The Mother Of All American Morans

Good Lord. We might have to retire the American Morans meme after this one:

Two Words, Republicans: Spell Check


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9 responses to “The Mother Of All American Morans

  1. deep

    A friend of mine posted this on FB and I thought she had lost her mind. Then I noticed the typo.

  2. Wotta maroon. Even I know that it’s spelled “MurKKKa”.

    People voting for Romney? Spellings not their major problem.

    BTW, speaking of Darwin awardees and indignorance laureates:

  3. People voting for Romney? spelling’s not their problem. My problem however is punctuation.

  4. dolphin

    What? vote Romney for a better “ah-mare-see-uh”

  5. chrome agnomen

    there’s no mistake here in spelling. amercia is the name that will be assigned to the old ‘america’ after the bain takeover.

  6. Randy

    “Amer CIA.” Website clearly hacked by Kenyan Muslim Undercover Agents operating out of FEMA Detention Facilities.

  7. nothere

    It’s the CIA part that worries me.

  8. Mike G

    Mitt sold off the rights to the name America in preparation for the vulture-capitalist strip-and-flip he has planned for the country. This is the new legal “off-brand” name for the country when he’s finished with it.

  9. Shouldn’t the sign say, “Gott mit Mitt” or “Mitt mitt uns”?