Stacy Campfield Follies

Crackpot “don’t say gay” State Senator Stacy Campfield’s homophobic statements have pissed off people in his hometown:

If the Vestal Board of Education doesn’t have a way to remove a controversial Tennessee state senator from its Hall of Fame, high school teacher Charlie Arbuiso has a suggestion: a screwdriver.

Sen. Stacey Campfield’s portrait hangs on Vestal High School’s Hall of Fame, alongside surgeons, an astronaut, educators and other prominent graduates. However, some Vestal alumni, staff and students feel the conservative senator’s picture should be taken down, based on comments he has made concerning homosexuality and AIDS. Campfield, who sponsored his state’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill that would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality, made national headlines in January following an interview on Sirius XM radio during which he discussed the origin and transmission of AIDS.

“If I as a teacher spewed his homophobic rhetoric, I would be fired on the spot,” said John Perricone, a Vestal Class of 1977 graduate who has taught at Maine-Endwell High School for 29 years. “If the students of your school made the comments, they would likely be suspended.”

Vestal High is in upstate New York. This was interesting:

Campfield, a member of the Class of 1986, was inducted in 2008. The Hall of Fame committee vetted Campfield at that time and didn’t encounter any statements similar to those he made in the past year, LaRoach said.

Seriously? Your vetting process is pretty piss-poor. It didn’t uncover Campfield’s attempt to join the legislative Black Caucus when he was a member of the Tennessee House. That was back in 2005, another one of his outrageous attempts to grab headlines by calling the Black Caucus racist. You missed his “let’s give aborted fetuses death certificates” bills. And a whole mess of “vaginas are scary” legislation. There’s been a lot of crazy, racist, misogynistic, ignorant crap issuing forth from Stacy Campfield long before this latest flap. Campfield is, in fact, a Tennessee laughing-stock, attention whore, and headline chaser. He’s the living embodiment of click-bait. So cut the crap. “Vetting” obviously didn’t happen.

I’m just curious how he got into his alma mater’s Hall of Fame to begin with. The application form is available online here, and it doesn’t look too complicated. Campfield is just the kind of fame whore to have nominated himself. I don’t know that he did that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


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7 responses to “Stacy Campfield Follies

  1. Now, if enough people in his district become sane…

  2. Thanks so much, SB.
    But as a citizen of his ‘current hometown’, Knoxville TN, I know of only TWO public figures who have EVER called him out on his hatred of women, his public hurting gay teens, and his clown performances intended to get him more juvenile publicity. One was our County Commissioner, Sam McKensie who wanted him censured in Nashville because of his MIS-information about AIDS. The other was Ms. Martha Boggs, Manager of the ‘Bistro by the Bijou’ restaurant downtown who refused to serve him and asked him to leave her establishment because of his hate-filled lies. His GOP/TEA friends and promoters here and in Nashville…not a peep. If fact, they think he is just hilarious

  3. Min

    But just think of the fun during Homecoming Week. They could have a “Dress as Something Stacey Campfield Tried to Legislate” Day.

  4. Carolyn

    FYI the kids and residents are up in arms. They are planning on attending the board meeting on June 26th. The young lady who started this with an editorial the contents of which can be read on the Facebook Page created by a High School Student. If you want to update your posting see what is happening.