Just Shoot Me Now

God, fucking liberals, you annoy the hell out of me. As you may have heard, a “reporter” with Tucker Carlson’s right-wing rag The Daily Caller heckled President Obama in the Rose Garden today. The response has been about what you’d expect, with the wingnuts going full-frontal to embrace their new hero and the left … ah, well, let’s turn it over to Chris Hayes, shall we?

Yes, what would The Daily Caller say if a reporter with The Nation did this? Let’s ask The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel what happened the last time one of her reporters acted like a jackass to the president of the United States. OH WAIT. That never happened!

What is the fucking point of musing about what the “liberal media” would do if a similar thing happened, when both sides do NOT pull this shit. God. You’re killing me here. Just fucking stop it already.

But Katie Couric did ask Sarah Palin what newspapers she read and you’d think she’d asked her to explain thermonuclear physics.

Jesus. Fucking liberals, what the hell is wrong with you people? This is why we can’t have nice things. You act like jackasses.

Neil Munro is just this year’s Jeff Gannon, and Daily Caller is just the latest incarnation of Talon News. That some in the media are defending this tells us everything we need to know about the death of modern journalism.

Just, stop.



Everyone seems to think Hayes was being sarcastic, but I don’t read sarcasm in his remark. But the point is, he wasn’t the only one. Here’s another:


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9 responses to “Just Shoot Me Now

  1. Cruella deVille

    It is possible–nay, likely–that Hayes was being sarcastic.

    • Good point and one I didn’t consider but looking at the convo on Twitter I don’t think so.

      • Kryptik

        Until the conversation results in Hayes coming out and saying ‘Yes, I truly believe the Daily Caller would stand behind a Nation reporter doing the same thing to an R President’, I’ll lean on the side of him being sarcastic. Nothing in his other tweets so far suggest he’s seriously that stupid about this incident.

  2. I read it as inartful sarcasm, but who knows anymore.

  3. Seriously, why don’t you just tell us how you feel? 🙂

    I get where you’re coming from. There are some, including some academics in departments that teach journalism, who say that those whom we used to call journalists, the ones who vetted the facts for the reading public (that’s another whole rant, right there), have all lost their jobs and been replaced by propagandists. Another symptom of the malaise that you’re describing, perhaps.

    I’m no fan of Sarah Palin’s, by a long shot, but I still remember the discomfort I felt during the interview with Couric — similar to the discomfort you might feel watching a mentally ill woman take her clothes off in public. That this woman has any traction with the public AT ALL after that is just another thing that continues to this day to make me want to pull my hair out.

    I have no idea why we have no functional left in this country anymore. Everything is center and right of center, as though the canard that ‘liberal is dirty’ MUST be believed.

  4. This is going to sound funny coming from me, a hippie a long time ago. And I once fomented revolution at my high school where we had to wear ties, when my buddies & I plastered signs around school calling for “Tie Liberation Day” (ha, years later when talking to my mom about this incident that resulted in indefinite detention, she said “Oh, I thought you meant Thailand & it had something to do with the Vietnam War” LOL – but I digress). But did this guy just come from the bar to this announcement? Again, show some respect for the office and don’t come with your tie loosened. Look like a professional and then act like one too.

  5. Thanks, honey. And though I am THE MOST liberal of liberals, I don’t want to be included in your judgement that we are ALL fucking liberals. I agree that for the mainstreem media, and the blue dog Democrats, and the ‘so-called liberal media’, and the chicken shit cowards who claim to be ‘non-biased’, your description certainly fits. And the ONLY places I can find factual, un-biased coverage of our President and his 250 bloddy accomplishments are on MSNBC, in Mother Jones, and a few other corners, secretly hidden, where no one ever goes seeking TRUTH. Lawrence O’Donnell continues to call the sickos and Romney, their poster child, LIARS and then he PROVES it. To my knowledge, not one of the truth-tellers on that network (which most Americans DO NOT have access to) have ever been guilty of NOT reporting the truth .

  6. Chris V

    What does Hayes’ statement have to do with liberals? Liberals are the ones saying that the two sides aren’t equal! It’s the media which falsely states both political parties are equally bad. And, the media itself isn’t exactly liberal these days, if it ever was.

    • Don’t think it’s a secret that Hayes is a liberal. He worked for The Nation which is unashamedly liberal. He’s also an editor at In These Times, the same liberal magazine where Mike Elk works.

      The liberal media is of course a lie, but it’s even worse when the few identifiable liberals who are in the media trip over themselves to defend the phonies working for Fucker Carlson.