Take The Health Reform Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Affordable Care Act with this simple, 10-question quiz. Tell me how you did in comments – no cheating!

I should say your humble scribe got all 10 correct. A+ for me!


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28 responses to “Take The Health Reform Quiz

  1. chrome agnomen

    i got 10/10, but i was frankly shocked that i did. i really guessed at some answers, just making a common-sense or humane choice. now i’m going to do more research.

  2. Joe

    I missed one and I knew it was wrong as soon as I clicked the answer unaware it would move immediately to the next question. I overlooked the qualifying word and that’s probably why my brain knew I was clicking the wrong answer. So actually I would have been 10 for 10 had I not rushed to answer.

  3. Being an informed consumer…and a liberal with a brain….I got them all. Doing my best to keep my RW relatives here in TN in the loop, but it’s NOT working….

    • Forwarding on a quiz like this is a nice, non-confrontational way of educating people about the law. Heck it’s worth a try.

      • I have to download and TAKE it to ’em. They are old died-in-the-wool FOX watchers, with money…… It’s VERY trying. But NEVER SAY DIE!

  4. Dan Meenan

    10/10, although, given the ease of the questions asked (pretty obvious if you’ve been breathing since 2010), I’d be surprised if more than a very few don’t get at least 9/10. Now if the questions had dealt with specifics, like how the penalty (tax acording to Scotus) is levied, whether the penalty is graduated, or how many employees are necessary to trigger mandatory employer-based coverage, that would have provided more insight into our knowledge. The poll seemed almost Foxian in its simplicity. IMHO.

    • dolphin

      But that’s what’s so telling. It’s one thing to get specifics of a complex law incorrect. It’s another when only 25% of test takers realize that the law doesn’t create a government-run health insurance.

      The test isn’t really intended to demonstrate in depth knowledge of the legislation so much as the lack of understanding of it, I believe.

  5. dolphin

    I got 10/10. What was more telling was looking at the results page and seeing which provisions were least understood by other test takers.

    This is why poll after poll has shown that the law is wildly unpopular but the provisions of the law are quite popular. The Republicans have run such a huge smear campaign, that average Joe American who doesn’t follow these things that close has no idea what’s actually in the bill.

  6. R. Manhammer

    “You answered 9 out of 10 questions correctly, better than 97% of Americans.”

    OK, I missed one only because I didn’t think our Republican-controlled government would be willing to expand Medicare for poor people. Who could have guessed that?

    • UH…THEY’RE NOT. Several states, including Ohio and Florida said NO. They’re going to wait till ROMNEY is president and then REPEAL IT. 😉

  7. Jess

    Ten of ten. Though how much I wished question nine were true is a measure of my desperation as someone shortly to become unisured.

  8. Jim

    I take issue with the following questions:

    2.Will the health reform law allow a government panel to make decisions about end-of-life care for people on Medicare? By definition if the government is funding the program then they are deciding which items will be covered. So in fact, a government “panel” is already in place for Medicare end of life care and this law does nothing to remove that.

    4. Will the health reform law expand the existing Medicaid program to cover low-income, uninsured adults regardless of whether they have children? The supreme court ruled that states do not have to follow this provision, so the law did not in fact expand Medicaid – the states will have to choose whether or not to expand Medicaid.

    • No, Jim. You’re wrong. Again. As always. Are you the only one of my readers who got them all wrong? Wouldn’t surprise me.

      Funny you didn’t hear any screaming and hollering about “death panels” when the Republicans supported it in 2003. What is it about Republicans liking their ideas until a Democrat agrees with them, then it’s suddenly the end of America as we know it?

      As for your second criticism, I’m pretty sure the quiz was written and posted at Kaiser before the SCOTUS decision.

      Again, as always, with love: fuck off.

    • dolphin

      Jim, you invalidate your own first point by recognizing the need to place quotes around “panel.” You’re expanding what’s being asked by the question so broadly that it’s not worth asking anymore. You know this or you wouldn’t have felt the need to use quotes to illustrate that you were using some contrived definition of the word “panel” instead of the one clearly being referred to by the question.

      To the second point, even in the wake of the SCOTUS decision, the law DOES expand the existing Medicaid program to cover low-income, uninsured adults regardless of whether they have children. Whether or not states follow that provision is irrelevant to whether the legislation provides it. That’s like going to a restaurant and getting a salad with your meal and claiming because you chose not to eat it, that the restaurant doesn’t offer salad.

      • That’s like going to a restaurant and getting a salad with your meal and claiming because you chose not to eat it, that the restaurant doesn’t offer salad.

        Really good analogy, Dolphin. Thanks for that! I have the smartest commenters, with one or two notable exceptions …

  9. Zahir

    8 out of 10. In My defense I am not american

  10. Dru

    Got 10/10 and posted on my Facebook timeline. Thanks!

  11. 9/10, but because I answer “don’t know” to the last question – I wasn’t sure about the assistance to illegal immigrants. The misconceptions about this law, even among other lawyers, who should know better and who should have a better grasp of what the law actually says, is astonishing.

  12. ThresherK

    Got ten of ten. The wording was not very “fine”, for my opinion, just designed to weed out the low-information voters and their low-information media.

    I hope I qualify for the next round, to see what I really know.

  13. Randy

    “You answered 10 of 10 correctly…” But I almost balked on the one that asked “Sarah Pallin will be killed by a government agency as provided by the law, True or False?”

  14. Ten here. But I can see how someone who hasn’t been paying pretty close attention would get several wrong. Hence the poor results for the average person.


  15. Yes, proud to say I aced it as well. This is because I became familiar with the major points back in 2010, marched for its passage, wrote everyone I knew to elaborate on all its great benefits. And recently I found great handouts from super, truthful sites, made hundreds of copies, and we provide them at our Dem Party district meetings and all our Knoxville Women For Obama events as well. Haslam had said at first that TN would not accept one penny of the millions that would come to our state to set up the insurance exchanges to help folks choose the right, affordable insurance plan for their families OR the millions that wound fund the expansion our TNCare system. This week, after the SCOTUS decision, he has already reversed the ‘opinion’ about insurance exchanges, as did ole Corker, and I fully expect they will accept every dime of this free money. Otherwise, they will DENY Tennesseans these new benefits that will not cost our state a dime!

  16. Bernard

    i unfortunately got 3 wrong. the finer points of knowing what will happen after SCOTUS invalidated someparts, like expanding Medicare, really confused me as to what is real.

    like death panels, which already exist in the INSURANCE company system. how the focus is spread lies about what ACA really does and the response of the Insurance Cos. to this new set of rules.

    ins co.s will then play the fine tuning game of disqualifying those it chooses not to insure. since the Ins Cos can’t be sued, we have another “out” for the INs. Cos.

    keeping one step ahead of the INS co’s GREED is our biggest mistake. to have to do thisPIECEMEAL instead of through COMMUNISITIC Single Payer is just further proof how well the INS CO.’s the fight for Health care.

    i guess some slow incremental steps is undeniably good, while, still, ALLOWING lots of other people to DIE is inhuman and UN Christian!, really stuns and saddens me. expanding Healthcare/Medicare for All and focusing on Health over Wealth/Ins. Co Profits is our real sickness. Mentally deviant/propagandized zombies is the INsurance Co.s best product sold to the American Consumer.

  17. debbyeOh

    7/10, 76% better than most. In my defense, I’ve got a quick finger, hit next too soon sometimes,.and would let me backtrack to correct. Great quiz!

  18. I got 10/10 and posted the quiz on Facebook. I guess all of my listening to Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow rant about the ACA paid off…