What Are The Odds

Oh Pat Robertson, great interpreter of all signs Divine, what the hell does it mean that the last two Republican National Conventions have been curtailed by hurricanes? Extra points for this Miami Herald commenter, who thinks he knows the reason:

Isaac will disrupt the RNC longer than a day, because of Romney. The one true God hates the spiritual power behind the Mormon Church, who intends to buy the White House for his cyborg puppet. To gain an existential understanding of the cult that produced Mitt “Cyborg” Romney, and to get your socks scared off, read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew, available at:


Its unwilling, part Mexican, Mormon assassin dramatizes the Mormon superiority complex manifesting as racism, sexism, jingoism and an anti-federal government temperament. His research in the new library reveals ominous similarities between Islam and Mormonism. The spiritual power behind the cult, which is not the Holy Ghost, acts out.

Don’tcha just love it when the crackpots on the conservative fringe turn on each other? Then again, maybe he’s not a crackpot. Maybe this is just a guy hawking his book. But you gotta admit, it’s really weird that two conventions, four years apart and in two completely different parts of the world, would be disrupted by hurricanes.

I wonder if Focus On The Family’s Stuart Shepard is regretting his video about praying for “rain of Biblical proportions” to disrupt Obama’s DNC acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium in 2008? These things have a way of biting you on the ass, folks.


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7 responses to “What Are The Odds

  1. ThresherK

    I guess it is a sign: A sign that someone’s not praying hard enough at the GOP convention. Because Talibangelicalism never fails; it can only be failed by its imperfect vessels.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if the good folks of Joplin have thanked their Creator (or whatever belief system they may have) that the GOP didn’t decide to hold the convention in Tusla, Fayetteville or Springfield (MO).

  2. CB

    Well, as of today, it looks like God is really going after Bobby Jindal, not Mitt Romney. Say your prayers for New Orleans, y’all. 😐

    • ThresherK

      More worries for Jindal: Mitt Romney called him and said the “waves are just the right height” in the Gulf.

  3. democommie

    I will be so fucking happy when I hear that Robertscum has, far too late in my life, died. What a piece of shit.

  4. Richard Thomas

    Perhaps Pat Buchanan might get the message – god hates Republicans.

  5. Well, I believe that my God, who must have a delicious sense of humor, is just sick of being ‘invoked’ by all these nuts. And actually, even the threat of wind and water has cut 1 and 1/2 of right wing speeches with many lies included, from the Isaac Circus. Plus it cause the county Sheriff there to free ALL 1,700 convicted criminals from his jail…this will add many more pickpockets, rapists (yeah, REAL ones), and just ‘crazies’ on the streets this week…and wind and rain won’t stop crime!!! Lovely.

  6. Randy

    I kinda wish they’d named the storm Ishmael.