Big Dog

President Clinton’s speech last night was amazing and really, there’s not much more I can say than that. If you missed it or want to see it again, I’ve posted the video below.

One thing that annoys the hell out of me is the way our punditry has to do its “procedural voyeurism” crap, pull Oz’s curtain aside and talk about why Clinton gave the speech: to preserve Hillary’s 2016 ambitions, to preserve his own legacy, to protect “the brand,” blah blah. God, that is so condescending to American viewers! It’s like saying, “Hey you rubes, here’s what’s really going on, you were just too stupid to get it.” A big chunk of the post-speech chatter on cable news was like this. I wish there had been more focus on what Clinton actually said.


What’s really funny is seeing the full meltdown last night’s speech caused in the right-wing propaganda machine. Charles Krauthammer called it a “giant swing and miss,” and “sprawling, undisciplined and truly self-indulgent.” Bwak. Reason’s Nick Gillespie got very shrill with his “Screw Clinton” headline. American Thinker gave it a “meh,” “Nice Try,” they carped. I believe this is what we call the “shitting bricks” portion of the conservative discourse.


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  1. Randy

    Agree regarding focus on content. Point by point description of how GOP will ravage the safety net. Think DNC should spend lots of time talking about all those old folks that would lose their nursing home MEDICAID benefits to slash and burn budget balancing.
    Honorable mention to Liz Warren: “Of all the people I’ve talked to in Massacheusetts not one has found it necessary to hide their savings in the Caymen Islands.”

    • Yeah that was a great speech by Warren. And co-sign on the Medicaid thing. I heard Chris Hayes talk about that after the speech too, saying it’s the most undiscussed portion of the Ryan plan. Hopefully there will be more discussion about this.

      • deep

        DougJ on Balloon-Juice brought up a good point though. She doesn’t sound like she’s from Massachusetts which is unfortunately a liability here. I’ve often said that to be electable in Boston, you either need to sound like you’re from Boston or have an Italian or Irish name.

      • I guess “Warren” isn’t Irish. And that’s her married name, her maiden name is equally WASP-y as I recall.

  2. Joe

    It was a great speech. I got to hear him hear in Cincy back in 2010 when he campaigned for the Dem running for Senate. Very inspiring. And now this morning, someone bought the last “I Miss Bill” t-shirt I had in my online store. I decided to place an order for the bumper stickers from the Clinton Museum store that say the same thing that I used to stock. They sold like hotcakes during the Bush terms.

  3. KadeKo

    Totally OT: Hope you’ve been following the latest physical exploit claims of Paul Ryan, who says he’s climbed 40 of Colorado “14ers”, mountain peaks over 14,000 feet.

    One of those is Pike’s Peak, the sight of which inspired the poem “America the Beautiful”. The two-fer of Ryan lying and Mitt warbling is a godsend.

    • Yeah I saw that, and then saw the Romney campaign’s disclaimer, that Ryan meant to say he “made close to 40 climbs,” not that he climbed close to 40 peaks. I’m not sure I get the distinction but whatever.

      These serial exaggerations are worse than Al Gore’s ever were. The media made mountains out of molehills, so eager were they to portray the Democratic presidential candidate as a nimcompoop. Republicans always get a pass for this shit.

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    Another great blog which is always worth a read, with a great post about the post-Clinton speech ripples currently moving through the right-wing propaganda machine, with a link to the speech for those who wish to re-view it or somehow missed it.

  5. democommie

    Paulie Wingnuts is quoted in the original article as saying he something about 40 “climbs”. The piece that this ( links to has more information.

    My guess? The Mittmoroni/Lyin Ryan Express will use this to put the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance sire on every time he lies about anything else.

    No to knock down anyone else for their climbing but one would need to know if those acscents were up/down same day, in what weather and from what starting point (it ain’t sea level) the climbers commence their ascent. Just sayin.

  6. democommie

    Eliazabeth Warren, according to a bio, was born in Oklahoma. If not being from MA, not having a Bahstun accent or not having an Irish or Italian surname were a bar to being elected the state would have been spared Mittmoroni’s socialististical forcedabortionmedicalcare stuff!