Sh*t Wingnuts Believe

The cavalcade of stupid that is Wingnuttia has reached new heights in recent weeks. I’ve had half a dozen pieces of dumbfuckery randomly land in my lap lately, which makes me think the FWD:ing of the revolution has hit overdrive.

This is the kind of crazy stuff that usually falls from the mouths of dim bulbs like Michele Bachmann: FEMA camps! Death panels! Etcetera. So I’m thinking maybe some Weekly Word News writers have found gainful employment at the RNC.

Here are few of the choicest ones:

• The White House officially declared 9/11 Grandparents Day.

I saw this one posted over at the Free Republic, including a link to President Obama’s presidential proclamation declaring Sept. 11. 2011 Grandparents Day. And isn’t Obama’s Grandmother a Kenyan socialist Muslim? Of course she is. Well it all makes so much sense now! To arms, Wolverines!

Actually, Grandparents Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1978. It is always the first Sunday after Labor Day which, in 2011, happened to be Sept. 11.

• Obama is ceding oil-rich Alaskan islands to Russia! Because … he hates America! And he’s a big, fat Commie! And … well, typical black man, taking all our good shit and giving it away to his lazy friends!

I saw this one posted in several places, including the blog of Jim “Dim” Hoft, the dumbest man on the internets, though some Paultards have flogged it as well.

Actually, the islands were officially “ceded” to Russia in 1991 by then-president George H.W. Bush. (Actually, it was a boundary dispute, but it had nothing to do with Obama anyway).

• Ring! Ring! Ring! It’s Obamaphone! Yes that’s right, your crazy winger uncle believes that President Obama is giving free government cell phones to welfare recipients, because Obama is all about taking your hard earned money and giving free shit to those lazy, shiftless black people.

This one started over at the Rush show (Google it, I ain’t sending traffic over there). But it’s debunked over here. Another program started by previous administrations that nobody had a problem with until there was a black man in the White House.

• The Obamas gave up their law licenses to avoid ethics charges that they lied to the Illinois Bar. This one also started in some crackpot corner of the internet, was swallowed whole by the rubes, and regurgitated at places like Free Republic.

It’s not true.

I dunno, do liberals send this stuff out? I never get this kind of stuff from my lefty friends.


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2 responses to “Sh*t Wingnuts Believe

  1. I dunno, do liberals send this stuff out?
    No, they do not.

    I don’t get a lot of bat-shit crazy email, perhaps because I react rather strongly to it when it happens.

    Liberals/progressives do not do this because they have the truth on their side. Regressives do this because they have no legitimate case to make and are automatically reduced to making shit up, shutting off whatever critical faculties they might have, and having another round of Rush and Sean.

    And, you see, the truth really has no chance against a well orchestrated program of lies – no matter how transparent stupid.


  2. I dunno, do liberals send this stuff out?

    Well there was this one “librul” who thought that reaching out to the Republicans to get their support would be a good idea. Too bad it took so long for Barack to wise up to the fact that Republicans are not the least interested in functional government.