Good News Friday

Maybe the best news this week was the Democratic National Convention, which I found very inspirational. The prime-time speakers were all wonderful. And while many criticized President Obama’s speech for lagging a bit, he closed with bang.

Here are some other good news stories that crossed my radar this week. Enjoy!

• First, the economic report. Despite the gloom-and-doom we’re hearing about “just” 96,000 new jobs added in August and “just” a .2% decrease in unemployment, it’s still movement in the right direction. Plus, yesterday’s ADP report showed stronger than expected private-sector job growth in August, while July numbers were revised upwards. Maybe if we weren’t laying off all of those public-sector employees at the same time the private sector was struggling to regain its footing, we’d have better employment numbers overall. You know, invest in the country a bit? But, socialism is evil, etc. etc.

Also, the stock market is at all time highs, CEO pay is at record highs, U.S. corporate tax rates are at record lows, and personal tax rates are at record lows. So I just can’t imagine why more jobs haven’t been created! Don’t Republicans always tell us that if the corporate sector does well and you don’t tax the “job creators” all the goodies will trickle down on the rest of us eventually? So I guess that’s all bullshit, right? But oh I know, facts have a liberal bias. Carry on.

• The National Football League is donating $30 million to the National Institutes of Health to study brain injuries.

• The Pope got himself an electric car.

• The first grid-connected tidal energy project in the U.S. just got green-lighted.

• French company Accor is offering free wi-fi at 500 hotels. The company owns the Ibis, Mercure, Sofitel and Novotel chains.

• The California Assembly has banned ex-gay therapy on minors.

• Florida wildlife officials are reporting record numbers of loggerhead sea turtle nests.

• Ohio death row inmate Michael Keenan was exonerated and freed after 24 years in prison.

• I want one of these: a portable solar charging station for your iPhone, tablet, MP3 player, etc. that’s supposedly as fast as a wall outlet. Figure out how to power a laptop with one of these (yeah, I’m old school) and you’ve got a customer!

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Chattanooga gets its first-ever openly-gay candidate for city council.

• The State of Tennessee will open eight driver service centers on two Saturdays to accommodate those who want to get a photo ID to vote. Isn’t that big of the state? Two whole Saturdays! So fucking awesome. /sarcasm

• The Davidson County Election Commission decided against using the electronic poll books that caused so many issues in the primary, effective with the November election. But they will probably be used in the future so my enthusiasm is somewhat dampened.

This week’s cool video: Jennifer Granholm’s DNC speech wasn’t in prime time and I figure lots of people didn’t get to see it. So give it a watch here. She was — is — awesome:


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25 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. democommie

    I dyslected that as, “The Pope got the electric chair.” ;>)

  2. Jim

    What is your take on the voice vote by the Democrats to revise the party platform to include God and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel?

    • Don’t know enough about the particulars. I couldn’t care less where the capital of Israel is, it doesn’t affect my life one bit and while I get that it’s a foreign policy issue, so is a lot of shit that never makes it into the platform.

      And personally I think God is all over the platform. When you’re standing up for justice, for people’s access to fair wages and healthcare and equality, you’re doing God’s work. Of course Republicans have to pay lip service to these things while they rain fear and bloodshed everywhere.

      I’m going to guess there were some conserva-dems from Southern states and in the Evangelical wing of the party who demanded these things be included because honestly I could give two shits. Always someone who needs to have their hands held though.

      • Jim

        According to the reports, it was Obama who demanded that these be dded back into the platform. When called for the vote, you can tell that the “ayes” did not get a 2/3rd majority as required. After three calls for a vote the chairman simply declared the “ayes” had the 2/3rd requirement and then loud booing ensued as the Democrats added God back into their platform. I think this is going to end up in several Republican ads over the next several weeks. You should watch the viedo of it –

      • I hadn’t heard that but if it was Obama who demanded these things be added back into the platform, then doesn’t that negate the GOP’s framing of Obama as a godless-Muslim-Commie-Socialist-Fascist?

        Honestly, I could give two shits one way or the other. The Republican Party platform is a festival of fringe wackadoodle. No abortion EVEN in the case of rape or incest? Yeah, that deserves to be in some ads, too.

      • Mark Rogers


        I prefer the US to leave Jerusalem out of our political debates because even though the politics of Jerusalem might help one party or the other, playing domestic politics with Jerusalem hurts America the nation.

        Pertinent to 2012, the President needs to avoid a fight over Jerusalem in the party for several reasons. In terms of priority, Reason #1 is Florida. President Obama does not need Florida to win 271 electoral votes. But Romney does. The better the President does in Florida, the more time and money that Romney must expend on the Sunshine State. Conversely, if the Jewish vote in Florida begins to feel worried about the President’s loyalty to Israel, Romney can spend less time and money there and reallocate it to other swing states.

        Reason #2 is the traditional strong level of Jewish American financial contribution to the Democrats. If these key contributors decide to not support the President {or support Romney} because of Jerusalem, then the President’s campaign finances could take a major hit.

        My guess is that the Platform Committee, like all platform committees, is the place where the idealists get to have their say and a number of the ‘Zionism is Racism’ groups decided to make a principled comment on what many people think is Israeli aggression. The Obama Campaign should have been keeping an eye on the platform in order to stop this sort of thing before in becomes public. Among others, the Mayor of Los Angeles really really wishes that there had been closer guidance on the platform. His chances for higher office took a massive hit when he ruled on the platform changes. That video will enrage a large base of the left against him.

      • I think the idea that Jewish voters are going to suddenly swing to Romney because the GOP is flogging this stupid Jerusalem crap is ridiculous. I don’t think anyone doubts America’s support of Israel, for one thing. Furthermore, Jewish voters are not single-issue voters any more than any other group is. It’s not like my female Jewish friends are going to suddenly overlook the GOP’s assault on women’s reproductive rights and switch sides because the Democratic party platform didn’t include the Jerusalem issue. That’s wishful thinking on the GOP’s part.

