Tea Party For Obama

Yes this is a thing. It may not be a real thing, but it exists.

It’s pretty hilarious. I have no idea who is behind it, but they claim to be for real over at Facebook. But c’mon, is this a photo a legit group puts on its homepage?

Anyway, it’s kind of funny. I’m guessing some DNC operation is behind this but who the hell knows. This stuff happens every election; for years a utility pole near my house sported a hand-made “Democrats 4 Ron Paul” sign. It was placed so high, they had to bring a cherry picker out to remove it, which is probably why it stayed there for about five years.


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15 responses to “Tea Party For Obama

  1. Hey, SB, I checked this ‘thingy’ out, and I didn’t learn much, no info about who started it, who are members, and what their motives are. To me, as hard as I worked for Obama in 2008 and as hard as I am working for him this time, to me, it is almost a sacrilege to use the negative term, ‘tea party’ with “Obama”. The REAL TEA PARTY, especially those elected here in TN, have done nothing but pass hate laws against the lives of our TN citizens…no jobs, laws AGAINST Women’s rights, feeding hungry children, against gay teens, etc. And on FB, the only page has a picture of Jon Huntsman, the Rethug that the President appointed as Ambassador to China, who betrayed him and chose to come home and run against him…that photo is a photo of the President…captioned by…”Tea Party for Obama”. It made me think of those folks who declared themselves as “Billionaires for Bush”…sort of funny but absolutely NO substance.

  2. We are indeed real. Tea Party folks who have clear vision can see that for the next four years, Obama is a better choice for the country. That is not a glowing endorsement of positions on the left. It is an understanding that hate, right wing media bully’s and racism do not blind us from what is apparent. Things are indeed better and we don’t need to go backward. This also means that four years from now we may be united in one candidate that is Republican or Tea Party (if things change for us) or hopefully, a number of respectable groups. Tea Party for Obama believes in less government, fair taxes, strong but realistic-sized military and social issues divorced from religious influence. Our mission has only begun.

  3. “We are indeed real.”

    Oh, goody! Then you’ll be happy to provide your real name, articles of incorporation, sources of funding and other “real” proof that you’re not another grassKochsuckeroots group.

    • Marc Lloyd

      Or maybe show the paper form of their long form birth certificate! I think there was a news story on this group after a function in Glencoe near Chicago. Local news but still must be ruffling the feathers of hard core Obama hatin’ Tea Party extremists.

  4. Charlie Boil

    I like this site and want to know where I can join. Why all the mistrust? If someone claims to support of our President, than God Bless them. I know lots of Republicans who support Obama, but you don’t see anyone asking for their “Papers Please”. Count Me as a Tea Party for Obama member.

  5. Charlie Boil:

    You’re an infrequent commenter here–in fact I’ve never seen your name on a comment. Where yafrombub? You wouldn’t be like oneathem Hillaristas from the last election, wouja?

    • Hey, I just realized why I do not trust this group. While its spokesman does say he would support President Obama for ‘the next four years”, he also claims he is waiting for a legitimate GOP/TEA candidate who would represent ALL Americans…Don’t hold your breath for that ‘savior’ bud…Here is the problem with your ‘lack of support for the positions on the left’. Your Party, the TEAs, got into office claiming they would ‘repeal Obamacare’, our President’s Law to improve medical care and make it more affordable and save millions. So far, it is doing just that! Do you also still support destroying Social Security and Medicare, part of the TEA PARTY’s Ryan Budget? How about our ‘left position’ that demands that the 1% pay taxes, at least 39% like they did in Clinton’s years? And, oh, yes, the bullying, the hate of women’s rights, gay rights, social services for children…all appeared from the TEAs here in TN and in Washington. So frankly, I still await the names, the money sources and the Agenda of your group…to prove you do support our President and ALL his achievements on our behalf in his first four years!

    • Charlie Boil

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  6. Charlie Boil:

    Is there an entree hidden underneath that word salad?

  7. HUH ? Can’t be true, can it? It’s almost bizarre. U_U