The Hits Keep On Coming

A New Hampshire Republican candidate for sheriff says he “wouldn’t reject” using “deadly force” to stop abortion.

Your modern pro-life Republican. Because zygotes, blastocysts and fetuses are more important than a fully-grown human being.

Here’s his justification:

“There is a difference between legal and lawful,” Szabo said.

Szabo explained the difference by referring to the issue of slavery, which he said used to be legal but was never lawful under the Constitution. He said that even though elective abortions are legal in New Hampshire, with some restrictions, he doesn’t consider them lawful.


This is the kind of wacky shit that gets sent out by anti-choice groups all the time. “Right To Life” organizations have been comparing abortion to slavery for years (because nothing says freedom like being forced to carry your rapist’s baby for nine months!) — it’s part of this crowd’s messaging, primarily because, as this article pointed out, slavery is the one issue on which everyone universally agrees: it’s wrong. It’s in the Bible, it’s in our history, but it’s wrong.

But it’s also a straw argument. Trying to get everyone to agree universally that this thing over here is wrong because a completely unrelated thing over there was once accepted and is now universally agreed upon to be wrong just won’t work. The two are not the same. Especially when that other thing over there involves making slaves out of women.

So just wake up and smell the extremism in our midst, people. Republicans want women to be slaves to their biology. They want you to think birth control is abortion but Viagra is a right. They don’t want women to control their own bodies and some of them think it’s acceptable to kill the full grown human person to protect the unformed, un-person. This is crazy shit but it’s what the Republican Party has come to.

And don’t think for a second that you can be a “pro-choice Republican.” No, you can’t, Scott Brown. Yours is the party of the crazy people wanting to arrest doctors and use deadly force to protect a blastocyst. There is no room in your party for anyone who thinks otherwise, they’ve made that abundantly clear.

Brown can mouth all the platitudes he wants about being “pro choice” as he panders to women voters but actions speak louder than words, and while he’s not a Rick Santorum, his votes have hurt poor women’s chances to get reproductive healthcare of all sorts. On top of which, did I mention that Brown belongs to the party of the crazy? Even his moderated views are drowned out by the full-court crazy fetus-worshippers of his party. That’s who is going to decide the next Supreme Court justice. Sorry Scottie, but you’re in the minority in your party. No one in your party listens to you on women’s issues. And I sure as hell don’t want Republicans picking the next Supreme Court Justice as abortion cases move up the pike.


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5 responses to “The Hits Keep On Coming

  1. Yeah, SB. The phrase, “pro-choice Republican’ is a super oxymoron, just like “compassionate conservative”, or “our GOP is a Big Tent welcoming diversity”. Brown was a supporter of Romney the Governor until he was against his “RomneyCare”. And the crazies have really come out of their caves to shore up support for their “conservative GOP agenda” now.
    This ‘lawman’ in NH, a state that used to be famous for its independent approach to politics, is just the latest scourge…along with that batshit crazy Judge in Texas talking about an imminent threat of a hostile take-over of our Government…and I will bet you there will be more home grown terrorists coming forth with their ‘guns and ammo’ who listen to these nutjobs…AND believe them.

  2. Ariando

    Where are the “pro-lifers” when it comes to pre-natal healthcare, children’s’ healthcare, education, or industrial environmental poisoning? “Pro-life” indeed! Their actions in support of post womb life are beyond negligent. They are merely “pro-fetus” and anti-woman.

  3. Susan

    Isn’t it something that these guys that are so violently opposed to abortion are the same good ole’ boys that are in favor of Big Oil and Corexit? Spraying Corexit to make the BP Oil break apart and sink is abortion ‘en masse’ for all the pregnant women of the South who have miscarriages or stillborn babies due to the solvents and heavy metals in the Corexit.

  4. Randy

    As S. Beale pointed out to me recently we make a false assumption when we consider Right wing beliefs as logical. You can’t reason with madness. However I’d be willing to trade the Texas judge New Orleans and Florida for the rest of the slave states if we could do it without gunfire. (Sorry Nashville. I’m a gumbo kinda guy.)

  5. democommie

    This link:

    Click to access Frank-Szabo-Resume.pdf

    is to Szabo’s resume.

    This one:

    is to his campaign website.

    The idiot has now walked back his comments, saying he’s inexperienced at doing interviews. But he’s good at making “executive decisions”.

    I don’t really the energy to run it down, but I’m guessing that his job at Prudential was not in upper management.

    The current Hillsborough County Sheriff, James Hardy, has 31 years IN the Sheriff’s Dept. and has been Sheriff since 2002. \

    Szabo DID own a limo company (“luxury
    transportation company” in his resume) for a decade or thereabouts. So, in sum, he might be VERY well qualified to drive a police cruiser; enforcing the law—Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Barney Fife.