Alternately, You Guys Could Stop Being Assholes

Stop the presses! Sean Hannity and Ed Schultz agree on something, and it’s not their favorite flavor of ice cream. Nope, they want the hippies over at Media Matters to STFU and stop with all of those advertiser boycotts! (I couldn’t get the damn embed code to work, but the video is a little over a minute long, so give it a quick look at the link.)

Well, I guess that means they’ve been effective. Basically Sean Hannity says liberals have to reject Media Matters “crossing the line” (what line? Just telling the truth about you? Just repeating the poison that your side spews over the public airwaves every day?), or else the people who don’t like them will finally fight back.

Oooh. Didn’t know y’all had been holding yourselves back out of the goodness of your hearts.

And then we have Ed Schultz saying attacking advertisers of a radio personality “is the wrong thing to do.” He says he even called Media Matters’ David Brock and told him it was the wrong thing to do. Schultz says “a lot of people are getting hurt.”

Wowzah. I can only conclude that it’s been enormously effective. I’m so sorry the fee-fees of these high-paid political entertainers got hurt when people stepped forward and said they didn’t like hearing people viciously attacked as sluts and whores over the public airwaves. That’s not a matter of political disagreement, that’s the people telling you guys to stop being assholes. Maybe you should listen.

You know what I think Ed Schultz and Sean Hannity don’t like? They don’t like being told that their manner of discourse is hurting America. This reminds me an awful lot of that infamous Jon Stewart-Crossfire moment, when Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala were called out on their bullshit. CNN never really quite recovered from that, did they?

And now we have talk radio people facing the same sort of criticism. They don’t get it, either. They want to continue with their political theater, pretending it’s “journalism” not partisan hackery, and not have to be answerable to their viewers. They want to call women sluts and if we don’t like it, “just change the dial.” Just shut up, hippie and Teanut. Just change the channel and be quiet. Stay in your place. How dare you let anyone know your opinion. Don’t you know the opinions of Sean Hannity and Ed Schultz are the only ones that matter? Stupid listeners.

This is about power. They don’t like being reminded they don’t have it. They don’t like getting that phone call from the corporate office telling them to cool it, too many complaints have come in from big corporate advertisers. That’s who we’re all really slaves to, didn’t you guys get the memo? You thought you were different? Suckers.

For those who have forgotten, here’s the infamous “stop hurting America” moment. Tucker Carlson, still hurting America over at The Daily Caller, seemed least able to grasp the concept of public responsibility. No surprise there. Enjoy:


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8 responses to “Alternately, You Guys Could Stop Being Assholes

  1. Mark Rogers

    “They don’t like being told that their manner of discourse is hurting America.”

    Brava!! Brava!! {Standing and applauding.}

  2. “Alternately, You Guys Could Stop Being Assholes”

    They can’t stop being assholes unless they’re willing to kiss the gravy train buh-bye. It makes them rich and it makes them feel like “journalists” instead of the shrill whores to the moneyed interests that they are.

  3. Randy

    It’s a bitch when consumers exercise their will, no? Perhaps Hannity will endorse some sort of market control for disgruntled buyers, kinda like he did for those Wall Street shills. Schultz just needs some Gas-X.

  4. ThresherK

    Ed Schultz too often rubs me the wrong way. And I don’t care for self-selected polls on the right-wing idiots’ shows, I don’t want it on his.

    Agreeing with Hannity on something like this should be a slap in Ed’s face. Not sure if he’ll get it.

  5. Chris V

    You are falsely equating Schultz and Hannity similar to how the media falsely equates Republicans and Democrats. Their radio shows are only similar in that they both cover politics. Hannity, the far-right conservative, plays all the Fox News tricks. Schultz, the moderate Democrat, does none of that.

    The reasons the two radio personalities dislike the boycott are also different. Hannity sees it as an attack on the radical far-right, which it is. Schultz generally has no problem with attacks on the radical far-right. But, he knows advertisers will pull out of all political radio, including Democratic-leaning political radio, should they get attacked for their support of any political radio.

    Frankly, political radio is a good thing, even if it’s been mostly one-sided so far. We need liberal radio to counter conservative talk. In general, I agree with the ACLU that the answer to speech you don’t like is not to shut people up, but to raise your own voice.

    • Schultz called Laura Ingraham a slut. And while he didn’t do it for three days straight and dispatch an army of foamy-mouthed wingnut bloggers to dog her every step and attack her family and friends, I still find that unacceptable.

      • Chris V

        Yeah, and then Schultz came on later and said “I am deeply sorry, and I apologize. It was wrong, uncalled for, and I recognize the severity of what I said. I apologize to you, Laura, and ask for your forgiveness.”

        He also included, “It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were. It doesn’t matter that I was on radio and I was ad-libbing. None of that matters. What matters is what I said was terribly vile and not of the standards that I or any other person should adhere to. … I want all of you to know tonight that I did call Laura Ingraham today and did not make contact with her, and I will apologize to her as I did in the message that I left for her today.”

        Schultz stepped over the line once and he apologized immediately. That sounds like an honest apology to me. Tell me, when was the last time Hannity or Rush gave a truly honest apology for any of the rotten things they say every single day?

        Schultz is not the left wing equivalent of Hannity or Rush.

      • Schultz is not the left wing equivalent of Hannity or Rush.

        Nor did I say he was. But he’s not fucking Edward R. Murrow either. He’s an entertainer covering politics, plucking that string that gets people all hot under the collar about this or that outrage, exactly what Hannity and Rush do. And I’m sick of all of them. It’s cheapened our discourse, it does not inform the public about what’s happening in the world, what our leaders are doing in our name. But it’s damn effective at getting — and keeping — people all riled up so we’ll keep funneling the donation money in to this or that cancidates’ coffers. And where does that money go? Right back to their bosses at the TV networks, in the form of advertising. Our broken politics is a feature, not a bug.

        If you don’t think the people are being played like fiddles, you’re asleep.