Another Metaphor

Clatsop County, OR, Republican Party Headquarters

Yeah, that’s a flat Mitt Romney in the window. Mr. Cellophane himself.


Today’s required reading.

Discuss in comments. Off to be a tourist for our last day of vacation. Be good.


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9 responses to “Another Metaphor

  1. democommie

    Did you read the piece about Mittmoroni’s dog’n’pony show at the Murray Energy Good Ol’ MurKKKan Carbonaceous Fuel Extraction Facility in Ohio, back on the 14th of this month?

    Turns out that Murray closed down the facility for the day but told the miners that appearing at the rally was “mandatory”. Here’s a link to a piece in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (

    Murray puts profits for his company ahead of worker safety and for that, alone, he’s a scumbag. Forcing his people to stop working their regular shift, making attendance at a political event mandatory (and taping the whole thing, on that you can bet your ass) and NOT paying them for their time is emblematic of the character of sort of people that Romney lives to serve.

    Let’s see how Mark Rogers spins this.

    BTW, you gotta love the photo of Murray (from the SLC Tribune) taken during the mining disaster of five years ago last August 6th. What an asshole.

    • Yeah I did see that. “Attend this event — AND DONATE! — or lose your jobs!” That’s how the plutocrats want it! If only there were this organization these people could belong to where the workers could tell management they be used as political props was not in their job description. What’s that thingiemajig called again???

      You’d think the media would mention this, something not Huffington post. Sadly … the “liberal” media cannot ever hope to counterbalance the right-wing spin.

      David Roberts wrote a really good column about how journalists should navigate the “post-truth era” in politics. Highly recommend.

      • Jim

        Would that be the organization that forces you to join if you want a job, takes part of your pay whether you want to give it to them or not, and spends some of that money on political campaigns whether you agree with them or not?

      • “Forcing”? And yet they’re getting ALL THE BENEFITS of being union members — the same negotiated salaries and retirement pensions and other benefits that the union negotiates on their behalf. But they want that FOR FREE? Seriously, Jim? That is SO FUCKING TYPICAL of your side these days. Republicans want EVERYTHING FOR FREE and they whine like little babies if they don’t get it.

        Go wave your fake flag somewhere else.

        Enjoy your LABOR DAY, asshole

  2. I read the link. It’s so frustrating. Lies become the truth and the republicans know that. They don’t care. Al Gore invented the Internet. it was a lie told over and over again. Now, it’s become the truth.

    I’m really scared .

  3. Oh, now that is funny!
    I cannot stand Mittens. I pray to God he does not get elected.

  4. ThresherK

    Sorry, but a 2-dimensional pic of a 2-dimensional Mitt Romney likeness still looks like the real thing to me.

    • I know, that’s why I liked this picture. A two-dimensional picture of a two-dimensional Mitt and even THEN you can’t see him very clearly, he’s obscured by the other Republican candidates and the reflection of everything around him.

      I thought this photo said a lot. But hey, I’m the photographer so maybe I give myself too much credit.

  5. democommie

    “The Real Romney” is a fraud. There is no “real” Romney.