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Over at First Draft I write about the completely predictable scenario of Red State governors refusing to implement their portion of the Affordable Care Act. Give it a read.

I know blogging has been sporadic lately, and I apologize. It’s just that I’ve started a new project which is infinitely more enjoyable than the crazy which has overtaken our national discourse. You know what? If a Democratic presidential candidate refused to release his tax returns, we’d see a flurry of state legislation mandating such documents before a candidate could get on the ballot. President Obama was required to show his birth certificate, President Clinton was required to show his penis, but Republican candidates like Mitt Romney can sock their money away in offshore accounts and it’s nobody’s business where it is so SHUT UP.

Hey, just for shits and giggles, imagine the right’s reaction if the overwhelming butt-hurt expressed by VIPs at Romney’s Hamptons fundraisers had actually been recorded at a Democratic event. Forget it, we already know: we saw this during the 2004 Kerry campaign, when “limousine liberal” entered the lexicon. The IOKIYAR that guides Republican messaging these days is off the charts; Republicans have become a parody of a political party.

God I am so over this shit, you have no idea. It’s not even interesting anymore.


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  1. Yes, SB, but this is exactly what the goons are hoping for…that we will all just stop talking and say we are over it. Even the Knoxville News Sentinel had a FRONT PAGE article about the fact that nationally the “voter/photo ID laws are now FALLIBLE” and listed other states where the fraud is committed by the GOP governors and their election officials!
    Also, re the RED States’ governors not accepting the millions for their states from the ACA…I notice that Haslam ‘quietly’ mentioned that he was willing to implement (accept) the part of the funding that pays for creating the ‘insurance exchanges’ to help folks find affordable insurance. He is still trying to find a way to reject all the dough that would be GIVEN to our state to expand TNCare for thousands more low-income, very ill Tennesseans. Even major hospitals are now on board with this idea because it saves THEM money!

  2. Bernard

    Saying the Emperor has no clothes is just not the thing to say or be concerned with. Banana Republic, American Style.

    yes that’s nothing new nowadays.