        I grew up in Los Angeles in a very Jewish neighborhood. Half my family is Jewish. My grandfather and uncles were rabbis and cantors. I have one staunchly Republican relative but all of my other Jewish friends and family are Democrats. The Republicans can try to chink away at this group by trying to portray Obama as an Israel hater but I don’t see that message sticking at all. If anything it’s backfiring, they end up looking like bigots like that wacko at Atlas Shrugged. Pam whatserface. She’s not a standard bearer anyone with any sense wants to follow. Plenty of my Jewish friends support the creation of a Palestinian state. Most others really don’t follow it one way or the other.

  3. MichaelF

    Cool on the tidal energy project. Have been wondering why that’s not looked into more, though assume it could have something to do with corrosive action of salt water…still, with proper research, corrosion resistant composites could be developed…

  4. Being born and raised in Chattanooga, and having multiple openly gay friends, the story of the would-be councilman from Chattanooga is one that catches my eye.

    It would seem, as always, that Chattanooga is a really small town – I have 5 mutual friends with Chris Anderson on Facebook.

    My experience in Chattanooga says the odds of Anderson winning are akin to something about a snowball in a really warm place… do you think he can win? I know the area he is running for historically votes heavily Democrat, but that mainly because of minority populations.

    It is well known that many minorities – particularly African-Americans (who are actually a majority in District 7) – do not care for gays. Some might even say dislike.

    Beale, what do you think are Anderson’s chances?

    • I have no idea as I don’t live in Chattanooga so I don’t know what the political climate is like there and I don’t know who his opposition is. Just the fact that he’s running is positive, though.


    “Just the fact that he’s running is positive, though.”

    Yes, considering it’s for a political office and not his life.

  6. Mark Rogers


    Do I think that omitting ‘Jerusalem’ from the Democratic platform will cost President Obama New York? No. But it could cost him making Florida competitive.

    “stupid Jerusalem crap”

    I don’t disagree about Jerusalem but if you think that a great number of American Jews, particularly older Jews who lived through WWII or had family in Europe in the 30s and 40s don’t care deeply, then I think you are very wrong. For many religious Jews {as opposed to secular Jews}, having Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel is the fulfillment of a dream.

    If even 50,000 or 100,000 Jews in Florida decide that President Obama is not sufficiently committed to Israel, that could give Romney a lock on the state.

    It should be remembered that the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, which calls for the the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to be moved to Jerusalem by 1999 and for Jerusalem to be recognized as the capitol of Israel has a provision allowing the President to delay the move of our Embassy to Jerusalem over national security concerns.

    Clinton, Bush 43 and President Obama have all invoked that provision to avoid moving our embassy. Personally I think they were all wise to do so. But I can appreciate the President’s concern that leaving Jerusalem out of the platform might be seen by Jewish voters as a retreat on the issue.

    • I’m pretty sure making Jerusalem the capital of Israel is a helluva lot more important to millions of wackjob American Christians that it is to American Jews. It’s the only way Jeebus can come back, don’tcha know.

      Anyway, nobody gives a flying fuck about party platforms. They really don’t.

      • Mark Rogers


        If that were true, then George Bush 43 would have moved the Embassy after 9/11.

        As for party platforms, take it from me as someone who has written tons of political position stuff, certain people do care. And they will make your life a living Hell if you ignore them.

      • Why on earth would Bush have moved the embassy? Create a huge mess for his BFF Prince Bandar? Never!

        Anyway, you seem to imply that you thought Bush was a Christian. Bwaaahaaa. He was just a Christian for political expediency. Evangelicals got played like Paganini’s violin during the Bush years. Morons. You bought that whole “Bush is a main of faith” BS? Poor dear.

        And no, trust me, no matter how much interest groups may howl and moan over some perceived slight in a platform, and no matter how much campaign operatives might try to use said ommissions/inclusions to their advantage, the average American voter does not give a shit about party platforms. 99% of them have no clue what’s even in them.

        Sorry to break it to you. Looks like all your hard work has been a waste. 🙂

      • Mark Rogers


        So to recap,

        Bush would not move the US Embassy because “I’m pretty sure making Jerusalem the capital of Israel is a helluva lot more important to millions of wackjob American Christians that it is to American Jews” but he didn’t because it would “create a huge mess for his BFF Prince Bandar? Never!”

        So are Republicans the party of the hicks or the Saudi oil interests?

        It is clear that at the same time Democrats are impervious to such pressures. After all, Clinton didn’t pardon Marc Rich at the behest of the Israeli government, he just did it for the donation from Rich’s ex-wife. And the Democrats have effectively erased Jimmy Carter from their data banks because of the Panama Canal Treaty and not because Jews around the world see him as the poster child for anti-Semitism. And LBJ allowed the planned attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli air and naval units to go unpunished because there was no evidence {like survivors} that could give lie to the Israeli claims that it was an accident, not because of the firestorm among Jewish Democrats that would have caused.

        I guess my failing is that I think both sides are deeply flawed and you think the only problem with one side is that they are not liberal enough and the other side is totally stupid and has no understanding of the issues.

      • So are Republicans the party of the hicks or the Saudi oil interests?

        Republicans are the party of the hicks. George W. Bush is the party of the Saudi oil interests. I thought I made that distinction really clear.

        Right, both sides do it. But when your side does it, they do it bigger, badder, with more corruption and lies. Thanks for playing.

  7. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I’m sorry did you not get Mr. Roger’s memo? He is NOT, I repeat NOT a partisan reptilican, posing as a libertarinishprogressivist. No, really, he’s just asking questions, here.