Remind Me Why Private Contracting Is So Much Better Again?

Seven Florida lifeguards employed by a private “aquatic saftey contractor” have been fired after one, Tomas Lopez, left his station to save a man who was drowning outside the company’s contracted area. The other six were fired for supporting Lopez and saying they’d have done the same thing.

Perhaps the douchey private aquatic safety company could explain why demanding trained lifeguards ditch their moral code and watch people drown is a job requirement? Jeff Ellis and Associates, take it away:

A spokesman for Jeff Ellis and Associates, the aquatic safety contractor that fired Lopez, said in a statement that “We have liability issues and can’t go out of the protected area.”

Freedom! Yes, just watch the man die. Serves him right for swimming in an area not protected by Jeff Ellis and Associates! Personal responsibility, yada yada. The free hand of the market will solve this problem, amiright?

Somewhere, probably right here on this blog, a Teanut winger is nodding his head and saying, “Yes. This makes perfect sense to me.”

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Enjoy your freedom to be fired for saving someone’s life because your asshole boss is more worried about their made-up liability issues.


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11 responses to “Remind Me Why Private Contracting Is So Much Better Again?

  1. efgoldman

    Yeah, the story was on ABC tonight.
    And it wasn’t even done in the TN legislature.

  2. Jamey

    Remind Me Why Private Contracting Is So Much Better Again?

    Because … FREEEDOM!!!1

  3. tech98

    “Liability issues” – the all-purpose corporate asshole’s excuse since I don’t know when.
    I’m sure Jeff Ellis can provide plenty of examples where a trained lifeguard was sued for saving someone from drowning. Any minute now.

  4. Lena

    I think it is ridiculous that Jeff Ellis & Associates fired Tomas Lopez for going to the aid of a person in distress in the water. Who punishes someone for helping to save a life? I contacted the company via their contact information on their website to let them know what I thought.

    • This is why we shouldn’t contract out life-or-death services such as lifeguarding PUBLIC beaches to PRIVATE companies. Cities have automatic indemnity against whatever liability issues he’s concerned about. Public beaches should be lifeguarded by Park & Recreation public safety employees. But TAXES and FREEDOM and blah blah…

  5. BTW the Jeff Ellis & Associates website has crashed I’m sure they’ve been inundated with e-mails…

  6. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    “Mr. Roosevelt,” said one working man, “is the only man we ever had in the White House who would understand that my boss is a son-of-a-bitch.”

    Too many sonsabitches in this country, and way too many of ’em are bosses.

  7. Randy

    At the risk of being considered a defender of Ellis and Associates (not) the unnamed parties to these debacles are known as “Plaintiffs Attorneys.”

    • Yeah I know but does everyone understand why contracting public safety services to private companies doesn’t work here? Hello? Yes technically if someone drowned on the contracted beach at the EXACT SAME TIME that someone was drowning while he was saving someone else, there would be an issue. Highly unlikely that would happen, but if there’s a problem of that nature, then don’t contract to the private company. Have the private company do their deal at swimming pools and other areas where that’s not an issue.

      But again, TAXES and FREEDOM and blah blah….

  8. I wonder if Mr. Tomas Lopez was, like, totally legal? ‘Cuz gettin’ saved by oneaTHEM could be bad!!