Memory Hole: ACA Edition

And the early reports are in: the entire healthcare law, including the individual mandate, has been upheld. The only exception is the federal government’s right to terminate state Medicaid funds.

Suck on that, Ginni Thomas.


Nothing to see here, move along:

Justice Thomas’ wife says healthcare law is unconstitutional

Virginia Thomas is working to repeal the law through Liberty Central, a conservative group she founded. Her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas, could provide a key vote to strike down the law.

October 21, 2010|By Kathleen Hennessey and David G. Savage, Tribune Washington Bureau

Reporting from Washington — Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is working to repeal what she believes is President Obama’s “unconstitutional law” regulating health insurance, an issue likely to be decided by the high court.

“With the U.S. Constitution on our side and the hearts and minds of the American people with us, freedom will prevail,” says a position paper posted on the website of Liberty Central, the group formed by Virginia Thomas this year to advance conservative principles and candidates.

The story goes on to talk about the most important issue of the day: Ginni Thomas’ phone call to Anita Hill. Well done, media.


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7 responses to “Memory Hole: ACA Edition

  1. Randy

    Now let’s get REAL Healthcare Reform. BRING BACK THE PUBLIC OPTION!


    • Jim

      I am curious as to how the Medicaid portion of the ruling will affect the implementation of the new requirement. Assuming several states choose not to expand their Medicaid systems (raise your hand if you think TN will expand Medicaid coverage), all individuals will still be required to purchase insurance from someone or pay a tax. This seems like a large tax increase on the poorest citizens of the State. Is that what Obama is going to run on for re-election?

      • No. You’ve got it wrong. It will be the fault of those idiot Republican governors, not President Obama, if the poorest are left out of the law. After all, they are the ones choosing to opt-out and not take extremely generous federal monies for Medicaid.

  2. Jim

    “After all, they are the ones choosing to opt-out and not take extremely generous taxpayer monies for Medicaid.”

    Fixed that for you…. biggest tax increase ever… way to go Obama!

    • Bullshit as usual Jim. Lovely. So first you try to blame Obama for something Republican governors are doing and now you’re blaming Obama for something that isn’t even happening.

      Fuck off.

      • Jim

        SB – you act as if the federal monies being so graciously spent won’t have to come from taxpayers at some point in time. Even if we borrow all of it for now, eventually the taxpayers have to pay the bill one way or another. So yes I am all in favor of an individual mandate for you to either purchase insurance or pay for your health care out of pocket. I am not in favor of government subsidies to help pay for insurance unless they are evenly distributed among all of the people. As far as the tax increases go, just wait till all of them kick in in 2014 – you will love your healthcare then I am sure. I doubt you will care what percent of GDP the tax increase was when it comes time to actually pay them.

        On the bright side, it will actually be cheaper to just drop my insurance, pay the fine, cash flow any minor medical bills and sign up for insurance if a major event comes down the road – they can’t deny me insurance so it is a no lose situation for me and will save me thousands of dollars every year. I will be suprised if alot of healthy people don’t take this route. Businesses too can save a bunch by dropping health insurance and just paying the fine… much cheaper than the actual policy premiums.

      • Jim you have no fucking clue how this is even paid for, do you?

        Funny to see you guys rolling out the new meme, though. When Republicans came up with the idea for the individual mandate (you even came over here promoting it 2 years ago), it was touted as “personal responsibility.” In 2006 Romney called it “the individual responsibility program.” I guess if you phrase something to make it appear like you’re kicking puppies and punching hippies it’s a winner.

        And it will be interesting to see how many of you good Patriots decide to pay fines instead of have insurance. I’m thinking not nearly as many as you like to pretend, seeing as how if the Affordable Care Act were fully in place in 2011, the percent of Americans who would be forced to pay that fine is a whopping 2%.

        Also, you do realize you’re going against your hero Newt Gingrich’s plan with your opposition, right? Remember Newt, the guy whose lies you spread over here all the time? In his 2009 book he wrote:

        Those who oppose the concept of insurance should be forced to post a bond to cover costs. Allowing individuals to pass their health costs on to others reinforces the attitude that their health is not their problem and adds to the irresponsible, unhealthy behaviors that bankrupt the current system.”

        So go ahead and exhibit the irresponsible, unhealthy behaviors that bankrupt the current system. See how far that gets you.