS doctrine is that anyone can get a revelation from God and so a lot of people say that the 1890 Manifesto abolishing polygamy is wrong based on whatever little voice just whispered in their ear otherwise.

      Joseph Smith should have thought of that when he created this religion. It’s got dissension built right into it.

  2. The Mountain Meadows Adoption Agency.

  3. Romney is the same sorta lying p.o.s. as Ron Paul. He says what his adoring followers in one venue need to hear and then something entirely different in the next.

    • Yep, Demo, and even tho’ we were all disgusted with Santorum and the Newt, they did identify Mitt as a liar…also Paul and Mitt are both racists, and billionaires. But Mitt sucks up to the ‘religious far right”, changes his stand on women’s rights, gay rights and immigrant rights like he changes his socks…and then wonders why WE are appalled!