Blame Game

This week I checked in with that dark underbelly of Nashville’s soul, or as everyone else calls it: the Ticked Off column. Ticked Off is basically an anonymous rant ‘n’ rave forum in the free community weekly which lands in everyone’s driveway each Wednesday. This is old-school stuff: until really recently, the only way you could leave your comment was via snail-mail or a message on a telephone answering machine. So in other words, this is basically blog comments for people who haven’t figured out the internet, i.e., cranky old people.

And we’re off to the races:

I want to comment on illegal immigrants. We need to wake up and look around our neighborhoods that are, one by one, getting destroyed. Look at Madison and Antioch in the last 10 to 15 years. Now look at Hermitage and how they’re starting to have these tacky taco stands.

The immigrants who came in the ‘50s were clean, took pride in their neighborhoods and kept it American.

I don’t even eat at Mexican restaurants. Sorry, but I want Americans to have jobs and I don’t want them running down my country with all of that trash.

Yeah those immigrants who came in the ’50s were so much better than the low-lifes we have entering the country now! And they had the decency to open real American restaurants, not those roach-coach taco trucks you see around these days! Hell, wasn’t everything better in the ’50s? Forget Jim Crow and the Cold War: “Leave It To Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” were documentaries, right?

It’s so easy to blame immigrants for the country’s problems. The people who mow your lawn and wash your dishes and change the adult diapers at the nursing home are easy targets, but they’re not what’s wrong. It’s hard to blame immigrants when you read stories like this and this. No, I think the problem lies a little higher up the food chain. And I have to wonder how Mitt Romney would handle issues like this. Judging by the way Wall Street whines over the smallest efforts to restrain its congenital corruption, I think we know: absolutely nothing.

The Obama campaign has released its latest ad, and I think it’s a winner. It might not sway people like our friend who refuses to eat at Mexican restaurants, but people like that aren’t going to be convinced to vote for a black POTUS with a funny name anyway. And I fully expect the whining and moaning over Obama’s “attacks” to begin in 5… 4… 3…


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  1. Well, before anybody moans and whines, they better face the facts that Romney is a racist dog. Not only did he insult all members of the black race at the NAACP Convention with his speech and after it as well. Someone I trust just sent me the following quote from the dog he blurted out last Tuesday in Rural Kentucky: …”and many in this country cannot stand Obama for one reason. The reason is obvious. I will win because I AM THE WHITE GUY”….and then when his handlers pointed out this latest ‘mistake’,…he said something like…it was just a joke.s (And NOT a whisper of this latest outrage from ANY MSM…not one!)
    Of COURSE he is feeding this BS to his “base”….his right wing racist, TEA BAG base…that keeps shrinking with ever one of his hate filled ‘mistakes’!

    • The link supplies in the post to the story on JPM-Chase included:
      “In contrast, investors appeared to accept Mr. Dimon’s pledges that the bank had rooted out the problems and could reap record annual profits. They rallied behind the bank, sending its shares up nearly 6 percent, the best among its peers on an overall strong day for American stocks.”

      Let them bail it out when it fails. Idiots

      • When I read “investors appeared to accept Mr. Dimon’s pledges” I read, “others in Mr. Dimon’s clubhouse.” Of course Wall Streeters are going to circle the wagons.

    • ThresherK

      I don’t know that he’s a racist.

      But you and I end up in the same place about what Romney’s doing.

      It just leads to that unanswerable question: What’s worse, a true believer or a faker who needs the support of the true believer.

      I can’t picture Romney having any great internal conflict about how he needs the far-right’s votes. I just don’t see the “noblesse oblige” from him for white “riffraff” like me, let alone people of color.

  2. I wonder if your crank considers tacos, tortillas and salsa to be messican food or it it’s just the really weird shit like menudo.

    I was at my family reunion last week and was pleased to not that none of my siblings or their kids (or their kids’ kids) used the casually racist language of my dad or his contemporaries. Well, nobody but my crazy “baby brother” (he’s only 53). I wasn’t there to hear it but I guess he was ranting about some “chink” doctor who was getting her hands all over his medicaid.

    And, it’s not just immigration, it’s everyfuckingthing.

    The day before yesterday I had someone tell me that the VA sucks. I asked him why he thought and he said that two of his veteran friends were getting shitty care. He then mentioned that both of them were cranks and had mental health issues. I told him that he needed to have his friends secure advocates and stop whining.

    Otherwise decent people will unload on whoever they think is standing between them and the perfect life, regardless that they are full of shit.

  3. Menudo (The band, not the soup)killed America. There’s no turning back.

  4. ThresherK

    How did you like him on the Tonycast as Che in “Evita”?

    • I thought he was awesome! We didn’t get to see Evita when we were in NYC in May, but a friend of mine said Martin was the best thing about the show. Apparently the actress playing Evita Peron has zero charisma and they sing most of the material in Spanish? I had no idea.

      • ThresherK

        I didn’t know that about the new “Evita”, but of course heard it about the most recent “West Side Story”.

        I like “Evita” and Tim Rice in particular (“Chess”, “JCS”) but I’m curious how this came about. The American version of “Chess” had some lyrics changed without Rice’s input.

        (I know too little Spanish to get by listening even to Mexican soccer broadcasts, for which my wife is grateful. And I’m a muscial theater geek because I like to cogitate the words and watch the live performer at the same time, so opera is a no-go, even with supertitles.)

      • I don’t know, and I hadn’t even heard that about it until my friend went to see it. We really wanted to see “Evita” but it didn’t work out, so I’m glad we passed. My friend is gay and a Ricky Martin fanatic and even he said he wanted to leave.

        Evita is one of the only Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals I can stomach. Most of his stuff is crap, IMHO.

  5. Randy

    Lesson from this thread. Libs kick ass when it comes to show tunes.

  6. “so opera is a no-go, even with supertitles.)”

    The only “opera”: that’s MurKKKan is the “Grand Ole Opry”; everythin else is commonist, plot and all!

  7. Min

    I don’t think Mitt is a “bad” guy, but he’s a really, really rich guy, and that says something about who he is now and what he has been in the past. There’s a reason the Gospel contains repeated screeds against the excessive accumulation of wealth. Lots of money changes people.

  8. “I don’t think Mitt is a “bad” guy,”

    That is an opinion that you’re entitle to hold, but having been In MA before and during his tenure as Governor and having done a fair amount of reading about him, I would say that the characterization of Mittunswillard as a lyingshitweaselfuckbag is overly generous.